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taco bell

I hate The Song Party like a rockstar. that song is so fucking stupid. I hate How its ok for black People to make fun of white people but god forbid a white person makes fun of a black person. i hate how old white people hate Mexicans. we didn't do nothing to you. i hate how just because I'm Mexican i should know how to speak Spanish or like really hot food. i don't know Spanish and i don't really like hot foods. i hate how if you eat at taco bell and your Mexican its some sort of unwritten sin.I hate how people assume i listen to rap because almost every other mexican in movies listen to it. i hate rap, rap is just crap without the C Jul 9 12:43 AM UTC
me too (65)

I hate when those idiots at Taco Bell put lettuce in my quesadilla. Seriously. Sep 26 1:30 PM UTC
me too (2)

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