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I hate diamond rings with a passion. To get a diamond that is actually worth more than ass, you have to spend A LOT of money. People don't understand that if you buy a diamond that's...ohhh let's say $500, they are getting jack shit. I hate that women need a diamond to define their relationship. You know what.. If you really need something to define your relationship, then stick to a gold band or some shit. Don't spend your paycheck buying a heavily included diamond. I hate weddings and marriages, but that will be saved for a different post. Jul 8 6:50 AM UTC
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I hate that I'm that mom... I hate the look on my face right now. I've been driving around tonight to get out of the house so I don't say "the wrong thing". So I drive... with this grimace... this sneer... this evil teeth bearing crazy ass look on my face wanting to scream and bellow this hate inside me. I want to rip my head off and throw it under the 18 wheeler next to me.
I hate that my daughter snorted hydro... who the fuck does that? Apparently stupidass beautiful privileged 16 year old girls who have no fucking idea how dangerous this is!!!! What the fuck!! Luckily it was her first time “experimenting” with another dumbass girl. Oh, yeah… supposedly she’s been smoking pot, too… no biggy, right? All this time she’s been lying to me, grades slipping, attitude changes, friend problems, droping out of swimteam…. Yeah – pot’s no big deal, smoke it 24/7 for all I care – I’m sure it will take you far!
I hate this other dumbass girls father when contacted out of concern could only say… “I can’t believe that she would smoke in her car! I clean that car and have never smelled pot!” Stupid piece of work parenting at play… they seem more worried about her Benz that they GAVE A 16 YEAR OLD to drive than the precious cargo within. Fuckers.
I hate that when I confronted my daughter she didn’t look or act like herself… she’s been lying to me for so long that I don’t recognize her anymore. She’s a great girl, a wonderful girl and she’s ruining my life!!! She’s killing the dream – she could be or do ANYTHING!! I hate that she feels self entitled to fuck up and not try… what a waste.
I hate being a mom right now… it’s a horrible thing, it’s too much for me, what was I thinking?? I also have a 10 month old son, a wonderful red headed bear who loves his sissy so much. He loves everyone… It kills me to think I’ll be doing this again in 15 years. Fuck my life!! Why did I procreate??
I hate that my husband who is young and sweet and caring wants to help me get this rage out of my head but cant. He’s such a good man and has been a good father figure to my girl but is truly getting the shit end of the stick. Shit!
I hate that I was a lackadaisical free spirited idiot that drifted around for the best years of my life searching for happiness, never working in one place on one thing hard enough to learn what success could be. I did drugs, had abusive men in my life and almost lost my life a few times. I hate that I didn’t become an iota of what I thought I would.
I hate that I haven’t traveled and seen this great big beautiful world… I want to be a nomad. I want to shave my head and wonder from continent to continent and visit with other cultures and learn from these beautiful beings who are nothing like me. I want to surf, climb mountains, and forage through rain forests… I want to go to Patagonia. Alone.
I HATE WAR... I can't even go there right now or I will burst into flames.
The only happiness is finding Hatebook tonight and all of you, my fellow haters… may this ranting help us all and may we find peace. Feb 20 5:34 AM UTC
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I hate stupid sluts who complain about men breaking their hearts. Guys are not cruel to women they love so stop falling in love with douchebags you dumb broads. Go date a nice geek who will worship the ground you walk on like the chump he is. Also, I hate dorks who complain girls don't like them because they're nice. They don't like you because you lock yourself up in your room all day on the internet, don't bathe regularly and don't have the balls to talk to them you loser. Go talk to them! I hate how pathetic you are! Grow a pair! Aug 22 11:53 PM UTC
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I hate the idea of marriage. Why get married? Why is it not enough to be with another person?

Why, after being in a relationship for 2 years do people suddenly decide to get married, with the logic that it is "the next step" - why?

"Honey, we've been dating for 2 years now...I think it's time we fork out $20,000 that could otherwise be spent on a deposit or an investment towards our future, on a stupid wedding so we can have all our stupid friends in one stupid room and show them how much we enjoy our stupid relationship. Yeah."
"Well honey, how about we just throw a party and invite the 30 closest friends, and tell them how much we love eachother there? It'll only cost us $500?"
"Ooh honey, you're sweet, but I want us to feel financially bound to eachother! Divorce is so expensive that the prospect of leaving eachother will not be a favourable option until at least one of us has had their soul whittled down to nothing more than a hollow shell!" Jun 23 12:16 AM UTC
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I hate when you're over at a girls house and you have to piss. You think to yourself, "Ok, no big deal, at least its #1 and not #2." Then after you muster up enough courage to find the bathroom, you start the urine flow, and the damn house gets super fucking quiet, and you grow super fucking paranoid that everyone can hear you, so you aim towards the edge of the bowl. And that proves to be just as disastrous, cause everything in the bathroom is now being coated with piss overspray. So you have to wipe it all down with a piece of wet toilet paper. Then dry it. All under like a half second so she doesn't think you're taking a shit.

