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I hate that hatebook allows me to hate my husband, but not my wife. Women are surely, on average, about as responsible for relationship failure as men. And people should also be able to hate their same-sex and trans partners, in the name of equal rights Jul 2 2:10 AM UTC
Masterhater says: Now which hatebook are you talking about? I surely don't keep you from hating on your wife. Do what you will.
me too (21)

I HATE Travis smalldick!! I HATE that my now wife cheated on me almost three years ago. I HATE that someone I thought was my friend came into my home and tried to steal my life. I HATE that gave this person shelter, food, clothes, money and my friendship and behind my back he was hitting on my girlfriend. I HATE that she at the same time time she was hitting on him. I HATE that it led to them having sex in OUR living room!!!!! I HATE that she let this happen. I HATE that I didn't give her enough attention that made her beleive that I didn't value her anymore and that she NEEDED to find it in another man. I HATE that she didn't have the respect for me to tell me she was falling for another man who I thought was my friend (a good friend) I HATE him so much!!!!! I still HATE her for what she did to me!!!I HATE that when we have sex sometimes I think about the two of them and this is how she acted with hin and what I see is what he saw. I HATE that when I would ask her if she liked this guy(because I know her, and I know how she is when she likes someone) that she would tell me "no he is just a FRIEND. I HATE that I introduced the two. I HATE that they were more than friends. I HATE that all this was happening in my own house right in front of my face!!!
and I HATE that I still think about it and that I have not gotten over it yet!! Jul 28 2:48 AM UTC
me too (147)

I hate that fact that my wife is so fucking full of shit. That lazy as woman just get on my nerves to point i wish I wold have cheated on her when I had the chance, but i know it is wrong. It fucking kills my that she can stay up for what ever she wants but when it come to coming off that dried up pussy, she has some many excuses why she can't do shit. If i slept with one of her friends that keep trying to give me the pussy, she would be hurt. she is so fucking lazy I sometimes want to push her right out of my bed. I'm starting to hate her to the point I just want to fuck somebody just to hurt her is that bad is that wrong. I try to start loving her then the lazy chicks just keeps her legs closed. Then she turns around and ask have I cheated...when I wish I would have...but my faith keeps me at home..i'm so fucking mad I can't take it. Sep 11 7:02 AM UTC
me too (167)

I hate my fucking stupid dumb immature wife. Everything is fixed by yelling and cussing. I hate that she doesnt work! I hate that I have to support her. I hate that she has 8 hours a day to clean a 1200 sq ft home and when I get back It still looks the same. She seems to do no wrong and that the world is to blame for all her problems. I hate that she has to ask me what I want to eat when she knows I eat everything and anything that is in front of me. I hate that she cant find a job. I hate that she cant cook. I hate that Nov 21 4:01 AM UTC
me too (452)

I hate always wondering if my wife is cheating on me. She essentially got bored with our relationship and decided to start up a new one with someone over the internet. I figured it out when I came across his clothes in her drawers. Couple that with promises not communicate with him ... and then getting caught by a GPS tracker going to the library to email him. I am tired of the lies and always wondering where my wife is. May 22 10:04 PM UTC
me too (170)

i hat ethe fact that my wife wont show me any affection but her sster does.i hate that i spend more time with her sister then her. and i know more about how to please her sister and what she likes then i do of my wife because i haven't had sex with her in 8 monthes because she is "tired". but i screw her sister almost everyday.i know it is wrong but i am young and my wife and her husband never spend time with us so we spend almost every minute together we work,eat,talk,shop,dance,watch tv,talk on the phone and have sex together and they just dont pay anyattention to us.her sister gave me a blowjob last night while she was in the living room watching tv and never knew. that is how much i hate her. Nov 13 9:08 PM UTC
me too (442)

I hate my wife. She has gained 50lbs in the past 6 months and she looks atrocious. I am just not attracted to her anymore and her twin sister is looking better every day. Oct 16 8:44 AM UTC
me too (1068)

I hate my sexuality. I hate the power that it gives women over me. I wish I could obliterate my sex drive. My sex drive demands to be satisfied at least 3-4 times a week, but my wife doesn't want it more than once a week. I swear I end up needing to masturbate more than I did when I was single from pure sexual frustration. I have stayed faithful for 10 years of marriage, but sometimes I wonder how the hell I have managed to. I hate it, hate it, hate it, that this craving is always there, like a madness that grips the mind and laughs at my puny attempts to fight it or control it.

Then I hate the older, married woman at my work who just spent the last year flirting with me, completely uninvited, and doing so more and more insitently, constantly touching my arms, hands and shoulders more and more whenever we discussed work, leaning in unnecessarily close to listen to what I was saying, putting her face less than a foot from mine when we were discussing work. Then, after a year of resisting temptation, I once, just once, for a second, gave in to that hated sex drive, and asked you, politely, gently, if it was just me or were you also having trouble concentrating? Then, you had the nerve to act shocked, stand up and walk away without a word!! What is that?!! I never started flirting with you; you started this, you inititated it, you built it up and then when I acknowledge it, you make out like I'm a bad person? Just what kind of a sick game do you women like to play? Is it just to see if you can tease a guy to the point he'll show interest, just for a sport? You're playing with people's serious feelings! Just think about some other human being other than yourself, dammit! If you don't want sexual attention from a man, then don't bloody invite it repeatedly, increasingly for months on end. Now you just leave me feeling like I'm some sort of a jerk for having finally responded to what you were doing. I suppose I should be grateful you didn't make it even worse by filing some phony sexual harassment charge against me, just to add insult to considerable injury.

I hate my wife for pretending she thought I was hot until we were married and then she just stopped trying. How many other men have been conned like this, I wonder? I bet it's a lot. I hate it that I don't feel wanted or loved, but merely tolerated. I hate it that women used to find me attractive and I never abused it, tried to be a good person, had very few partners because I only slept with a woman if I really cared and we were in a long-term relationship. What a load of rubbish all that propaganda is. You women don't really care, you just want to get hitched with a guy with money or the prospect of making it. Well, now I'm making the damn money, I hope it brings you happiness, because it does nothing for me. I will probably just give it all away someday.

Knowing what I know now, I should have been a complete bastard and just slept with any woman who so much as looked at me when there used to be a lot who did.

And I hate my work colleague for playing such a head game with me for her own amusement and hate myself for being so stupid as to have fallen for it.

And finally, I still, fundamentally, hate being a man and hate wanting sex and hate how that makes me manipulable and pathetic. I just hate it, hate it, hate it, hate it!!!!!

Does this resonate with any other intelligent men out there who try to live ethical lives? May 15 8:37 AM UTC
me too (579)

I hate her, I hate the way she thinks she is great when she is actually a little bitch with an attitude. I hate that she has this command over him and that he lets her get away with it. I hate that she has to ruin everything and I hate that she is alive, that she breathes and that I have to share this planet with her. I hate her so much I dream about her dying a slow painful death and being put into the ground to be food for worms!! I hate that she is in my head and I hate that she is his WIFE!!!! Oct 15 11:02 AM UTC
me too (119)

I hate the fact that my bff moved to Toledo for no freaking reason except her douchebag husband was too insecure to conduct a normal job search. I also hate that he shoved a huge plastic play structure into the back of my Astro van without asking, so that I would take it to Goodwill. Just because I have a giant van does not mean you can shove stuff in there without asking. I'm glad HE's gone, but I miss my bff. Why Alice WHY!!!!!!! Sep 20 11:15 PM UTC
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