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I really hate the attitudes of most black women (and some men) that I've dealt with. Yea we get it that its harder because you're "black and female" and you (sometimes) come from a rough neighborhood, but seriously, cool it with the attitude!

I hate these bitchy black nurses that work at the hospital. In fact, I hate the bitchy black cashiers, receptionists, whatever, they all got that rude, stank-ass attitude complete with the eye-rolling, hanging the head on their counter looking away, sucking their teeth and smacking their lips or on the phone with (probably their boyfriend).

I know there's nice black women and there's nasty women of other races (the majority of hispanic girls also fit this description that I gave), but most of them are such nasty bitches. No wonder why most of your men don't want you and guys of other races look past you. Its not because your black. Its because your a black BITCH. Maybe if you'd lose the attitude and show some respect maybe you'd get it back.

If someone speaks to you or greets you, respond back. Don't stare at them like they got ten heads or look away or snicker at them to your homegirl. You don't have to instantly dislike everyone you come across. You don't have to give dirty looks to everyone whose not like you. You don't have to be friends with them either but you don't have to be such a rude, complete bitch.

To the ones who aren't like that sorry I'm posting this, but most black women have got attitude problems. Your men know it. Other black women know it. And yes, even the non-black people know it (which is why white, hispanic and asian men look past you). And thats why people really don't like you. Not because of your skin color but because of your ATTITUDE. Thats why most of you are single mothers, single in general and stereotyped so much. Because most of you embody that stereotype and have nasty stank attitudes. Maybe if you'd grow up and realize the world doesn't owe you shit maybe you'd have what you want in life. I know its a racist post and I make no apologies for it, you can thank your "rude sistas" for that. Mar 29 3:56 AM UTC
me too (329)

I hate the fact that here in 21st century New Zealand we are actually, seriously considering having racially reserved seats for Maori on the Auckland city council.

For God's sake, New Zealand is not apartheid era South Africa. Maori do not need reserved seats in the new council or in New Zealand's parliament where they have had them for a long time. Those seats should also be abolished.

The very idea of reserving places for certain racial groups in government, schools, universities or anywhere is just plain offensive! Aug 19 6:58 AM UTC
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I hate that if a black person dies in the movies it's automaticlly racist but if a whole bunch of white people die and it's not racist. What the fuck is with that? Jul 14 11:26 PM UTC
me too (221)

I hate racism,racits,i just read soemthing,a comment on youtube,i was watching the obama dog and all,i mean yes it is cute i love dogs no big deal,so i look at the comments and some Jackass decides to post the following....'' a black dog that can't swim..haha it's amazing how the dog and colored people have alot similarities,no disrespect.'' No disrespect? what a fucking lie,it's obviously the jerk what using sarcasm,and ofcourse was lying,dirtbag. anyway yes he did disrespect that sounded freaking ignorant and just plain stupid, some peiople these days think they got it all figured out and can joke or are a closet racist and pretend shit,but they freaking know what they are doing they dont think or they just know what it is they are going to say and open their tupid mouth and use their trashed up vocal chords to fucking speak. Geez,yeah ofcourse you did not mean it in a direspectful way. Also those freaking supremacist people saying this then another,just fucking admit it you hate black people you racist jackasses,dont try and ''shine'' some good light on you when you have none,your soul is dark and your eyes are shut,wont accept the how wonderful the world is,with all types of people shaped differently,different types of shades of colors,it is not all about you,you,you,you ignorant bastards. You are all way off you dummies, All of us Americans chose a president,a black president,we dont see color,race or that other thing that supposedly drives all you fuckers 'insane' geez,stop hating and start loving people as who they are,no one even likes you people,but i means still change your ways,i bet it must be hard for all of you to live in a civilized world,but yet being racist and acting hatefully upon other people,how can you live your lives like that? huh? black,mexican,cinese..etc,people of all backgrounds races live in this great country,you guys aren't slwoing us down,i mean take a look at the wolrd,at our country people happy,none racists,all joy. you morons are the ones slowing YOU down. Peace. :) May 14 4:50 PM UTC
me too (114)

I hate the dark side of me that SOMETIMES comes out in secret. The racist side that condemns every race but mine. The immoral side that would cheat on crucial examinations if given the chance. The greedy side wanting everything materialistically. The lustful side that wants to fuck my friend's bf. The haughty side that is disgusted by fat people. The selfish side that disregards family. Sometimes I hate myself for being so despicable. I want to be good person. Feb 21 6:01 AM UTC
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I hate all races, including my own.

