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I hate the fact that i can't have decent sex with my lovely boyfriend. He's the sweetest guy but he can't last 1 minute without stopping...and all in all it last 5 minutes.He can't even look at me in the eyes when we have sex because it will make him cum...( ITS SO BORING )I also hate that we only have sex once a month...sometimes he even seems to forget i have boobs >< On top of that he's too shy to show when he's horny..and hes 25 ...Damn me. I never had a freaking orgasm in my whole life. I hate my sexual life..it's an endless desert. Feb 5 4:32 AM UTC
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i hate that i allways have sexual dreams about other girls or touching mysself. I,ve had lesbian experiances years and years ago, but i didnt like it so I know I'm not into girls sexually! And i have sex with blokes regularly enough, so its not llike I'm desperate and gagging for it. I hate that whenever i do have theese dreams i wonder what if I am actually aracted to girls!! But I'd know if i was, right...? Nov 23 12:29 AM UTC
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I hate, hate, hate and a million more times hate Rhianna. She sings about dirty things and all young children think its cool to go around singing her songs about whips, chains and men with big dicks.
No wonder their is a lot of teenage pregnacy, with her and also, Kesha going around like a couple of slappers. Half dressed and singing songs about having sex.
And the pop music videos today, most of them are worse than porn videos.
Then, people who listen to pop always say rock and metal have bad influences on people. Well I don't see the likes of Metallica, Black Veil Brides or Kings of Leon stripping half nacked and singing about sex, do I? Aug 9 10:57 AM UTC
Masterhater says: hmmm, other than the good old "sex is on fire" bit.
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To her:
From me:

There are not enough words to discribe the overwhelming hatred I have for you. You are the lowest form of life on this planet.

No,No you did not brake my heart. We are not friends and you did not rip me off. I did not even know you and was not even looking at you. I still don't know your name and don't want to.
I was drunk and showing off to my girlfriend. Granted I was being an asshole and should have been stoped. I will give you that. But you had me put in jail. Then placed on the sex offender registery. I lost my job and now no one will hire me. My dad won't talk to me. I was on probation for 5 years. 5 fucking years! People harass me and cut the tires on my car. I am not alowed to pick my daughter up from daycare or take her to the mall. What happens when she gets older and wants to have friends over? Can't do that! I got kicked out of college. Why?
Because I flashed MY girl friend while I was drunk. I was not looking at you. I did not turn in your direction. I did not stalk you or grab you or shake it at you. NOTHING! NOTHING! It had nothing to do with you! Why out of all the people there did no one show up in court with you? Why did five people show up in my defense to say I was just showing off?
You told the judge you were afraid for your life (with fifty god damn people around you) and that you had never heard of anyone doing something like this just because they were drinking. You have never heard of a girl getting drunk and flashing someone or mooning someone? I am the only person that has ever done this?

You suck! I hate every moment of you. Jul 1 3:19 AM UTC
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i hate that my boyfriend is so angry with me. I hate him ignoring me! I hate that if i'm not laughing when he winds me up, i'm swearing and then it gets all heated.. and i hate feeling he's left me and that i don't want to spend the rest of my life without him and can't say any of it when he asks me and that i just defend everythig. and i just need to know he feels the same but i'm scared he'll never want me to say that which is truth and i would treat him so good, if things could improve for us and i will but i need him here and i hate that he almost certainly knows most of this anyway by now and could walk all over me too easily! - did i let him know me too long? i could'nt live with that and he knows i'll leave if i have to and be unhappy without him. i hate that i don't want to leave him. i hate how damn wonderful he is and how when i look into his eyes i hold my breath so long, in awe (it doesn't seem to run out) and catch it again suddenly - more when he releases me from his comforting grip, and that his lips, face and voice and movement are so perfect, and even when we stand still it feels perfect and he completely calms me and every little thing and how his slightest touch has me revved up - even things i hate about him i am forgetting and can't see right now. So some random chancer can laugh at the silly fool in love (after all they knows what its like) but never know how it feels. i know i love him and it's either not or is enough for him, that's as simple as this unecessarily complex equation gets. I have more than subconsciously decided, yet am not coping so well with it all now. i think i've shown but perhaps agian - i don't call you often and it's driving me crazy and i want to because i can't stop thinking about you!I hate all that tactical stuff too. I love you, if a little madly (not a little bit) - so why can't people be up front and get to the point in this day and age! Even if they've known each other for years. Feb 16 11:43 PM UTC
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I hate that when I was 18 I fell in love with a member of a band I used to really like.
I hate how he started talking to me first and made me feel special, I hate that he spent months and months winning my trust and friendship, he spent months flirting with me then about a week before I was to meet him at a gig he told me he loved me and wanted to be with me.

I can't believe I fell for it all thinking I was about to date one of the guys in one of my favourite bands.

Then at the gig I ended up sleeping with him cos I trusted him an the next day he'd disaprared and wouldn't answer my calls or texts, He ruined the whole damn festival for me.

I really hate that a month after he had the nerve to talk to me, and get angry at me accusing ME of dissapearing!.

I hate that now 4 years later I still think that guy is an asshole.
I hate that I still like the music.
But every time I listen to them it makes me think of how I got used by that one asshole, and because of that one asshole I'm scared of dating musicians famous or not because end of the day, what they say about musicians all being users,liars and cheats proved to be true. Feb 4 11:52 AM UTC
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i hate that every time i start to get intimate with a girl, my neck, upper stomach, shoulder and whole fucking chest get dark red and blotchy! this is called sex flush but from what ive read, such flush is a minor redness on the chest...not something that makes it look like i have a contageous and deadly rash. it fucking sucks because nobody else i know has this problem. i cant even take my shirt off and then she wonders why and i dont want to explain...its so embarrassing that i dont even try to have sex any more Dec 24 4:03 AM UTC
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i hate to say that when i say i want commitment - i mean that i don't want him to sleep with anyone else. i hate that he is why i am single. i hate that its not completely his fault and that i can't be around him when he is seeing other women, beyond friendship. i know that this is just insecurity, because i am not actually with him. i hate that i cannot get close to anyone and that i back off from all my other male friends over it. Sep 19 8:39 PM UTC
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I hate how sexually promiscuous I was in my teenage years. I hate to admit it but I should've listened to my mother. Now that I'm older looking back just makes me sick. Its like I used up all my sex in my young years and now I can't enjoy sex like I would've had I not gotten around Sep 10 5:46 PM UTC
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I hate that I am fucking terrified that all the sickness you have been experiencing in the last 8 months could possibly have come from something you contracted from having unprotected sex with me. But I don't know. I will be tested tomorrow, but I don't get the results immediately. What if I have something and I have spread that to you, and not just you. I hate how terrified I feel. I hate myself. I hate how if I have put you in any danger I wont be able to live with myself. And not just I will carry the shame. My shame will be yours. I would die a million deaths before seeing you hurt. Aug 16 9:31 AM UTC
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