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I hate that no one believes that i'm naturally skinny. I hate how people think it's ok to call me anorexic, compare me to a stick and tell me to eat a french fry. I do eat, its a basic necessity!! I hate that no matter how much i try to accept my body for what it is, there are always people out there who try to force their insecurities unto me.

I hate that no matter what we have we're always looking for ways to be unhappy with ourselves. I hate that my friends are so insecure and that somehow it feels like it's my fault. Jul 17 8:46 AM UTC
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I hate how when i flick through teenage girl magazines and they always run articles on "how to be yourself" and "love the body your in" then on the next page they run off pictures of stick thin models and phrases like "that's hot" and "shes got curves" NO SHE DOESN"T go find a real woman with real curves not some 6 foot 14 yr old girl that looks like a god damn coathanger! Dec 28 4:46 AM UTC
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I hate that I had to be watched so closely after people found out I was becoming anorexic. I lost weight and it felt good and I liked being anorexic. I looked nice. I miss being 50 pounds lighter. I hate being forced to eat. And I hate people having to watch me eat. It's creepy I hate it. Then I have to be monitored to make sure I don't go to throw it up. I don't even have a gag reflex anyway. Fucking pricks. I hate when they say "oh we just wanna help" I didn't ask for your fucking help. I don't want your fucking help. Help me by leaving me the fuck alone. I wanna be skinny again. I was happier when I was starving and thin. I looked so beautiful. I hate the way I look now. I look so fat and ugly I wanna die. I'd rather die than live on being ugly. I wish I looked like Jessica Simpson or Angelina Jolie. They're so perfect and thin and beautiful. UGH I wanna be anorexic again! I hate these fuckers I wish they would leave me alone. Jan 18 1:50 PM UTC
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I hate the way people won't make fun of overweight people to their faces, but for super skinny people they laugh right in them.
I hate the way people make jokes about how skinny I am.
I hate the way I'm so jealous of girls who have curves and boobs while im just a bunch of bones and skin. Dec 28 10:12 PM UTC
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O my fucken god i hate school!!! i go to an all girls school and it is the biggest hole on the planet. i wish to god everyday that a stray bomb would hit it with all the "look at me look at me" girls in it!!!!! Fuck i hate the girls who think theyre so much better than everyone else they are so snobby and i hate them i mean get the fuck over yourselves you complete retards!!!
i hate the teachers especially my ict teacher who, im absolutely certain, bought her degree off EBAY!!!! i hate revising over christmas for my a levels in january!!
i hate attention seekers who are skinny yey always ask if they "fat", awww you know your not so shut your whining hole!! the state of the girls that come in wearing fake tan and tiny skirts...even though its like minus degrees outside!! o and i HATE girls who think theyre gods gift even thouigh they have a face like the nightmare b4 christmas!!!! GRRRRR!!! i hate my mother telling me i HAVE to go to college even though i dont want to!! go to hell its my life!!!! Dec 21 3:59 AM UTC
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I hate what people consider fat these days. since when is 125 pounds fat? even 130-40 isnt so bad. Why is everyone so obsessed with weight?? At school everyone's favorite insult is calling someone fat. I hate that there is no such thing as too skinny. You can be like 80 pounds and it's alright. I hate how being overweight automatically makes you ugly. Ive seen little skinny girls with the fucking ugliest faces ive ever seen but everyone thinks she's hot cuz she's thin and tan. Ive seen girls who were overweight but are so damn beautiful that the weight doesnt even matter. Nov 16 8:09 AM UTC
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i hate it how boys would rather date someone who is rail-thin than opposed to someone who happens to look normal and athletic. Oct 5 8:56 AM UTC
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i HATE YOU ALL, because none of u r as fucked up as me.. because i have never found anyone who has said "yeah im like that too"// people r always less fucked up.. less fat.. less obsessed with losing weight// FUCK U ALL!! anorexics think they r where eating disorders r at.. like coz ur a fat piece of whale u cant have one? HELLO being a fat piece of whale is MORE of a disorder!! When i say i wish i was ana.. im not kidding, im not trying to latch onto ur red braclet wearing whore of an exclusive club,, im not a try hard.. i just WANT TO BE THIN THAT BAD!!

AND FUCK U FOR SAYING I JUST HAVE TO GET OFF MY ASS!! its alot fucking harder to drag 500 pounds up the stairs for 2-3 years to lose weight.. then it is to stuff ur face laying on ur ass to recover from ana!! SCREW U INTO HELL!! Jun 27 6:24 AM UTC
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i hate how my sister thinks shes so fat but shes not cuz she isnt i mean like i am skinny and i dont want to be so all u girl that are dieting and killing ourself to be skinny. its not all that great. i rather be like my sister anyday she is acually normal................................woooww all the girls that care do u want to switch bodys May 22 3:33 PM UTC
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the way some girls can eat whatever they want without getting fat but i have to battle with dieting and being fat.i also hate the fact that guys wont take a second look at a fat girl even if shes pretty but would rather go for an ugly thin girl.wats up with that guys??? Apr 6 2:37 AM UTC
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