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I Hate this exchange with customers:

"Hi, how are you today?"
"I'M JUST LOOKING!!!!!!!" Sep 25 8:17 PM UTC
me too (19)

Guess what I hate? Swimming. Why? I joined swimming to get in shape, and exercise, but guess what? I SUCK at it. I can freestyle... but who can't? Backstroke isn't bad, and fly is tolerable. I HATE BREAST STROKE. Whoever invented it is honestly a very odd person. How do you suppose you swim fast when acting like a frog? Well I eat frog legs at Chinese buffet. So apparently those frogs can't swim too fast. So why do you think you can imitate them? Nov 15 2:05 AM UTC
me too (15)

I hate my boss.

I thought he was such a nice guy, and he can be, but the moment anything goes wrong he makes me feel like the lowest form of life on the planet.

I hate that I'm held to higher standards than anyone else there. Perfection is demanded of me and woe betide should I fall short. Other people can make far worse mistakes than mine, and it's overlooked. I hate it.

I hate that I used to love this job, now I just feel like it's aged me ten years.

I hate that I don't look for anything else, because the interview process is horrible.

Damn my boss' Jekyll and Hyde sides. I hate them. I hate him. Oct 28 6:38 AM UTC
me too (33)

I hate that people at the hotel I work with think that I am a concierge service person. This is a motel. You can call your own taxi. I don't know information about various theme park and attraction hours of operation, look it up on the computer with the FREE wifi you recieved from us. I don't know which bus routes take you where, no I will not deliver napkins to your room at 3 in the morning-you can get them yourself in the breakfast area. No I will not do your laundry or drop off your mail. I AM NOT CONCIERGE. THIS IS A SHITTY MOTEL. Get over yourself. Mar 13 3:01 AM UTC
me too (29)

I hate applying for jobs fresh out of college, and they all say they want more than 1-3 years of experience. Who the hell is going to give me work experience if you don't?!
I also hate the personal contacts or Boss contacts on the application. I hate how I sometimes have to leave them empty, because I didn't have a previous job. I hate how I went to college only to have my resume look like a withered skeleton which might as well say "LOSER LOOKING FOR A JOB!" all over it.
God! I hate looking for a job. Aug 16 1:06 AM UTC
me too (197)

I hate it when you don't find out who your REAL friends are until you're going through a ton of crap.

I hate that after almost 5 years of working for a company, that when I was laid off only two people in the whole company actually showed any remorse.

A lesson to be learned by all. Never be loyal to any company. Out of 4 1/2 years of employment I called in sick ONCE! Many times I stayed until 9:30 to 10:30 pm on MY time and STILL I was evidently not important enough to keep!

So, all of you corporate wannabes.... go SCREW YOURSELF! Jul 10 6:30 AM UTC
me too (210)

I hate that ever since I sat down to my computer I haven't got a lick of work done. I also hate that my essay is due in 6 hours. I hate people who believe in unicorns. ALL HAIL MASTERHATER THE HATEGOD!!! Feb 17 1:59 PM UTC
Masterhater says: Whoa whoa whoa, don't get carried away. I'm a hate demigod at best. A demi-hail will do just fine.
me too (74)

I hate that all the skinny Asian women I work with think it's OK to make fun of the fat, American white girl just because they are skinny. Let's get one thing straight: I never want to look like you. You have no boobs, no ass, and you are short to top it all off. And you are skinny, but you have an ugly face. I may be fat, but I have a pretty face. I will take a pretty face and a fat body over a skinny body and nasty face any day. They need to understand that I am not ashamed of my body, and that every time they look at me and I am grinning, it's because I'm thinking to myself how ugly and flat-chested they are. Jan 14 1:56 AM UTC
me too (278)

I love using google maps' street view to 'walk' through different cities and countries but at the same time i hate what it does to me.
It makes me despise where i am, how i'm completely unable to travel to the places i explore on a stupid satellite map with pixels i've to wait to load for a picture of an empty street with a random passerby and little artsy cafes, and i hate how sad it makes me feel because i can't be that random passerby or in that little artsy cafe or shopping along that 'indie' street and instead i'm stuck in this dismal lecture hall/4by4 room with my laptop showing a place i'll pretty much never be able to see in real life, and so i can only settle waiting for that image to load pixel by pixel on that 15 inch screen, of an area i only wish i could be at.

And then all this exploring makes me hate those who can afford to go all over the world, the very people who map googlemaps.etc and how half of them act like fags and take their wealth/travel opportunities for granted, leaving people like us stuck in our pathetic cubicles going through the motions day after day, and not being able to do anything about it, which makes me hate myself even more, cause i know i can gun it and just leave my life and start a new one, but the consequences of doing so nag at the back of my head and make me TERRIFIED of its future and i hate that and i don't know why something as lame/aimless as googlemaps makes me feel so much at once and gives me more reason to hate myself even further.

The world's still not accessible to everyone!! Jan 6 1:57 PM UTC
me too (76)

I hate that I left all my work till last minute and it's due in tomorrow. I'm going to be up all night trying to do it. I hate that I always do this to myself because i'm so lazy all the time.
I hate that I always tell myself I will do the work earlier so I don't have to rush but still end up leaving it and having to rush. Nov 2 3:08 AM UTC
me too (69)

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