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I hate that i couldn't stick to my values and that everytime my boyfriend and i do something sexual i regret it afterwards. I hate that both me and my boyfriend are unable to control ourselves when it comes to sexual activity. Sure, we've hung out in my room and sat on my bed and cuddled and watched movies. But most of the time, it always adds on to doing something sexual. I hate this. I hate that even when i try to set boundries, neither one of us sticks to them. I hate that this time i went the farthest i ever have with him today. I hate myself for putting both of us in a situation that we can't get out of. I'm going to hate going in to the doctors and feeling totally uneasy because i know not only will i want to be tested for pregnancy i'll need to get tested for STDS. Alot of shit has gone down in our relationship, and i really love him. But if i end up with some disease or become pregnant, i won't be able to live with myself and I will hate him. Sep 5 7:33 AM UTC
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I hate STD's. even if i dont have any i still hate worrying about them it consumes my life. i worry for herpes or crabs every time i get an itch and obsess over aids everytime i have the squirts. they shouldn't exist, i hate them! Aug 22 12:46 PM UTC
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