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small talk...

being forced to talk shit to someone when you both really don't care what each other is doing, has done, or will be doing, in order to pass yourself off as a 'normal' person being genuinely interested

i'd rather the person just said -

"look, shall we stop this now and save ourselves further awkwardness by pretending to be interested in each others life stories? I don't care, you don't care, we're only talking to each other because we've been forced into a situation neither of us really want."

i do like genuine conversations..
and small talk mostly leads into that
but, it's bullshit in between i hate Jan 5 1:09 AM UTC
me too (132)

i hate feeling so depressed and alone lately. i feel so far away from everyone and i feel like i dont have a friend in the world. i cant even talk to my boyfriend about anything. it feels like he doesnt even love me anymore. its like i cant talk to anyone about anything anymore or trust anyone anymore. Mar 28 3:57 PM UTC
Masterhater says: We here at hatebook are a trustworthy bunch of folks.
me too (172)

I hate people who refer to anyone as boss, guy, chief, bud, buddy, pal, ace, gov'na, big guy, etc. If someone calls you one of these terms its very difficult to respond to, and it really feels like they are talking down to you. the best thing to do is respond by calling them a similar term. the look on their face is quite funny. hate hate hate hate hate Oct 2 8:32 PM UTC
me too (72)

I hate when you're talking to somebody and they don't pay attention, just to ask you one minute later "What did you say?" WTF pay attention man!!! Nov 25 11:19 PM UTC
me too (82)

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