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i hate facebook & myspace because you can delete people as your friends. i wish life was like that. i would delete all of those sorts of folk. Nov 28 10:53 PM UTC
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I hate that the internet is used for so much useless, mindless junk. There's nothing wrong with using your downtime to have a little fun, but when you have to update your status every five minutes to tell the world that you just walked across the floor, it's just sad. When family, work, and home is being compromised for the sake of surfing the 'net and social networking, then there's a real problem Jul 15 12:19 PM UTC
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I hate that just then as I was typing "myself", I typed "myspace" instead. It was a horrible moment; I realised that myspace has possession my soul. May 31 7:10 AM UTC
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i hate when people on myspace feel the need to post a bulletin to just a certain person. . . IF U WANNA FUCKIN TALK TO ONE PERSON SEND THEM A MESSAGE DONT POST A FUCKING BULLETIN FOR EVERYONE TO READ. . . thats want the little box on the persons page that says MESSAGE is for! Mar 1 7:17 AM UTC
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I hate being hateful it's not something I want to hide, talk about, or admit to myself or anyone else. Just saying the word is disgusting to me and very depressing. I hate myself for being hateful in any manner.

I hate facebook and myspace. Most people's profile's are false and are used to get attention in the wrong way. Sometimes they add "friends" only to outbeat someone elses friend list. Most people that are not worth remembering or people whom want to catch up with you, find you on those stupid socialnetworks.

I hate stereotypes. In highschool everyone has to be put in a category or labeled in some sort of matter. Some of those groups almost boast the stereotypical image placed on them as if it is a GOOD thing when it is NOT. If you don't fit in any group you become an outcast and oddball just because you are ABERRANT. Being able to have various opinions and interests should be judged favorably not CONDEMED!

I hate college sometimes. Why do I have to pay so fucken much to become something that will benefit others in the future? Some colleges overseas are FREE. In America it isn't. When I registered for classes and filled out my forms, I had NO ONE to help me with it. (My mom afterall never went to college or anyone else in my family) I had to figure it out on my OWN. I wait for hours in line for advice on payment plans, recomended classes, etc. only for you people to tell me "You can find more information online on our school website or your student account" Other than my classes, is this where the thousands of dollars I had to borrow being used for? What kind of service do you even PROVIDE if any? I even went to your student Counseling and Psychological Services when I felt overwheled, stressed, depressed, and needed help. All you did was interview me and suggest what kind of counseling I may need. You have FAILED to call me back or set up an appointment with me since two weeks ago. I hate how hard it is to make any friends or form a study group becuase everyone has their own cliques and there is no "room" for you. No wonder there is a large amount of college students suffering from depression, commiting suicide, and shooting up their schools.

I HATE the ARMY. People get deformed, handicap, or die. I've always hated war and always will becuase it is the cause of mans inability for tolerance and greedy hearts. I hate guns with a passion too and the army has a shitload of them, including nuclear weapons and other things used to KILL PEOPLE. FACTS: Over 2,000 American soldiers have been killed in Iraq, and over 14,000 have been wounded. Nearly 100,000 civilians have been killed in Iraq as a result of the U.S. invasion. One in six soldiers returning from Iraq experiences mental health problems. 60 percent of all recruits receive no college funding from the military, and only 15 percent who do graduate with a four-year degree. According to the VA, 90 percent of recent women veterans reported experiencing sexual harassment; a third of those were raped.
I support our troops but I DONT SUPPORT the DAM GOVERNMENT or ARMY recruiters who brainwashed you. Unlce sam I WANT YOU to shut the hell up.

I hate OUR GOVERNMENT in general. We can spend millions of dollars sending soilders out to their deaths and to spread death, but we don't spend enough to help people. Don't you ever watch on tv the starving children and families in need of help? How about Africa's mass genocides? Only small organizations try to do what they can to help but they don't get much aid from OUR GOVERNEMT. People in our OWN COUNTRY need assistance too with medical care, housing, schools, etc. but our government is a sly con artist who likes to play the part but then leaves you with empty promises. Why do we illegaly invade other countries only to start a freakin war and not OFFER AID to countries that actually need some help? NOT ALL but many American's in general are selfish and could care less about the soilders who die for them, the retired veterans who now live on the street, or the people in desperate need overseas or right in their own neighborhoods! God bless America.

I hate my friends sometimes. I especially have begun to loath my best friend. Why do you people come to me for advice and want me to NOT tell you what you SHOULD HEAR? Do you expect me to always sugar coat it for you and give you a pat on the back saying "It's going to be okay" when I know for sure it's not if YOU DONT CHANGE. I am not perfect myself but I know how to work towards improving myself and not repeat the same mistakes over and over again. You people have put me through alot of stress becuase you begged for attention and solace from me. I loved you guys so much that I sacrificed and given you all I could to possibly help you. What have you done for me? You have left me empty and hurt because of your actions. You especially my dear best friend. I thought when in highschool the whole drinking, smoking, and guy getting in between us drama was over. I forgave you for abandoning me for that jerk of a boyfriend who bullied me and groped me on many occasions. I knew of your low self-esteem, emotional pain, and sexual abuse and wanted you to make mistakes so you can learn from them. You knew what you are doing wrong, and were changing for the better UNTIL you met Justin. When I needed you the most, you weren't there for me, so I turned to my two other good friends. Too bad they all rather focus on themselves and are too much in a bad shape just like you to help me anyways.

