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- Masterhater

What if Masterhater is just cleverbot in disguise?
I beat cleverbot twice today! I hate that no one cares Jun 1 3:30 AM UTC
Masterhater says: The younger bastard sibling of Siri actually...not as helpful and only slightly less annoying.
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Dear Master Hater,


Everybody assumes you are a boy, and honestly it doesn't effect me either way, because I have two options. If you are a Guy-marry me, if you are a girl just be my best friend. So..Which one Hater? Aug 29 12:33 AM UTC
Masterhater says: Dear Ahem, ;)
me too (18)

I hate not speaking to Masterhater. >:c Hello sir, how the fuck are 'ya?! Aug 13 1:10 AM UTC
Masterhater says: Oh, you know how it goes. Another day in paradise.
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I hate that I think this website is absolutely, ridiculously hilarious, though it's built on hate. I mean, seriously, 'ihateyou@hatebook.com'? I find it funny for some reason.

Is Masterhater some sort of evil genius, but a humorous/bad one, like Dr Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb? Jun 2 1:52 PM UTC
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I hate all you god dam politically corrupt commie-jew-nazi gay american arrogant bastard capitalist scum who employ this system of slavery to keep hard working people from the freedom they deserve. . . . . Some of us are tired of being judged based on our appearance & where we come from instead of where we are going.

- I hate Apr 10 5:33 PM UTC
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Someone on here made a post saying that hatebook has become depressing when in actuality, it's always(in a way) was already depressing since it's been full of hate from the start. I really don't mean to pick at you, if you're reading this, but this website is called HATEbook for a reason. So of course you are not only going to see a hate post about paving slabs, hole punches or daisies. Just because you may not be able to relate to a "depressing" hate post does not mean it's tedious or whatever. Well, for you it may be, but a hate post as the one you describe, may be boring to the next person as well. Who cares?! Don't read it then. Again, I don't mean to be rude or to attack you and any other, I'm just simply stating.

Also, its really funny because I can bet you all that half the people who 'me too'd' that post also posted about fat/ugly/emo/having no friends/partner/hating their friends/partner either before or after things happened to them. I just wanted to state all this, even though that post is most likely over a year or more old.

I also wonder if the masterhater ever made an anynomous random hate post out of fun.

I hate bad things and that it even exist. Ugh! Dec 19 4:02 AM UTC
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I hate that I haven't been on this website for over two years until now, espeacially when so much that I hate happened within those two years. Lol I hate that I have never gotten a response from the Masterhater. Respond to me. Please and thank you! :-) Nov 15 3:23 AM UTC
Masterhater says: Hi? Welcome back. See ya again in 2014.
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Dearest Monsieur Hater,

Do you hate apples?
Why can't we post about more than one topic? Do long hates any you?
What if I use only my last name?
If I hate another person's post passionately, aren't I entitled to hate on their post, as a way of expressing my own hate?
Why would anyone ever hate this site?!?! It is wonderful.
iF i uSE aBNoxIOus fORmatTINg, wIlL yOU StOP lOViNg mE?!?!?

-Lester Oct 25 3:44 AM UTC
Masterhater says: Apples have their moments. Can't be that hard to stay on one topic per post is it? Autocorrect sometimes anys me. If your last name is Steve...you are good to go. Just pretend like you are posting about something else, I'm easily fooled. Haters gotta hate. il PRobaBLy JUSt igNOre 1t.
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I hate how everyone idolizes Masterhater. He's just creepy. Seriously, the reason this site exists is probably so he can tract your IP address through your posts and then learn everything about you; your name, where you live, and all of your inner turmoil.

Watch, your happiest moment of your life, lets say marriage, he's going to come out of nowhere on that day and screw it up. Imagine: you and your husband or wife are just leaving the church, all happy chappy, then BAM! Masterhater comes in out of nowhere and declares you have cheated on five partners before said spouse. Yes, try to deny it, but he'll say. "Oh, but I know it's the truth! I got it all here on my angst-attracting stalker site! MWAHAHAHAHA!" After that declaration, your spouse dumps you, and you jump off a cliff. All because years back, you typed a message on this site, and he used that post to track your IP address.

Masterhater says: Only if I get a proper invite to the wedding. It's just bad form to show up uninvited. Oh and maybe a +1 if that's ok. I don't want to sit at the singles table with a bunch of randoms. P.S. I ordered you 5 plates from your registry, what happens if you don't get the other 3? Now THAT's something worthy of a broken marriage. I'm more of the subtle life ruiner.
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I hate that there's no profile or info of Masterhater.

Profile guess of Masterhater: Fat, half-bald, wears glasses, in his mid 30s, he's either a french, brit, canadian, or dutch, prolly graduated college, doesn't work, own a bunch of websites, and prolly sipping his fat mug of coffee on his lazy-boy while sifting thru hate posts right now. Am I correct Masterhater? Sep 14 8:14 AM UTC
Masterhater says: Whoa, you nailed the sipping on coffee part! It's all about the little miracles in life isn't it?
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