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I hate when people say "poly-amorous" when it really just means "slut" i mean GET THE FUCK OVER IT, A SLUT IS A SLUT. You're a consensual. slut. period. Jan 25 7:51 PM UTC
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I hate it, when I go to someone's house and the dog jumps all over me and the owner says "oh, it's ok, he's friendly". Guess what: I'm not. Get your dog off me! Dec 5 4:36 PM UTC
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I hate stupid sluts who complain about men breaking their hearts. Guys are not cruel to women they love so stop falling in love with douchebags you dumb broads. Go date a nice geek who will worship the ground you walk on like the chump he is. Also, I hate dorks who complain girls don't like them because they're nice. They don't like you because you lock yourself up in your room all day on the internet, don't bathe regularly and don't have the balls to talk to them you loser. Go talk to them! I hate how pathetic you are! Grow a pair! Aug 22 11:53 PM UTC
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I hate obnoxious political zealots. The young and stupid democrats screaming about keeping laws off their bodies and out of their lives in the streets and the loud obnoxious old republicans barking about the evils of abortion and that God hates fags. Seriously, why can't they just shut up long enough to hear that their opponent is a PERSON who might actually have a POINT. I hate all the selfish people and their dang political agendas! Aug 22 11:43 PM UTC
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I hate people who refer to themselves as being "street smart" even though they just use that as an excuse for being dumb as shit. Apr 15 10:02 AM UTC
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I hate both 'brothers' for NOT being brothers. My muther died two years ago, and where were the brothers? They screwed off to Ontario.

But before they did, the youngest (older than me) would do the old "army trick" to make me wet the bed. When they were chewed out by Dad for that,the younger brother did everything to destroy my existence. Had me slice my left thumb with a french carving kife, and when my Father was setting up a "poor man's patio", dared a 4-yr old to walk across a 2x4 suspended by cinder blocks.

To make a long story short, bobbyROBERT & Alcoholic mike will soon know justice.

bR told the Ontario authorities that I was inebriated during my Muther's funeral.

He was also "under the influence" when he was raping me!

Die bobbyROBERT!!

U-2 mike.

By July 2011, you both will be gone!
, Mar 21 2:56 AM UTC
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I hate when someone's trying to explain something to you, or ask you a question, and you don't understand what they're trying to say. So when you ask for clarification, they just repeat the same exact thing they just said. Example:

Them: Hey, can you email posts from inside?
Me: What?
Them: Can you email posts from inside?
Me: I don't understand what you're asking.
Them: I'm asking if you can email posts from inside.

If I didn't understand you the first time you spouted your vague, incoherent bullcrap what makes you think I'm going to understand better when you just repeat it over again? Mar 4 7:20 PM UTC
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I hate inconsiderate parkers. You know the kind of people that have no regard for others when parking their cars taking up two spaces for no good reason. Leaving you circling around and around looking for parks!!! It really pisses me off morons!! Oct 29 10:39 PM UTC
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I hate when you are watching a tv programme or movie and the sound is quiet and the adverts come on and then all of a sudden the tv is on full blast. The volume on the adverts are so damn loud, its ridiculous! I know i sound like a old codger now lol but for god sake these channels need to sort out their sound levels!! Oct 1 11:31 PM UTC
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I hate the fact that entrepreneurship training is being shoved down everyones' throats, despite the fact that:

(1) entrepreneurship training has never been proven to work because
(2) less than 2% of people in the world have the entrepreneurial spirit, whilst
(3) over 90% of people who do start a new business fail hard within 2 years.

To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to have the mentality of a crook. You have to know somebody, break a few rules, step on a few toes, and ignore common sense. This is what the folks who run entrepreneurship seminars never tell people. It is likely that they KNOW that entrepreneurship training is a scam, and they're using the time to make as much cash as possible before the masses finally wake up. Jul 21 5:35 PM UTC
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