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What does it mean to have a "good taste in music?" I hate how some music makes you a "stupid tweenager" and some music makes you be perceived as a "mature" person.
Music is music, sounds that are pleasing to a person's ear. Whether it be justin bieber, bach's concerto in D minor, phantom of the opera, or the beatles, you should be able to listen to what you want to. Listening to indie/classical music doesn't make you a more mature person than someone who listens to pop. I hate the stupid hierarchy. Just enjoy the music you like! May 23 12:47 AM UTC
me too (27)

I hate musicians.
And nothing is worse than the lead singer/guitarist of a punk band.
We all know these stereotypes about musicians:
That they are intelligent(true), creative(true), funny(true), charming(true), rebellious(true) and amazing in bed(probably but not evidently true)
But we also know those really bad clichés:
That they are unreliable(for God's sake, yes), complicated(yes!) and at least addicted to one dependence causing substance(Hell, yes)
But the most frustrating truth about musicians is that they'll never love anyone as much as their music, if they ever love anyone at all.
And I hate that I had to try to win a musician's heart to figure this out. Jan 16 11:55 PM UTC
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I hate going onto YouTube, looking for a song, and all I cab find is a hundred versions of some tween sitting in front of a camera with a guitar singing their own 'cover' version of the song.


If I wanted to see some goofy kid hopeful sing the song in their bathroom, that's what I would have searched for!!! Argh! So frustrating!!

I also hate when you're trying to search for the original version of a song and if it isn't all crappy kids on guitars, all you can find are the live versions which aren't as good. I wish there was a better damn filter!! Sep 29 9:43 PM UTC
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I hate, hate, hate and a million more times hate Rhianna. She sings about dirty things and all young children think its cool to go around singing her songs about whips, chains and men with big dicks.
No wonder their is a lot of teenage pregnacy, with her and also, Kesha going around like a couple of slappers. Half dressed and singing songs about having sex.
And the pop music videos today, most of them are worse than porn videos.
Then, people who listen to pop always say rock and metal have bad influences on people. Well I don't see the likes of Metallica, Black Veil Brides or Kings of Leon stripping half nacked and singing about sex, do I? Aug 9 10:57 AM UTC
Masterhater says: hmmm, other than the good old "sex is on fire" bit.
me too (230)

I hate that when I was 18 I fell in love with a member of a band I used to really like.
I hate how he started talking to me first and made me feel special, I hate that he spent months and months winning my trust and friendship, he spent months flirting with me then about a week before I was to meet him at a gig he told me he loved me and wanted to be with me.

I can't believe I fell for it all thinking I was about to date one of the guys in one of my favourite bands.

Then at the gig I ended up sleeping with him cos I trusted him an the next day he'd disaprared and wouldn't answer my calls or texts, He ruined the whole damn festival for me.

I really hate that a month after he had the nerve to talk to me, and get angry at me accusing ME of dissapearing!.

I hate that now 4 years later I still think that guy is an asshole.
I hate that I still like the music.
But every time I listen to them it makes me think of how I got used by that one asshole, and because of that one asshole I'm scared of dating musicians famous or not because end of the day, what they say about musicians all being users,liars and cheats proved to be true. Feb 4 11:52 AM UTC
me too (72)

I hate when famous musicians write songs about peoples struggles with poverty and living in the streets. As if they had any idea what that's like! They have cushy lives and never have to worry about money. Sep 12 1:31 AM UTC
me too (146)

I hate it when people play a song repeatedly. That's one way to fuck up an otherwise good song. I don't want to hear the same thing being played 200 times today, just because it's cool! That's fucking lunacy! After listening to any song for the 7th time in a row, I end up wanting to cram the radio into the offender's ears so that they can listen to repeats of teir favourite song without disturbing the rest of the world. Jul 6 11:30 AM UTC
me too (177)

I hate it when I recommend music to you. Why? Well, here's what happens. I send you a track that is fairly unknown, you listen to it (or at least pretend to), and give some kind of response. Three or four months later, after the track is commercial and everyone has heard of it, you post it on your social networks, announcing that you've "discovered" this great new music. Look, I don't care about being the first one to listen to music, or being the one who got you into whatever, or looking cool. I just wish you'd have the courtesy to care about what I have to say and at least remember some of the things I say to you. Apr 15 4:02 AM UTC
me too (211)

I hate popular Christmas songs. I hate that when Christmas comes we have to endure the same old tedious music that gets played every SINGLE fucking Christmas without fail (and I've got a few years on me). Don't people get sick of 'em? Is it just me? Am I just another miserable Ebeneezer Scroogey type of person who hates the Christmas spirit? I don't really hate Christmas per se - but the music aspect is just something that's really begun to annoy the hell outta me. My brain is already hurting in anticipation of Christmas rolling around again and being lambasted with the eternal Christmas 'favourites'.

I hate it even more that you get these awful Christmas covers CDs/compilations that your parents/grandparents love and play when the family get together. I mean ... just ... UGH!! "Destiny's Child sings Christmas Carols"?? Ummm no. Oct 2 4:05 PM UTC
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I really hate it when people who are tone-deaf sing along to songs out loud. If I were president of the United States, I'd pass a law saying that tone-deaf people can't sing out loud in public. Seriously, nobody wants to hear you! I'm sure the original artist of whatever song it is you're "singing" is either turning in his/her grave (if dead) or having her ears ring or butt itch (if alive) because they know their song is being butchered! People who can't carry a tune should keep their mouth shut! Jun 8 2:46 PM UTC
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