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I hate that a girl that i really where in love with, like we talked and stuff and we laughed and so on, and suddenly she stopped talking to me and started seeing my best friend. he has been my friend since we were four for fucks sake. I hate how he just barged in and she just stopped talking to me. I hate that everytime i go over to his house he is already talking with the girl on skype or whatever. I hate the fact that everytime i try to call or anything all she does is: sorry i'm talking to ole right now. I fucking hate it! it's tearing me up. One day i just went downstairs and my dad's axe was just lying there and i thought about killing my friend, but that would be wrong. So please, help me Masterhater i need some advice here! Feb 10 12:05 PM UTC
Masterhater says: I'm not sure anyone ever takes my advice...but here it goes. I say you take that axe and go chop a bunch of wood. It's very helpful, a good workout, and far far less jail time. All of which is good for you. Side note: pining over a girl that chose someone else is fruitless. Now off to the wood pile.
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I HATE the fact that, my boyfriend is currently in a top boyband... Very famous. He has world tours, this and that, great, fantastic, but..:/ xx He is just SOO busy. I mean, because he is in 1D x, I CONSTANTLY see girls "Omg I love you , you are so attractive ". When I am right there ! Of course i just smile and agree , but really, I don't like it at all . What should I do!? I just want my boyfriend to not he so busy xxxx ...:P help me :'( Oct 19 10:48 PM UTC
Masterhater says: Write a hit song. Get included in the tour. Open for the show. Play in the closing song with the rest of the bands. Then you can be busy together. Bam!
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There's this girl in one of my classes at school. She is funny and BEAUTIFUL. I think I'm falling in love... But two days ago I figured out that she likes my friend. At least, I'm pretty sure. She always sits beside him on the bus ride home (the three of us ride the same bus), and always smiles at and talks to him on the ride. And he doesn't even have to say anything.
Now that I think of it, between her and I, it's always ME who texts her first, she never says hi to ME in the hall, and it's ME who always starts a conversation. I'm nice to her without being a doormat, I smile at her, I make her laugh, and I don't make perverted comments about her butt and boobs (both of which are AMAZING). I'm just too damn shy to break the touch barrier or ask her out. I'm afraid she'll laugh in my face and reject me, or terminate the friendship. Holy fuck, this is just killing me. She's the only person I think about while at school, and I'm fairly sure my friend doesn't like her back as much as I do. All he's done is comment on how she has a "nice rack" (not to her of course). She probably texts him all the time without him ever texting her first. She probably thinks I'm gay... I'm not gay, I'm not bisexual, I'm completely straight, I'm just too shy to ask her out. No other girls even care about me. I am seriously head-over-heels in love with her, and it hurts like hell knowing she probably only likes me as a friend. I hate knowing that she'll most likely reject me, as so many girls have done to me in the past... She's the second girl I've been in love with, but the first friendzoned me because I was too shy to ask her out. I hate that I'm so shy... I'm terrified that she and my friend will start dating, because if they did, I wouldn't know what to do. I hate that I'm losing sleep because of her beautiful face being constantly on my mind...(I'm not a stalker) I'm thinking of asking her out soon and getting it all over with. I hate that I always set my expectations high, and get depressed when they don't happen. I'm definately not the cutest guy in my school, I'm just alright. I have good hygiene, I'm not a dork, I'm not a player, but she still probably doesn't like me. God damn it, why can't I work up the courage to ask her out? She might like me and is waiting for me to ask her out, but I don't know. All I know is, I have to do something soon, or else I might just give up and try to find another girl, which I really don't want to do, but might have to do. I want a girlfriend so bad... I hope she says yes. My heart would soar to heaven if she said yes. I would be the best boyfriend ever.
Well, I have to ask her out before it's too late. Because once she's gone, it will be very hard to get her back. God, if you're seeing all these words I write, please give me the courage to ask her. Wish me luck, Hatebook. Sep 11 3:56 AM UTC
Masterhater says: You got this! ...and by 'this' I mean the courage to ask and/or move on as necessary.
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I HATE weddings!!!It's my PASSION!WTF is the point of "getting together" with someone if they're probably gonna cheat on u anyway?!!!And why spend 50,000 dollars on shit for your "special day"?!!!I HATE that one of my "relatives" are gonna have a fucking wedding!!!I HATE that I'm having so much stress because of this shit that I'm having 'skin issues'!!!I HATE how weddings are supposed to have shit like "rehearsal dinners" and when the dad gives his daughter away to a bitch who'll probably cause her years of fucking misery!!!And don't get me started on the fucking clothes!!! Jul 29 7:41 PM UTC
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Master hater. I hate that we can't meet;( You really seem like my type. Jul 1 8:03 AM UTC
Masterhater says: Just keep an eye out for me. I walk around random city streets all the time. (wait, is random street walker your type?)
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I hate the guy that owns the Atlanta bar that posts signs calling President Obama the n-word. He is the type slug that has nothing to offer this world and should shut up! Apr 24 7:10 PM UTC
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I hate the fact that i can't have decent sex with my lovely boyfriend. He's the sweetest guy but he can't last 1 minute without stopping...and all in all it last 5 minutes.He can't even look at me in the eyes when we have sex because it will make him cum...( ITS SO BORING )I also hate that we only have sex once a month...sometimes he even seems to forget i have boobs >< On top of that he's too shy to show when he's horny..and hes 25 ...Damn me. I never had a freaking orgasm in my whole life. I hate my sexual life..it's an endless desert. Feb 5 4:32 AM UTC
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I hate musicians.
And nothing is worse than the lead singer/guitarist of a punk band.
We all know these stereotypes about musicians:
That they are intelligent(true), creative(true), funny(true), charming(true), rebellious(true) and amazing in bed(probably but not evidently true)
But we also know those really bad clichés:
That they are unreliable(for God's sake, yes), complicated(yes!) and at least addicted to one dependence causing substance(Hell, yes)
But the most frustrating truth about musicians is that they'll never love anyone as much as their music, if they ever love anyone at all.
And I hate that I had to try to win a musician's heart to figure this out. Jan 16 11:55 PM UTC
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I hate cancer. I hate that cancer took away my dad. I hate when my friends complain about how much they hate their parents because they should fell lucky to have a dad. I hate how jealous I feel when I see my friends with their dads. I hate how tonight at my school there is a father daughter dance. I hate that I have to go because I am on student council. I hate that everyone will be dancing with their fathers to my dads favorite song and I will sit there, all alone. Dec 29 8:20 PM UTC
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