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I hate when you wake up and realize there is a massive amount of drool coming out of your mouth. Jul 1 9:23 AM UTC
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I hate when you fall asleep with contact lenses on and when you wake up, your eyes gets red and oxygen-deprived, lenses get stuck to your eyeballs, it 'pops' from vacuum release when you pull them out and your eyes becomes more red feel like they got poked. Mar 9 12:50 AM UTC
me too (25)

I hate when people attempt to make conversation with me when I'm clearly trying to sleep. Can what your saying really not wait until i get up? Jun 7 5:34 PM UTC
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I hate it when I go to a hotel. The first thing I usually want to do is plunk down on the bed cause I'm so tired from traveling. And then when I do, when I'm lying there, I hate thinking about what somebody else was probably doing on that same comforter the night before. And I'm lying on it---I HATE THAT! May 21 1:30 AM UTC
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I hate it when I start to fall asleep and then all of a sudden, my whole body jolts. It's like I'm falling or something weird. I don't know why I do this but it is extremely ANNOYING and I friggin HATE it. May 20 6:04 AM UTC
me too (414)

I hate that my sheets and blankets never stay on my bed. Sure I roll around a little bit, but somehow I end up bunching everything up and kicking it completely off the bottom of my bed. Apr 13 2:17 AM UTC
me too (223)

I hate how there's this concept of kindergardeners getting naps during the school day. I see it in t.v. hear about in school, etc.
I hate how I never got nap time in kinder garden and that every time our class does a three hundred point project or joins a class, they never give either one again. Jan 22 12:38 AM UTC
Masterhater says: First off, thanks for visiting. We have been targeting the kindergarten demographic for a while and it's finally coming to fruition. Secondly we are doing a big push for fruit drinks to be added to the snack menu. Some of us are lactose intolerant plus we need the extra sugar to keep us going since we are missing naptime.
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i love how the minute i clicked on sleep the song called 'Diamonds arent forever' by Bring Me The Horizon came on and the first few lines are "We will never sleep, 'cause sleep is for the weak And we will never rest, 'til we're all fucking dead". hahahahahahah

I hate how i waste years of my life sleeping and if i have an appointment or something important to do im always like "oh well i can do it later when i can be bothered to get up".

I hate when my alarm goes off and i turn it off and say "just five more minutes" Jan 5 1:35 AM UTC
me too (53)

i hate how if i wake up after 9am, i feel as though ive wasted my day. Aug 31 11:45 AM UTC
me too (275)

i hate sleeping bad. it is SO damn annoying when the whole day is in front of you and you slept bad because of a bad bed or a dog barking at 5 am i mean what the hack is that??? WHY does he bark every morning at 5 o'clock???? and she never stops it until u take her for a walk...HELLO?! what is it? who has this dog under control?? Aug 11 4:21 PM UTC
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