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I hate how magazines are so contradictory. In one magazine, there's a 'body peace' section. The only girls they ever show in that section are thin, yet they tell you to love yourself no matter what size you are. Then, in a different section, they give the 'curvy' girls ugly clothes that cover up all their 'problem areas'. Why even put the body peace section in there? That stupid magazine tells me to love myself, but at the same time try to hide the places where I'm not perfect or work out to get rid of them. May 19 1:36 AM UTC
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I hate my life right now! It just sucks to be me. I can't stand the constant nagging I have to put up with every frikkin' day of my life! My friends suck! My parents suck! HELL! I don't even know why the hell I still go to school! It's just so fucked up! The system is so fucked up, it's against human rights! Nov 15 4:28 AM UTC
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i hate my life. i hate me and i hate every sorry goddamn person in it. grrrrr....
i hate that people judge me for the colour of my skin. i hate that people pretend to be your friend when they are all just assholes. i hate that my boyfriend fancies my best mate. i hte that everyone thinks i am a slut. i hate that i feel used, i hate that i feel like a damaged fruit, a disposal peel, a DIY girl. i hate that everyone expects me to be soo perfect when they themselves are not. i hate how people expect me to act. i hate that now my boyfriend and i have split, i feel empty. i hat that no one in school likes me. i hate my friends who deserted me, the family who disowned me, and myself for trying to find solace in the wring things like sex, drugs, alchohol, and self-harm. i hate these scars. i hate that im not strong enough to say no. i hate that i put out for the one boy i reely did like, and now he wont even look at me becasue he has no reason to.
i am a worthless whore, a slag, a bitch, a waste of space, pointless existance, a ugly, lonely, wasted, unloved, bloodstained, hopeless human being.

how do i deal with all this unsatisfied anger and inward turning hate??
how do i live with myslef know that i hate soo much??
how can i live with the embarassment of bearing my name??
how is this life??? May 19 5:17 PM UTC
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I hate that I'm 28 and at my 10 year high school reunion, most of the people from my old circle of friends are happily married, engaged or in long-term relationships. I hate that I'm starting to realize that my current girlfriend isn't the one for me and that soon I'll be back to being single (again) which will just strengthen my jealousy of my old classmates and friends. I hate feeling like I'm immature or behind compared to peers even though I know marriage isn't a race, but more and more it just seems that all the really good ones are taken. Dec 20 8:43 AM UTC
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I hate all of the horrible things I have experienced in my life. 2 back surgerys, knee surgery, sinus surgery, and 5 dental surgerys. No of these were cosmetic, just trying to compensate for a suck ass worthless body. May 10 8:32 PM UTC
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I Hate it when you KNOW you need a toothpick , because theres somthing stuck inbetween your teeth , but you REFUSE to walk 15 steps to the kitchen to get some , so instead you poke at it with your tounge for HOURS until it finally falls out , only to feel that you've acomplished somthing that day Apr 4 5:30 PM UTC
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I hate being short, it has lead to:
*Bullying at school
*Lack of interest from females
which have further lead to:
*low self worth
which has lead also to:
*coming to hate book regularly. Mar 18 6:11 AM UTC
Masterhater says: which has then lead to: me saying "welcome all short people"
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I hate having little self control (sometimes) and splurging on food. Feb 16 12:22 PM UTC
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I hate it that I would rather sit on my computer then talk to my husband. I hate it that he isn't my soul mate. I hate the fact he will never understand me. I hate it that he won't even try. Nov 20 9:18 PM UTC
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I hate the fact that I am deaf. I hate it when I can't understand what people are saying, no matter how hard I try. I hate it when people think I'm stupid because they know I'm deaf and they talk really slowly...almost in a mocking manner. It pisses me off! I'm DEAF, not Stupid! They are two different things! I hate it when deaf people say, actually no..they sign in sign laugauge that they're "proud to be deaf" Well, I'm not! Its not fun to be deaf...I hate being labeled "anti-social" only because I can't talk to hearing people. I hate that I can't talk to a hearing girl without making myself look ridiculous! I hate it! Also, hearing people have no idea how luckily they are...to have the luxury of communication with each other... Jun 23 1:53 PM UTC
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