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I HATE my sister and I HATE my cousin. We used to be so close...UNTIL you two had sex with each other and I heard you two late at night. I never knew you'd of all people my dear cousin would do that to MY LITTLE SISTER. You were so much like a big brother to us...now I feel awkward, angry, and hurt whenever I am around both of you. I HATE you both because I loved you so much. I HATE keeping your secret buried inside me. I HATE pretending to laugh and smile around you two, it gets so exaughsting. I HATE the fact I do not know what to do. I wish to God someday I will get away from that house...so I no longer have to see you two. I plan on moving out soon...I hope you two would then be out of my life. Mar 1 11:55 AM UTC
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I hate my sister, I really do.
She thinks she can do anything she wants and not get in trouble. And if she does get in trouble my parents have to pay for it. Literally and Figuratively. She thinks she's all cool yet no one gives a rat's a$$. She treats my entire family like sh*t. And when something bad happens, if it's her fault or if it is no one's fault, she blames it on me. I f***ing hate her. I f***ing hope that she will stay in jail for life when she gets convicted. But most of all, oh most of all, I hope that she f***ing understands that her attitude will backfire on her one day, I swear, she will regret it when she's living in a rundown shack as a prostitude Dec 23 3:03 AM UTC
Masterhater says: Prostitude. Is that a prostitute with an attitude? I like it.
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I hate how my dad and my sister died in a car accident and I got a letter while I was at my boarding school from my mom who said 'sorry to have to tell you this but your dad and sister are gone. You can't come home, though. School is important.' FOR FUCKS SAKE! I know I only saw them like once a year but seriously! Don't you care enough about my emotions to tell me in person? Or let me grieve at home with you? I love school but i'd sort of like to go to my own fathers funeral!
But I love how my best friend/boyfriend was there to comfort me. :) Sep 10 11:47 PM UTC
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I hate my sister. I recently had a near death experience involving an ambulance, police & emergency room. She came to my house after my discharge only to talk loudly about herself at the top of her lungs (she's VERY LOUD). I asked her to please lower her voice [bc of my condition] and her response was "THIS IS HOW I'VE ALWAYS TALKED & THIS IS HOW I'M GOING TO KEEP TALKING, WHATEVER!". She then started crying, yelling she had a "list of things she hated about me" and that I don't support her photography, etc. YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY??? I just almost died a few hours ago - how is this about YOU??? The whole time she was at my house she didn't even ask me if I wanted a glass of water (I was desperately thirsty from the IV)! But she had no problem filling her own wine glass 5 times.

A note on my support of her photography: I GAVE her a computer. When she was done with the computer I drove an hour to pick it up from her filthy apartment. I designed/built her website (for free), provided photography industry networking resources (I'm in the arts & media industry), and gave her contact info of 2 people ready to hire her as an assistant bc of my relationship with them. She totally blew off these opportunities by never even reaching out to them, making me look stupid. And I don't support you HOW? - It's enough to make me think that I'm the one who's crazy!

To my sister - you are a self absorbed jerk who lives a life of SEVERE delusion. It's no wonder you don't haven't had a boyfriend in 10 years. I hope you die alone in a house full of cats. Apr 20 7:09 PM UTC
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i hat ethe fact that my wife wont show me any affection but her sster does.i hate that i spend more time with her sister then her. and i know more about how to please her sister and what she likes then i do of my wife because i haven't had sex with her in 8 monthes because she is "tired". but i screw her sister almost everyday.i know it is wrong but i am young and my wife and her husband never spend time with us so we spend almost every minute together we work,eat,talk,shop,dance,watch tv,talk on the phone and have sex together and they just dont pay anyattention to us.her sister gave me a blowjob last night while she was in the living room watching tv and never knew. that is how much i hate her. Nov 13 9:08 PM UTC
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I hate that I can't tell my sister how much I love her and how much she means to me.
We were brought up in an uptight emotionally cold family by a religious zealot who thought that touching was bad.
If it weren't for my sister I would have killed myself years ago.
She's probably the most wonderful human being on this planet and even though we have a very good relationship and we are close, I can never tell her the depth of my feeling for her.
I don't want to die someday never having told her how totally wonderful she is and how great she has made my life. Jul 31 12:30 PM UTC
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I hate that my sister got pashed (against her will) by a fucking creepy teacher at school and i can't even say anything because she won't let me and tomorrow i have to go see him about my timetable and i can't even say anything. I am going to scream as loud as i can if he even smiles at me!!! Jun 30 1:38 AM UTC
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I hate how my parents compare me to my sister and expect me to be better than her like i so called 'used to be' and i hate how she uses taht against me. Jan 8 2:38 PM UTC
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I hate my sister. She is such a LOSER. I am the baby of my family and she is the oldest. My mom had my sister at an early age(15). My Grandmother decided to raise my sister. So she always lived with my Grandmother. I have two brothers and then its me the Baby. I absolutely, am a well grounded person. I have 3 kids ages 16,13, and 2. I have a excellent boyfriend,house,nice ride,excellent job 50k yearly not including my boyfriends income. I have alot of associates and a few friends. I am the life of any party and I just love to have fun in whatever I do. My sister is totally the opposite. She isnt very bright, she doesnt speak proper English, she cant cook, she cant maintain a stable relationship. She blames everthing that happens to her on other people. She never takes responsiblity for herself or her actions. Its her, its her stubborn attitude, military background, messed up old fashioned upbringing, that allows her brain to be screwed up. My mom died when I was 5 years old, me and my two brothers ultimately were raised by our maternal grandmother who favors our older sister. I pray daily that this hate can be changed. But The Grandmother is suppose to be the link that holds the chain together. Me and many of my family members dont see it that way.. How could a person like me, so down to earth, witty, intelligent, smart, beautiful as me have this HATRED in my heart! I thought maybe if I wrote it I wouldnt think about it. But as of today, I hate her even more. I wish my Grandmother wasnt involved in upholding foolishness- BUT i guess you cant teach an old dog new tricks!! Nov 30 8:36 AM UTC
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I hate how whenever my mom fixes me food,she gives me smaller portions than everyone else like i'm fat or something.When I say pancake,I don't mean heated dough the size of a cookie,damn it!I know you think im fat,mom,but this is ridiculous!It doesn't help that I can't cook.If it wasn't for the toaster and the microwave,I wouldn't be able to eat much. And calling me a fat cow won't me lose any weight.I'm not even that fat,just a little chubby.
And both my sisters AND my mom are like,10-50 pounds overweight!STOP TRING LOSE YOUR WEIGHT THROUGH ME!Darn it,if one of you get pregnet,i'll be the one that has to put up with the cramps because everytime anyone in my family screws up,I pay for it!
You pieces of shit! Jun 3 7:40 AM UTC
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