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self esteem

I hate that my boyfriend plays video games right after we have sex. I hate that he'll only pay attention to me until after I leave the room to cry in the bathroom. I hate that I pretend that it doesn't bother me. Nov 6 10:45 PM UTC
Masterhater says: "Video games after sex" is the new "smoking after sex." Learn to embrace it.
me too (255)

i hate teapots. why the fuck does anyone need a teapot? you have teacups. and what happened to pitchers? and the kettle you used, why not just microwave the water if that's all you're gonna use it for? Oct 14 6:21 PM UTC
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I hate people with too much self esteem. I hate the preschool teachers that make children sing songs like "I am special, I am special, look at me! look at me!" everyone is narcissistic and I hate it. Society is fucked up. you either have no self esteem or too much of it. Feb 28 8:57 AM UTC
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I hate my mom for saying that if i didnt stop smoking pot i would have to move back to florida to live with my dad.I like smoking pot but i want to live with her and my brother. I hate decisions because they tear me apart. And i hate my dumbass cousin for telling on me. He smokes more pot than i do but he has an excuse "cuz he has ADD and its ok for him" I have no self esteem and when im high i forgot all about my insecurities. I hate the fact that the kids at my school are the ones who drove me to smoke pot because every time i look at them i feel like their looking through me and i wanna cut myself when i get home. I hate feeling like doing suicide evn though im surrounded by loving people and i feel like a selfish bastardevry time i contemplate it. Dec 18 9:09 AM UTC
me too (22)

I hate that I'm just "average" and everyone's "best friend." Sep 25 9:41 PM UTC
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