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- Masterhater

I hate all you god dam politically corrupt commie-jew-nazi gay american arrogant bastard capitalist scum who employ this system of slavery to keep hard working people from the freedom they deserve. . . . . Some of us are tired of being judged based on our appearance & where we come from instead of where we are going.

- I hate Apr 10 5:33 PM UTC
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*sigh* Once again...

I hate when people bash Christians, when many Christians are very nice people, and not just nice, but GOOD people, and are really trying to be good. Come on, guys, isn't that what genuinely matters? I hate when people bash on Christianity, when it's based on being a truly good person. It doesn't matter if you think it's "outdated", religions are very ancient and they don't just exist because of stupid people or things. It all has its reasons. Please don't be so ignorant. I hate when people think Christians are Bible thumpers who want to shove their beliefs down people's throat. No, it doesn't work like that. If you're a Christian and you're trying to shove beliefs down somebody's throat, then you're a bad Christian. Christianity isn't even about shoving beliefs onto others, read the Bible for once. All people have a thing called free will and you're supposed to respect that.

So please stop assuming bad things about religion. There's just a LOT of stupid people on earth, there always will be more stupid people than smart people. It's the sad truth. Deal with it... Religion is truly a GREAT thing in the hands of genuinely intelligent people. It's the countless dumbasses who ruin it and twist it. Don't listen to them. May 16 2:25 AM UTC
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I hate Harold Camping. Your phony Rapture predictions failed 3 times. You're not a prophet, you're just human like everyone else. You mocked yourself enough now, please just stop it and go away already. Oct 24 9:12 PM UTC
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I hate the fact that my entire life has been about me giving and others taking. When I hear the phrase, "To give is better than to receive," my blood boils with rage, because the person who coined this phrase is clearly a taker. I give to the government in the form of taxes, and give to the Church in the form of tithes, and give to relatives out of tradition, and give to the casino in the hope of getting my money back, and give to my spouse or lover in the hope of getting the favor returned, and give to the scammer, who promised me that if I par. And out of all this giving, and giving, and giving, I get nothing back. Nothing that is useful enough to call it an act of receiving. I am destitute, depressed, and when I dare ask when I will have my giving reciprocated, I am either given false promises, or told to "get over it," "stop thinking selfishly," or "move on". It's like the takers expect me to not ask for anything in return, and to be perfectly happy with this parasitic way of things. I demand justice! Oct 13 9:36 AM UTC
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I hate the way people confuse religion with the church...any religion at that, but let's just look at christianity. Does ANY true Christian believe that if Jesus walked into any christian church (especially Catholic or Orthodox) that He would be HAPPY with what he would see? I doubt it. I really don't think he would want to see these high and mighty priests in all their glory wearing gold embroidered robes and holding diamond embellished scepters. All he wanted was for us to love one another and show some respect to those who deserve it...no one can blame him for wanting that.. Apr 2 6:15 PM UTC
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I hate that terrorists, rapists, murderers, and all sorts of other hideous people can go through their lives perfectly healthy while people like my baby (although technically grown) sister, who has never harmed anyone at all, can live their whole lives in and out of hospitals and specialists for one problem after the other and then get cancer just as soon as they really start living. I hate how everyone says "God has a plan." Well isn't that just lovely. We're not the fucking sims here, and quite frankly if this is all the fucking plan he can come up with then it's a bloody wonder that he's managed to hold on to his position at all! Even better: "God didn't do this, so don't blame him." OK, what the hell ever. You preach that God is all knowing, all powerful, and that he has a "plan". If everything is going according to his all knowing and all powerful "plan" then he sure the hell did do it! He planned it, we're all just supposedly living in the Neverending Story for the duration of our lives. So it stands to reason that somewhere in this stupid excuse for a plan he decided that my little sister would spend the majority of her life seriously ill and possibly leave a baby behind with no mother before she can legally drink. That's fricking twisted. I hate God, I hate bullsh*t religion, and I *hate* the "plan". Jan 23 7:28 AM UTC
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I hate atheists. You don't want to believe in God, I don't give a shit but stop fucking harassing me and shoving your bullshit down my throat then going "oh I hate Christians, they push Jesus on me" I almost never talk about my religion, and I've never fucking pushed Christianity on anyone but these atheist douchebags sure love pushing their hatred on people who DO believe in God. WHOOPTY FUCKIN DOOO I dont give a shit what you don't believe you faggots, fuck off and leave people alone. Dec 8 3:07 PM UTC
Masterhater says: Totally. F off F-ing A-word atheists. God loves you S-head M-er F-ers, but he's my God so suck it.
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I hate how everyone thinks I'm not serious about being transsexual. Everyone thinks that it's just a phase or that I'm just kidding around. I'm not. I may be female on the outside, but, trust me, that's it. I'm a gay man. Period. And I don't give two fucks what anyone thinks about it. I just wished they'd believe me.

