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I hate that i cant explain to my freinds and family what i do all day because it's illegal , I hate that when people ask what i do all day i have to say watch tv or played video games cause i was secretly running around selling weed, i hate that if i get caught i will goto jail, i hate that i'm so good at it and i cant even tell my family or anyone because i will goto jail, i hate that on paper i have no work experience even i've been doing a job for 10 years that requires more sales knowledge and street smarts then any job at a retail outlit... it takes just as smart a brain to make a crooked million as it does an honest one, i hate that people think i'm a scum bag for selling something that grows naturally on earth and assume i'm in a gang or am violent, i hate that even though i make good money i cant get a mortgage or car loan without lying or going to elaborate measures... i hate that i get massive paranoia about getting busted, i hate that i'm getting nervious about posting this because i think some how some way they can trace my ip.address... i hate that i love the job so much and that i get so bored at regular jobs....i hate that i will probably do this for the rest of my life Jan 24 10:11 AM UTC
Masterhater says: What kind of paranoia weed are you smoking? Go run a few tons of cocaine from Colombia or something THEN we can talk about tracking your IP and getting all DEA on ya.
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I hate money. It is the most intricate scam ever devised and the people that control it have an undeniable amount of influence in your life. Success is not about getting an education or having a good job, its about learning how to manipulate money. This means that working hard with a purpose and passion can only get you so far without learning how to manipulate money in your favor. If you fail to acquire this skill your money will be stolen by those who possess it. They are called banks. They are not your friends or your allies and they are not here to help you in anyway. Think about it. They take your money. The only way the can make money is by taking money and loaning it out at interest. So in essence you pay a bank sometimes twice to three times the purchase price of an item and you allow them to use your money to do the same to others. What a scam. I hope they all burn in hell. Jun 21 5:39 PM UTC
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I hate that there are so many lost or troubled souls in this world that I will never be able to contact. so many of you seem like you need a friend. I know I do. most of us hate humanity. but why hate ALL of it? I don't hate you lot. in my darkest times I have found comfort knowing I'm not the only one on the planet who feels such pain. while all these rich fuckheads like orange county housewives have no more pain than squeezing feet into some ridiculous shoes or being late for a party etc. fuck off. some people don't have the blessing of money. you're plastic. try a dose of real emotion or fiscal problems. or kindly shove that diamond up your arse and stem that flow of bullshit.
sorry sidetracked ;)
anyway, I LOVE all those who have posted on this site. ;) Apr 22 4:18 PM UTC
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I hate when I tell people I want to major in art and they just stare at me like, "Wow, what a waste of time." My friend's mom (who basically gave my friend the option of doctor or engineer, and brainwashed her into thinking that's really what she wants to be) was talking to me once and asked what I wanted to major in. I said probably graphic design or something art related. She was completely silent. She later told my friend, "She has so much potential, I don't know why she would want to major in art." Well, fuck that! Just because I take honors and APs and have over a 4.0 doesn't mean I want to become a fucking doctor just so I can get rich. I just find doing well in school rewarding. Art is what I really want to do and people don't understand that an artist is behind nearly everything you buy or use every day. I'm not going to art school to waste my time, I'm doing it so I can have a job I enjoy and don't regret wasting four years on something I actually hated. Sep 14 2:10 AM UTC
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I hate it when the warning signs are there and I know better than to ignore them and I do something I shouldn't anyway.

Recently a person I had been friends with for over 20 years came to our house and begged us to lend him money. He told us it was to pay a builder who was coming to rip the renovations he had done to the friend's daughter's bedroom out if the builder wasn't paid. My friend assured us that the bank loan to pay the builder was approved, just held up for a few weeks and the builder needed to be paid now.

The two obvious warning signs we missed were that he had already borrowed small amount from us a month earlier and not paid us back. The other one as that he was desperate, he needed that money right NOW!

I let him have the money and told him that he was to settle all debts with us by the end of the month without fail. I turned out that he actually wanted the money to try and prop up his business. The business has since collapsed and he cannot pay us back. The came to our house knowing we were saving to buy a property and he was prepared to say whatever he needed to con us out of as much of our cash as he could.

