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i hate to say that when i say i want commitment - i mean that i don't want him to sleep with anyone else. i hate that he is why i am single. i hate that its not completely his fault and that i can't be around him when he is seeing other women, beyond friendship. i know that this is just insecurity, because i am not actually with him. i hate that i cannot get close to anyone and that i back off from all my other male friends over it. Sep 19 8:39 PM UTC
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I hate that men are so visually-oriented that they think anything that comes out of a pretty woman is fascinating (even when it's stupid). Aug 7 12:08 PM UTC
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I hate this so-called "Game Theory" which has been peedled by sociopaths and lapped up by females throughout the dating scene. You know, the theory that categorizes men as Alphas (natural born sociopath, or the top 10% of men who get sex without even trying) and Betas (the rest of the men). Whilst it's true that 90% of women will seek out the top 10% of men for sex, Game Theory pretty much reduces men to nothing more than walking penises (Alphas) or walking wallets/cuckolds (Betas), whose sole existence is to be used and thrown aside like a disposable dish rag when the women are bored. The mind, which is instrumental in creating the technology, inventions, and improvements that the sociopaths take for granted means absolutely nothing here. It's amazing how we humans actually made it beyond the Stone Age with "Game Theory." Did the sociopaths decide, "Let's give those Beta geeks a chance to reproduce because we can't think beyond our dicks anyway, and we could use new spears or domesticated animals, or brick houses."

what I also hate about Game Theory is that is is basically dysgenic, Whilst it gives women the power to choose which genes pass between their legs, history has, sadly, proven beyond a shadow of doubt that women suck at making choices. The men who are most likely to advance human civilization are placed at the bottom of the totem pole, actively shunned (unless the Beta has money, which means women will only be stringing him along for his possessions, but still fuck the Alpha thoroughly on the side), and at worst, most men will never live to pass on their genes. Perhaps Game theory can accurately explain why Greece, Egypt, and Rome all collapsed just a few generations after women were given power, why the Middle Easteners eventually punished their women harshly via Islam, and why Europe followed suit by going Medieval. Apr 6 7:10 AM UTC
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I hate not being able to communicate with you fully. I hate this language barrier. I wish I knew more of your language so I could communicate with you and avoid so much embarrassment. I hate freezing up and getting confused with the most simple things. I hate feeling inadequate... Apr 20 6:43 AM UTC
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I hate that I have had to ask more than 1 of my ex-boyfriends to please have sex with me.
I hate that after we've had sex once and he's had time to recover that he doesn't want to go again. Are you a man or not? Are you straight or not?
I hate constantly hearing Spanish and Chinese on a daily basis. I hate feeling like I'm in a damn foreign country in my own country every second. If people want to come to this country they need to immigrate here legally, pay taxes and speak English like every other moron has had too since 17-fucking-76! Apr 16 6:02 AM UTC
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I hate that I can never love the men who are good to me and really want me. I hate that in theory I am falling for an intelligent, responsible man with a great sense of humor, a progressive view of women, and who treats me like better than any man before. But in reality I am falling for the idea of him and the thought of actually kissing him repulses me.

I hate that I always fall for real for the potheads with too many bracelets and campfire smells. They're the ones who have beautiful things to say but will always treat me like shit in the end.

I hate that as hard as I try I can't control any of this. Jan 21 12:09 AM UTC
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I hate sleazy old guys. I work at a convenience store and I hate it when some wrinkled old guy comes to my workplace smelling like he's been swimming in beer and winks an eye and smirks and thinks it's somehow cute or appealing or anything else than sleazy and disgusting and slightly nightmare-inducing. Oct 24 12:17 AM UTC
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I hate "nice guys". Whats nice about hanging around a woman, dishonestly play-acting at friendship when you're really hoping she'll miraculously forget she isn't attracted to you and throw herself on your cock?

Why do you think you have the right to complain that "women only likes assholes" when you are an asshole too? Your real problem is that you're just not a particularly attractive asshole. Oct 16 8:38 PM UTC
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I hate the common modern day practice of financing engagement rings. An engagement ring is supposed to cost a certain portion of a man's yearly salary, and thus be a representation of his ablity to support a wife. There was a time when a woman finding out that an engagement ring was not paid for was grounds for divorce, as it constituted fraud. Nowadays, rings are financed out the wazoo. When a couple marries, their debt is combined. Essentially a woman ends up paying for her own damned engagement ring. Why this is tolerated, I just don't understand. Sep 24 10:31 PM UTC
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I hate how men are always questioning whether or not they are "real men". They make up little stupid games and arbitrary rules to determine who is or is not a "real" man. What the hell? Where does this confusion come from?
Well, it's OK, Sweetie, I'm here for you. Don't be scared, I'm here and we'll go through this step-by-step.
1) Take a deep breath and let it out.
2) Undo your pants and pull them down, baring your loins.
3) Take another deep breath.
4) Let it out slowly as you allow your gaze to drop to your bared pubic area. Easy, easy now. Don't panic.
5) Remain calm and detached. Observe carefully the general features of the area.
6) I what you see is a horrible tubelike, inside-out vagina thingy dangling off the front of your groin, then congratulations! You really are a real man!
7) If you see the horrible tubelike, inside-out vagina thingy and still aren't sure whether it means you're a man or not, then do us all a favor and go jump off a bridge. Sep 24 7:43 PM UTC
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