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I hate women who wear sandals whilst using a public transportation system, especially during rush hour. They expect everyone to be aware of their exposed feet when people are jostling for seats or to exit the vehicles. "Ow! You stepped on my foot, jerk!" is what you hear from them when somebody unfortunately steps on their fashionably painted toes. The pathetic thing about all this is, WHAT THE FUCK DO THE BITCHES EXPECT? They're in a crowded vehicle for God's sake. Nobody is going to give a fuck if they are wearing sandals, because they just want to go from Point A to Point B without having to go out of their way to be sensitively aware of Miss Fashion's dainty little toes. Common sense dictates that if you're going to be using the public transportation system in a city during the morning, noon, and early evening, it is wise to proper foot gear such as SHOES.

Besides, if their feet get trampled on, they should just "take it like a man", like they keep telling us when we get hurt. It's just pain, and a trampled foot will heal within minutes, unless of course if the woman is on one of those bullshit trend diets again. May 27 5:20 PM UTC
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I hate that I can't find feety pajamas that zip from the ankle all the way up to my collar in an adult size medium. Apr 10 3:41 AM UTC
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I h8 ppl hu typ lyk dis
Or When They Capitalise Every Damn Word
orrrr whennnn theyyy dooooo thissssss
mOsT Of AlL, i HaTe ThIs

As a conclusion, please type like a normal human being and not some retarded juvenile who skipped 5th grade. Feb 9 12:53 PM UTC
me too (848)

Wow I love this website and I love the fact that everybody hates emo here, because I do hate emo a lot. Sometimes I see girls that are EMOish and sometimes I think they are cute because they are not like completely emo, it's mostly like for the style. But then ahhh fuck I hate it because I talk to her and then she speaks about what she hates, and that her life is so painful that poor little princess. How am I suppose to react when she tells me she almost got through her veins with the cutters?

I hate that EMO shit and I hate even more the fact that it's becoming cool, because the first philosphy of EMO is "Everyone hates me and i'm 16 years old fag and my life is painful". Now that you are having EMO friends you're not EMO at all, you're just a bunch of fake-emo-pussies with fake feelings and fake stories to tell each other.

I mean, theres a lot of people I hate... I hate homeless, I hate natives, I hate douchebags, but all of theses people AT LEAST respect themselves. EMO fags don't even respect themselves, they hate themselves so why shouldn't I hate them?

And if you're a emo guy and you want everybody to stop bullying you at school, STOP WEARING FUCKIN GIRLS CLOTHES!! May 12 2:27 AM UTC
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I hate that the handlebar mustache isn't in style anymore. May 5 6:28 PM UTC
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I hate how no decent clothing exists for the male of the species.. Seriously.. Females have options like dresses vests, blouses, skirts, scarves, hats, stockings, sleeves, the works. They have a pallete to paint their day with every mood of the rainbow.
Males in this western world have T SHIRT> PANTS> SHORTS> JUMPER/JACKET> Thats fu!$ing it! Then to top it off women will wear men's clothing as if it's a fu@#ing birthright. There is inequality in fashions produced, and to attempt to change it can leave you labelled queer or strange, outcast and isolated. I don't want to wear a muscle shirt and tight jeans, boring sneakers and a smattering of silver. Where is my freedom? I would rather live in Afghanistan, forced conformity is better than a covert campaign that forcees me to submit. This world is choking me!!! Aug 21 8:12 PM UTC
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I hate that when I get clothes I get clothes that I think other people will like, I don't even care if I like it or not. Aug 6 11:45 PM UTC
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i hate when people wear loads of makeup.
dear god, knock it off. the point of makeup is to accent your features or cover up some minor flaws - not create a new face. Mar 19 2:58 PM UTC
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I hate Danish people. I mean they are nice enough, keep to themselves and have an ironic sense of humor, which I can relate to. But the women are completely unapproachable, they are all hot enough to be models and they know it so they dress like Paris Hilton (who isn't hot). I don't want a stuck up, vain girl like that anyway. And the guys are all ridiculously good looking apparently so none of the Americans/foreigner girls will look at me. Yet the guys are all posers who spend hours on their hair and listen to Britney Spears and the Pussycat Dolls the way an American poser listens to 50 Cent or Slipknot. Well it makes me laugh at least, but I hate that all the good looking people are so shallow. Mar 6 2:02 AM UTC
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I hate that you can't change your hair color without fucking up and damaging your hair! If it had no negative effects whatsoever I would have the coolest hair colors ever......damn. Jan 22 10:41 AM UTC
Masterhater says: I tried changing each hair a different color once. (Variety pack of permanent markers) All the colors together still ended up looking like a normal brown. They need a conditioner based ink in those things. Either way, the blonde girl who sat in front of me wasn't amused with her brown spot.
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