I also hate how I will never be happy with my body. I hate how getting a sex change will probably just make things worse.

And I hate religious nuts who tell me that ‘god’ made me this way, so I should be happy. God can suck my…oh wait, no he can’t cause he didn’t give me one! Seriously, you can stick god up your ass for all I care. Eh…wonder how big god’s dick is? Nov 16 9:35 PM UTC
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I hate that I was told just resently that your not supposed to bring up religion or politics into a converstation. Fuck that, thats how I start my converstation, it's a real ice breaker & gets the conversation going, so what if someone gets offended? I don't give a shit Sep 30 10:25 PM UTC
me too (535)

I HATE MY ROOMMATE!! She is so fucking religious to the point where it is blaringly obnoxious beyond compare and I would be just fine with it, just peachy fucking keen, if only she wasn't so damn judgmental and high mighty about it!! I want to accept her, I want to accept and love all people, but since she knows that I am a Pagan and that my parents were not married when I was conceived, she finds herself in a position where she can touch all of my things and put them in whatever state she pleases (even though I always make sure that they are never in the way), tell me when and how much television or electricity I can use (I love the environment, but HELLO, I need light to write), and tell my friends how they should act and speak upon meeting. Not to mention she cooks the most disgusting, nasty smelling ass of food, usually in a damn crock pot, which seeps of horribleness and makes the entire dorm room stink to high heaven (no pun intended) for days on end. She uses all of my cleaning supplies and orders me to get more, arranges the furniture without my permission to where I cannot even work at my desk because it faces a huge sliding glass window (we are on the 25th floor and the sun shines directly on the fucking apartment, and since she refuses to let the shades stay closed and even goes as far as to open them while I'm at my desk, I can't ever fucking concentrate), and even unplugs my laptop when it is charging while I'm not home, so that when I do get back, I can't work because my mac is dead. She is always glaring at me (cause, you know, my very presence is a sin in the sign of the Seventh Day Adventist Lord) and I can't bring any of my friends over because they are afraid of her, and in all reality, THEY SHOULD BE!!!! It's not just me, I know this now, because everyone who meets her agrees with me and doesn't know how the fuck I live with this shit! All of the appliances are mine, and I don't mind if she uses them at all, and she does so whenever she pleases, but I am not allowed to touch any of her things (including the effing toaster). If I do, I get a stern talking to or an afternoon of lovely glare fests. I'm not a fucking infant. This bitch comes from mid-west suburbia, a religious, sheltered Shangri-La, and has zero to no life experience, while I come from a trailer park in central Florida and had to drop out of school and get my GED to go to work full time and pay bills for my family. I had to work myself out of America's fucking waiting room on pure talent and elbow grease, while she just had to ask daddy for a plane ticket and a debit card!! I DON'T NEED TO BE TALKED DOWN TO! This is an Art School damn it. What is she even doing here? If I had known that as soon as I escaped from southern religious hell, I'd to be dropped right back in into it, I would have brought defensive weaponry. Oh, and one last thing, she has six hour or so long religious meetings on my couch, without asking if I need the living room at any time during the day, and each time I walk into the room, I swear everything they say is directed toward "saving" me. I would say something, but I hate confrontation to a painful degree. This is easier. Aug 28 1:11 AM UTC
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