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I hate how seeing so much TV and spending so much time in front of the computer makes me think in English, even though I live in Spain. Every once in a while I dream in English as well, which makes me really upset because that gives me an idea of how much social life I have appart from the screen. Lately, every time I'm about to say something in Spanish (which isn't very often), I think of it in English and then translate it. You may find this funny, but I actually feel like I've lost my identity by alienating myself this much, because whenever something that I don't know how to say in English comes up, I really get the idea that I don't belong anywhere. Aug 18 1:01 PM UTC
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I hate The Song Party like a rockstar. that song is so fucking stupid. I hate How its ok for black People to make fun of white people but god forbid a white person makes fun of a black person. i hate how old white people hate Mexicans. we didn't do nothing to you. i hate how just because I'm Mexican i should know how to speak Spanish or like really hot food. i don't know Spanish and i don't really like hot foods. i hate how if you eat at taco bell and your Mexican its some sort of unwritten sin.I hate how people assume i listen to rap because almost every other mexican in movies listen to it. i hate rap, rap is just crap without the C Jul 9 12:43 AM UTC
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I hat tacos! They're disgusting, and just because I speak spanish I am supposed to like them!?
Because if you speak Spanish, most people think You're Mexican, I hate that.....soooo much
I don't hate Mexicans but I would say I'm very different , we don't have many things in common, except for the fact that we speak Spanish
I wish people were a little less IGNORANT and they knew that there are a lot of people that speak spanish, NOT just Mexico...
Why am I supposed to like tacos or Mexican food?
WEll, I hate it!
and you know what else I hate?
Being made fun of for not knowing what a freaking taco is!
LOL Dec 5 9:36 PM UTC
me too (10)

I hate Spanish people, who don't play soccer. Sep 15 8:13 PM UTC
me too (10)

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