Girls aren't even worth it. Cause after 3 years, they turn into huge bitches.

Im not gonna tell you that Im moving to France without you til Im already there! HAHAHAHAHA stupid bitch. Dec 24 7:38 AM UTC
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i hate to say that when i say i want commitment - i mean that i don't want him to sleep with anyone else. i hate that he is why i am single. i hate that its not completely his fault and that i can't be around him when he is seeing other women, beyond friendship. i know that this is just insecurity, because i am not actually with him. i hate that i cannot get close to anyone and that i back off from all my other male friends over it. Sep 19 8:39 PM UTC
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I hate how poor African workers are slaving in diamond mines every day to barely get by, dying by the wagonloads, just so ignorant, materialistic women in the West can have freaking sparkly jewelry.

"Here's your diamond ring, honey. It costed $7500 and 11 African lives."

And I hate the women who won't marry guys just because they can't afford a ring. Mar 29 7:36 AM UTC
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I hate this so-called "Game Theory" which has been peedled by sociopaths and lapped up by females throughout the dating scene. You know, the theory that categorizes men as Alphas (natural born sociopath, or the top 10% of men who get sex without even trying) and Betas (the rest of the men). Whilst it's true that 90% of women will seek out the top 10% of men for sex, Game Theory pretty much reduces men to nothing more than walking penises (Alphas) or walking wallets/cuckolds (Betas), whose sole existence is to be used and thrown aside like a disposable dish rag when the women are bored. The mind, which is instrumental in creating the technology, inventions, and improvements that the sociopaths take for granted means absolutely nothing here. It's amazing how we humans actually made it beyond the Stone Age with "Game Theory." Did the sociopaths decide, "Let's give those Beta geeks a chance to reproduce because we can't think beyond our dicks anyway, and we could use new spears or domesticated animals, or brick houses."

what I also hate about Game Theory is that is is basically dysgenic, Whilst it gives women the power to choose which genes pass between their legs, history has, sadly, proven beyond a shadow of doubt that women suck at making choices. The men who are most likely to advance human civilization are placed at the bottom of the totem pole, actively shunned (unless the Beta has money, which means women will only be stringing him along for his possessions, but still fuck the Alpha thoroughly on the side), and at worst, most men will never live to pass on their genes. Perhaps Game theory can accurately explain why Greece, Egypt, and Rome all collapsed just a few generations after women were given power, why the Middle Easteners eventually punished their women harshly via Islam, and why Europe followed suit by going Medieval. Mar 24 10:39 AM UTC
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I hate how I have to "dumb down" my vocabulary or I will be looked at as if I'm speaking Russian. I hate how I'm extremely mature compared to everyone else my age, but I'm still some "kid". I hate how I was sheltered and taught to be "seen and not heard", and now its almost impossible to make friends without worrying about judgement. I hate how I was laughed at for being fat as a kid, but now am praised for my slimness. I hate seeing people together, and feeling pangs of jealousy. I hate hearing from a girl about how her boyfriend doesn't respect her, and only uses her for sex, when I would be the perfect guy for her, and actually have a relationship. I hate how I'm an empathetic, intelligent, decent-looking, sensitive guy and no girl has ever given me a chance to see how I truly am. I hate how I feel like writing this makes me feel like such a loser. Mar 16 1:47 PM UTC
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i HATE having to get up early for school.
i HATE bad hair days
i HATE him always being an ignorant pig
i HATE my mum always telling me to huryy up
i HATE that mr x is moving away and i'll never get to see him
i HATE that im afraid of commitment
i HATE that my parents split up
i HATE that i hate 90% of people at school
i HATE that the coolest teacher only teaches one of my classes
i HATE burning myself with the straightener
i HATE that hatebook is the only place i can truely rant
i HATE that no one reads my blogs
i HATE that im a dissapointment to my dad
i HATE that he thinks tattooing isnt a real job
i HATE that my sisters not here anymore
i HATE that i know if i had a realationship it would make everything easier but im to afraid to get hurt
i HATE that i dont like telling my parents when im dating someone
i HATE that my halloween costume sucks
i HATE that my grandmother is picking me up from a local screamo gig
i HATE school
i HATE not having a job
i HATE that i lost them at a party
i HATE that the cutest kid ever is never at school
i HATE that no one has asked me to prom yet
i HATE that everyone thinks their better than me
i'll finish this later Oct 26 9:42 PM UTC
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