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I hate that all my life I have received everything I have ever wanted from my parents. I'm not prepared for the real world and I'm almost 26. I've never had to work for anything. It has damaged me. Jun 18 2:57 AM UTC
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I hate cancer. I hate that cancer took away my dad. I hate when my friends complain about how much they hate their parents because they should fell lucky to have a dad. I hate how jealous I feel when I see my friends with their dads. I hate how tonight at my school there is a father daughter dance. I hate that I have to go because I am on student council. I hate that everyone will be dancing with their fathers to my dads favorite song and I will sit there, all alone. Dec 29 8:20 PM UTC
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I hate parents name their kids with their names. Knock it off, it's not fair for the kids. Let them have their own. They're not your clones. morons... Sep 30 10:12 AM UTC
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I hate people who breed irresponsibly. I saw some 500lbs woman on TV wanting to be the fattest woman alive at 1000lbs, and that both she and her husband love her fat and how she didn't care about her obesity and developing serious health problems. That's horrible enough, but, "live and let live". What kills me is that she had recently given birth to a child. Thanks to this waste of space woman, an innocent child will have to face unnecessary obstacles like bullying, diabetes, and maybe witnessing losing her mother!

Then, I watched a TV court case about a couple that had a baby diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, not knowing they were both carriers of that gene. Nothing could be done about that, so, fine. BUT even after being advised by the doctor that any other kid they have after the first WILL also suffer from CF, they had ANOTHER child! This is a serious and terminal disease!

Goddamn you! THIS is why most genetic diseases exist! Why would you deliberately hinder a child's quality of life by your lack of judgement and common sense?! Dumb single moms and girls who give their kids "unique" names are just as guilty. Well, all parents in general are selfish. Every single reason why people breed is selfish. I hate you people so much... Mar 7 2:00 AM UTC
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I hate how its aparently MY responsibility to tell on my friends who are drinking. I can't stop them, and if I told theyd just hate me. Let the parents catch their own darling angels, not me. Nov 24 3:07 AM UTC
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To be honest, when I read what kids write here about their "fucking" parents I'm glad to not have them at all. Nov 21 11:47 AM UTC
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I hate how no one uses cutlery properly! When I was little my parents taught me how to hold them (base of the utensil in the palm of the hand, index finger extended along the back, other fingers gripping the underside of the handle) and I never anyone would be so stupid as to use them any differently. I mean its way more efficient to use them right rather than stabbing at your food with a knife and fork held in your uneducated slobby fists. When I eat dinner with a friend for the first time It makes me sick to watch them pathetically try to cut and scoop food into their mouths in various incorrect, ineffecient (though creative) ways. Yet again I am dissapointed that here is another person I'll never be able to truly respect. I lose even more respect for their lazy useless parents. In fact its the one criterion for a girlfriend I'd never back down on. It just fills me with so much hate! Jul 26 11:46 PM UTC
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i hate politics in sports. I hate how coaches say the hardest working players will get to play. you know what? i ran my butt off day after day and i did not get to start on my baseball team. Yet, i know i could have easily done just as well as the other players. The coach just happens to play the players whose parents he is closest with. stupid politics in sports May 25 9:11 AM UTC
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I'm in college now, and this should be all over for me; I should be able to move on and enjoy my life, but my parents keep ruining it. Neither my mother or my father have ever been actual parents to me. My mother had past drug prescription problems, and my father was an alcoholic manipulative dick.

I fucking hate both of them. They divorced when I was around five but insisted on dragging me in the middle, and I've had to put up with so much shit that it's been fucking legendary. Over the years, all the things I could never do because they selfishly mismanaged money has really affected me. I could never go on outings with my friends, I rarely ever got the things I actually needed, and most of all beyond money, I never got any actual support from either.

My father remarried when I was around seven and let the bitch that was my stepmother yell and cuss and generally emotionally abuse me until she told me to get the fuck out of her. The irony? Out of all of her kids, I was the only ONE, her non-biological child, to give a fuck about her welfare after her MS set in.

Meanwhile, my own mother is too busy being with her friends, drinking, smoking marijuana, and gambling to give a fuck about me. We'd go without food and a car for fucking ages because she'd spend her money on unimportant shit. I know she went through a lot of problems with my dad in her marriage- he whored around rampantly and really, pretty much turned me against her, but really it didn't take much. I hate how both of my parents always try to twist and turn and manipulate how I feel; they always send me on fucking guilt trips but have never given me the love and support I've needed.

Now I'm nineteen. My senior year royally imploded because my father contracted an STD of some sort and insisted on buying a mail-order bride because no one in our city was willing to sleep with him any longer. He goes ballistic over this whore insisting I put her above my own mother, and on the flip side my mom and I start to actually get involved in each other's lives again. My childhood has really been one long convoluted story of being stretched and pulled...So, I'm somewhere between forgiving my mother, and my dad goes off the fucking deep end, sometime last month he attacked me, like attempted to strangle me, for me addressing how he treats me. I blacked his eye and ran for the door, but things haven't been much better with my mother either now.

I live in a dorm- thank god, but she constantly fucks up money, and then runs over to me to bail her out. What little fucking money I do have, I need! So, I give her money- sometimes my every last cent, and she swears it's going to her rent or getting our car fixed, but then I call her up...and where the fuck is she? Out gambling...

Then she'll call me all depressed the next few days later, and say how I don't do anything for her, how bad a daughter I am, and how irresponsible I am when I'm living on ramen noodles and fruit cups because I just gave you my last dollar which you gambled away. And this is rich, whenever she gets money... Guess where it goes? She'll give it my older sister, who has a job and is equally irresponsible rather than paying me back. She'll fucking give money away to people at the casino to play and insists I play too, and gets mad if I just want to you know pocket the money for a rainy day instead... My sister is a bitch I can't stand too. She's easily pushing 300 lbs and has two kids with this greasy fuck who's always on and off again employed. She's always criticising me and being such a diva and acting like I get special treatment when the money I struggle to keep, my mother literally hands to her so she go out eat like a fucking pig with her fat family.

I can't fucking stomach either of my parents.
My Dad is a physically and emotionally abusive ass-hole who while I struggled to get the money to go to college, getting scholarships and grants, sends thousands of dollars overseas to whores. My mother refuses to get a job and insists on sponging on what little I have, and she's just as emotionally abusive. I'm a nearly straight A student...I've been that way since fucking high-school, and I'm the only one in my entire god-damn family with a modicum of responsibility, and it makes me fucking sick how my parents are such huge absolute zeroes in my life. May 4 12:01 AM UTC
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I hate that I found a cut up straw with coke in my pocket. I hate that I know it's my mom's and she was wearing this jacket earlier. I hate that my mom tells me never to do drugs when she is always smoking pot in the bathroom. I hate that she ignores that my sister is practically dropping out of school. I hate that she ignores that my brother is selling pot and drinking in his locked bedroom. I hate that when something goes wrong with them she acts like I'm her confidant and tells me she doesn't know what she did wrong. I hate that when I told her she needed to stop my sister before she gets into trouble with the school, she ignored me and then the school SARTed her for not attending her classes. I hate the way I feel like I have to be responsible because my parents don't act like parents. Mar 6 8:55 PM UTC
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