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I hate all you god dam politically corrupt commie-jew-nazi gay american arrogant bastard capitalist scum who employ this system of slavery to keep hard working people from the freedom they deserve. . . . . Some of us are tired of being judged based on our appearance & where we come from instead of where we are going.

- I hate Apr 10 5:33 PM UTC
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I HATE, PIPA (Senate 968) & SOPA (HR 3261)
Vote to Kill PIPA and SOPA.

Vote no fuckers!


Government sucks. Jan 19 4:00 AM UTC
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I hate obnoxious political zealots. The young and stupid democrats screaming about keeping laws off their bodies and out of their lives in the streets and the loud obnoxious old republicans barking about the evils of abortion and that God hates fags. Seriously, why can't they just shut up long enough to hear that their opponent is a PERSON who might actually have a POINT. I hate all the selfish people and their dang political agendas! Aug 22 11:43 PM UTC
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i hate politics in sports. I hate how coaches say the hardest working players will get to play. you know what? i ran my butt off day after day and i did not get to start on my baseball team. Yet, i know i could have easily done just as well as the other players. The coach just happens to play the players whose parents he is closest with. stupid politics in sports May 25 9:11 AM UTC
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I hate the mass hysteria surrounding rape because of the utter nonsense and outright lies that it is based on. The hysteria can be summarized as follows:

"Women and girls of the world, cower in fear of rape, for it is a worse crime than mass murder. Behind every tree, and under every rock, there is an erect penis that is ready to leap into your vaginas. Every man and boy is a rapist, and is guilty even if proven innocent."

Granted, there are a lot of men out there whose psychological profiles clearly make them guilty bastards who deserve to be buried beneath the jail, but most rape stories seriously need to be re-examined due to a few damning facts.

1. Rape is the #1 fantasy women have. Yes, it has been statistically proven, and to top it off, women ADMIT from their own mouths and online that they want to be fucked raw and inseminated by criminals and psychopaths.

2. 80% of rape cases are proven by the police and the courts to be false. Most of the phony cases either involve;

2a. The woman regretting having sex with an undesirable man such as an intellectual, eccentric, non-athlete, non-criminal, and otherwise "normal" man.

2b. The woman wanting more money to fund her shopping habits.

2c. The woman being in a spiteful and unpleasant mood due to menstrual cramps or whatever illogical bullshit was in her mind.

3. It has been scientifically proven that women orgasm better and conceive twice as many children when they have non-consensual sex.

4. Women are twisting the definition of rape out of proportion, turning it into "anything that a man does, including breathing in a woman's direction." For instance, sexual harassment is just another word for "visual and verbal rape," which is nothing more than compliments and approving glances that a man makes towards a woman.

Now it's clear why the Muslims decided long ago to kill any woman who even claimed to be raped. They simply could not decide whether she was genuinely raped or was simply giving in to her fantasy. Apr 20 4:37 PM UTC
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I hate that the two nimrods who crashed the White House party are now going to become celebrities. Instead of taking these two and quietly putting them in jail, they're already setting up interviews for TV shows to find out how they did it. What kind of message does that send to the world? 'Break the law. And you, too, could be famous.' Meanwhile Tiger Wood got into a car accident, injuring no one but himself. and is now being hounded by the press so they could find out the details so society can then determine if he still deserves his celebrity status. People are just nuts. Let people's private lives be private. If JFK ran for president today he'd never win. With all the public scrutiny of people's private lives, there's no way an adulterer would get past the primaries. Ironically this man is still heralded as one of the greatest presidents this country has ever had. How many other great ones are out there, and will remain unknown because of the twisted state of public scrutiny that dominates the US? And then we'll continue to wonder why we have no quality leadership and everybody lies. Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn would have been all over the tabloids had their thing gone down today. But back in the day the media still had some kind of class about itself. Sadly those days are gone. Nov 29 3:36 AM UTC
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I hate how fucking embarrasing our president is.

I hate being a citizen of my country.

I hate that the politician have fancy cars and my neighbours asks for something to eat every day.

I hate that i have to pay so much tax and the lives of the poor dont improve Oct 7 2:12 PM UTC
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I hate how when somebody has died in a way that gets in the news, the media will show that person's face on the news every day for the next week.

Typically it will go something like this. The news announcer will say, "Politicians continue to debate a possible ban on <whatever killed them> after the death of <face appears on screen>"

And there it is, that dead person is looking out of the screen at me yet again. Media will play with it as much as they can, especially if this person's death might be about to see a legal ban on, for example, a dangerous bred of dog, a very fast type of car, an unrestricted weapon or a new legal high. Whatever killed them.

This is especially annoying when the media seem to be pushing for a law chage that wil mean thanks to this twit, nobody can ever buy something like kung fu weapons again. Naturally some politician will see some votes in appearing on camera saying that caused this death should be banned at once. So now the media are driving law changes!

So come on news media. I am sick of the sight of that dead face looking out of the screen at me. A person has died. Enough already! Mar 23 7:40 AM UTC
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I hate biases it really just brings me down for example, people vote one party or the other without looking at the canadate, just red or blue, THAT is why we are in the shit hole people Oct 14 4:03 PM UTC
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I hate that I was told just resently that your not supposed to bring up religion or politics into a converstation. Fuck that, thats how I start my converstation, it's a real ice breaker & gets the conversation going, so what if someone gets offended? I don't give a shit Sep 30 10:25 PM UTC
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