I do NOT hate my family but I do hate my 17 old sister and mother. I however LOVE my younger siblings unconditionally. Cat, I was always there for you when we were younger, don't you remember? Who was the one who got beaten up by your bullies and did major damage to them as well? Who told you bedtime stories and sold her toys to buy you candy? Who told you that no matter what she would ALWAYS LOVE YOU? Thats right Cat. ME. Have you forgotten? You must have because when you lied, steal, and betrayed me on so many levels it was like a knife to my heart. I forgave you when you went out with that asshole Mark and believed every word HE SAID. He talked shit about me and my friends when you weren't around and when I told you of this, you took his word over mines. I forgave you for stealing my 18th birthday money which was around $235 which you can spent on your friends, boyfriend, new shoes, clothes, etc. becuase you did afterall get me a very much needed new backpack for school at least and seemed so VERY SORRY. When you lied to mom about going to your friend's house and instead went to a concert or who knows where, guess who covered for you? I HATE YOU so much for being a hypocrite and the person who tore me up inside the most. You always talked about how stupid teenagers were for doing drugs, having sex, acting like posers, etc. when you my dear sister did ALL those things behind everyone's back. I found out the hard way by getting that information from our cousin and seeing all those dirty texts on your phone and people you talk to. I told mom, it broke her heart and your excuse was "I was just curious". Mom hated herself because of YOUR actions, she felt she was NOT A GOOD MOM when she has always sacrificed for us just to keep us together and off the streets. Mom wanted to die becuase of you, and yelled at me because she felt since we were so "close" I had always known of your secret life and should have done something about it. The fact is, you were never open to me, I was always open to you. If you had ever felt alone, angry, or sad I was always there for you when you needed me, but you instead turned to other people who could care less about you. I hate you Mom becuase you are so engulfed in grief and self pity that you could not see how your constant yelling, crying, and suicidal thinking is affecting little Ricky, Tyler, and Candy. They cry alot and witness your arguments with Cat and me. When they want to hug or comfort you, you turn away and wish to be alone. I hate you for pushing them away, they need you and want to cry with you. Don't let them get the idea that handling shit on your own is the best thing to do. I hate having to always be everyone's dam support beam, I have to suppress so much for the sake of you all. I don't have that power to keep everything intact for you when I am just as broken and vulunerable to life's hardships.

I hate the devil, becuase it is he who I blame for all this crap that is happening in my life. I was always content with what little I had and the family I come home to. My friends weren't perfect but always made me smile. Now my world is falling apart and I BLAME YOU MR.DEVIL. You're a bastard that tares down the good in people. I don't want to be be broken or succumb to my weaknesses. I still love my life even if it's shit now, becuase I have hope things have to get better even if takes a while. Someday I wont have this hate anymore. Feb 22 10:08 AM UTC
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I h8 ppl hu typ lyk dis
Or When They Capitalise Every Damn Word
orrrr whennnn theyyy dooooo thissssss
mOsT Of AlL, i HaTe ThIs

As a conclusion, please type like a normal human being and not some retarded juvenile who skipped 5th grade. Feb 9 12:53 PM UTC
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I hate that myspace only has a "proud parent" option for people who have kids. Some people aren't proud of the face that they knocked some bitch up in high school...they should have an "I've made some mistakes" option as well.
Unwanted kids are nothing to be proud of. Sep 11 2:56 PM UTC
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i hate Tom on myspeace, just because I do, he sucks, I don't even have a myspace but he's crappy anyway.
i hate my friends that think i'm weird because i make dumb jokes sometimes so they just smile and nod and ignore me. i hate people that ignore me sooo much. yeah, i know i'm a little strange, but i'm mostly cool, you don't have the right to judge me like that.
i love that masterhater actually reads messages on hatebook before he posts them, because it makes me feel special. Aug 24 5:13 PM UTC
Masterhater says: Yeah Tom, take that! I want to see you go read everyone's myspace page.
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i hate how the only guys that add me on myspace are the ones way older than me because my dumbass put my age to 19 so i didn't have to have my page private. i hate how these dumbasses dont read the very top of my page where it says I GO TO CPHS AND AM A SOPHMORE!!!! noo not sophmore in college you stupid pricks HIGHSCHOOL!! do you not know what hs stands for?? i hate how they think i look alot older than i am just because of my boob size. i cant believe one prick even told me "oh well its not my fault you look alot more DEVELOPED than for someone thats 15". well if you would learn how to read instead of looking at my boobs thinking about how nice it would be to have my shirt off we wouldnt have this problem and you wouldnt be scared that i would call the cops for hitting on an underage girl. Nov 11 5:57 PM UTC
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i hate how every conversation i have online goes like this:
person 1) hey what's up?
person 2) not much just chillen you?
person 1) same. hangin with some friends.
person 2)sweeett
person 1) yeahh
person 2) lol Oct 23 6:33 PM UTC
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