- move in your neighborhood
- run it down, leave their fucking christmas lights up year round
- have 20 people living in a house
- keep having kids when they can't afford the ones they already have`

- whether they are in a restaurant or a store they have to talk so fucking loud that everyone can hear what they are saying
- they'll put a $7000 stereo system in a $2000 car
- they have cell phones, bling and name brand clothing, but they can't afford their rent or a car and they are all on welfare

- you've heard of the 909, with their wife beater tank tops, their piece of shit cars, their fucking tatoos they can't afford and the car in the front yard on milk crates, but somehow they think that's cool
- they all have kids they can't afford

Let's face it, mexicans have their wetbacks, black people have their ghetto niggers and white people have their white trash. I hate all of them. Feb 16 8:26 PM UTC
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i hate the fuss made over what prince harry said about his 'paki'friend.why is 'paki' offensive?i really dont understand.paki is short for pakistani.aussie is short for australian,brit short for british.people go on holiday to skeggy but locals dont seem to mind its skegness.the world has gone bonkers about political correctness.racism is a disgusting thing,not to tolerated,but jesus,making folk SO sensitive is actually causing more harm.why is using the word black so offensive,but saying white is ok.surely,that suggests white is supreme,and is THAT not racist?suggesting black humour black comedy or black mood or writing on a blackboard is unacceptable makes a mockery of what should be a serious debate.in this world there are some vile evil black people,and guess what,there are vile evil white people.tolerance is needed,not censorship to words that have been used for centurys.wog, wop, nignog are offensive words,not black or paki. i rather think the press causes most resentment for the racial row,for gods sake,why cant they focus on real injustice,not name calling,its bilge. Jan 24 8:03 PM UTC
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I HATE when white people think every god damn black person is every stereotype in the book. Like that stupid ass white kid who posted something about blacks being genetically predisposed to violence, less intelligence etc. I find it funny that all you fuckin white people fail to remember that you as well as black people are descendants of people from other countries. Whites from Europe and Blacks from Africa. It's funny how Africa was EXTREMELY (look it up dumb ass) prosperous (more so than Europe)before the Europeans came in. Egypt? Nubia? Nigeria? All more technologically advanced. Until the Europeans came in and caused all out genocide by placing different African groups (who hated each other) together against their will for labor purposes.THATS why africa is fucked up. Why are so many blacks criminals? Its funny you stupid white niggers, if you would just open your eyes, you would see the government has discriminated against blacks OPENLY ONLY 40 years ago!! Including government sanctioned lynchings. So no shit theirs gonna be a lot of poor blacks which leads to criminal activity. That's the way it is in every god damn country whose minority had been heavily discriminated against. What's the majority of poor people in Japan? Korean and Chinese. Why? Because the government had OPENLY discriminated against them not too long ago as well. Dec 4 1:46 AM UTC
me too (233)

I hate it when white people complain about the "race card". It's pathetic. Whenever they fuck up at life, they always blame everyone else but themselves. "OH I CANT GET A JOB DAMN NIGGERS/SPICS/JEWS/SANDNIGGERS" Grow the fuck up. The entire world does not revolve around you and your mouthbreather friends. Maybe if YOU would show some backbone and work hard and pull up your bootstraps like you tell everyone else EVERY SINGLE DAY, you wouldn't be crying about affirmative action. If you're mediocre, please don't blame other races for your lack of work ethic. As for White History Month, that's the remaining eleven months of the year. Please don't bring up BET. That channel is a fucking joke and was created by a pathetic self-hater and is now owned by Viacom, also known as the channel responsible for worthless, shitty, MTV. Before someone cries about Historically Black Colleges and Universities, those would not exist in the first place if it weren't for the blatant racism and discrimination in most major universities, but especially Ivy League universities. They may allow people of color now, but it's only because they have to. That being said, anyone can attend a HBCU. See, it's just that most white students don't because they foolishly assume that HBCU= NO WHITES ALLOWED. Oct 7 3:22 AM UTC
me too (195)

I hate that no matter what the situation, as soon as someone says anything negative about a black person, its automatically because they are black. We aren't that shallow. Aug 22 5:11 AM UTC
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