I've known him since the 80's and met him through church. He was hardly some guy I met in a bar last week so I glossed over the two warning signs, even though in hindsight, it was obvious all was not well with him. Aug 21 12:24 AM UTC
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I hate it when clients ask me to handle trivial amounts of money. I just had an enquiry about a rental property that got transfered to a client's account by accident for an hour. I explained to him that it was a mistake that was reversed an hour later. The computer system isn't set up to handle transfers of less than a day, so although it appeared on his monthly report, he didn't get a credit for it. Next thing, he wants to know how much rent he should have gotten. The rent came to $1.67. I pointed out that as the computer won't do it as part of the monthly rent cycle, it would have to be a manual credit note and obviously not worth worrying about.

Hell no! He wanted his $1.67 and asks for a credit note. I had to write it out, get the CEO to authorise it and sent it to the secretary for a cheque to be written out and posted.

I have now put a motion forward that next years rental contracts will include a clause that we will not credit amounts under $50.00 and there may be a handling fee. All this plus the stream of emails and phone calls for $1.67 ($1.88 inc tax).

Get a life people. We have better things to do here. I write out cheques for millions where I work. This is a total waste of time! Jul 15 7:03 AM UTC
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I hate how casinos rig their slot machines to make you lose all of your money. You spin the reels numerous times and you win just enough credits to hope that the next spin will give you more money. You end up spending hours, or if you're unfortunate, minutes, getting near-misses (Jackpot, Jackpot, Fuck), useless combinations (Bar, Jackpot, Fuck), and bonus spins where you really don't win a thing (Click here! Whoops! Shoulda Clicked Over There Instead! Oh Well.). The more eye candy and catchy music the slot machine has, the more frustrating it is when you play it. The casinos and their media shills call these features "added entertainment," but really, whether the slot machine is the old One Arm Bandit or the Super Win-o-Matic 4000, it's still no fun to leave the machine with less than what you put in. If only I was able to mentally hack into the slot machine computer systems, and manipulate the random programming systems to get the winning numbers I want. I also can't just pry the slot machines open and get my money back, because the casinos literally stick surveilence cameras up your ass, and will send their goons to "teach you a lesson". Damn the casino mafia and their psychological games! Apr 16 5:39 PM UTC
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I hate gourmet food because rich idiots use it as an excuse to justify being born with silver spoons up their asses. When you look at the way gourmet food is made, there *really* is no difference whether an onion was;

(a) nurtured in the cool breezes of the Swiss Alps, plucked from the ground at the first full moon of autumn to guarantee the firmest textures, dried under the shade of ancient old growth spruce trees until the sweetness is just right, and graded by professional vegetable sorters, or
(b) grown in the back yard of your house, and plucked whenever you need something to cook dinner with.

And the pathetic thing about rich folks is that they would *actually* pay 20 times as much for a fucking onion imported from Switzerland than just showing their faces at the local grocery shop, just because the onion is "gourmet".

Since these rich snobs would fall for anything, even buying useless crap, to prove that they are above us, I propose that if we want to get our money back from them, all we have to do is sell "gourmet" food. It's quite simple to explain. Cheese batch smells like a sewer because you cured it with the wrong bacterial strain? Just sell it as gourmet food! Got a new tomato variety that won't be bought by supermarkets because it bruises too easily? Just sell it as gourmet food! Want to open up a restaurant in another part of the world? Just sell what you make as gourmet food (it sure worked for McDonald's and KFC when they went to Africa and Asia). Just sell your reject food as "gourmet" and I guarantee you that you too will be rich enough to snob over gourmet food yourself! Apr 16 2:32 PM UTC
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I hate how poor African workers are slaving in diamond mines every day to barely get by, dying by the wagonloads, just so ignorant, materialistic women in the West can have freaking sparkly jewelry.

"Here's your diamond ring, honey. It costed $7500 and 11 African lives."

And I hate the women who won't marry guys just because they can't afford a ring. Mar 29 7:36 AM UTC
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I hate that feeling of impending doom when you realize you've lost your wallet (which, by the way, is what I did today) and also coming to the unfortunate realization that somebody probably stole it and there's no chance of getting it back.

I feel utterly shitastic as of now. Feb 23 7:56 PM UTC
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