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I hate that all my life I have received everything I have ever wanted from my parents. I'm not prepared for the real world and I'm almost 26. I've never had to work for anything. It has damaged me. Jun 18 2:57 AM UTC
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I hate how some people stride through life with absolutely no bumps or hurdles while others are dragged by it like a dog on a leash. When is life so unfair master hater? Dec 26 9:22 PM UTC
Masterhater says: Your preschool teacher might have told a fib. AFAIK life isn't really supposed to be fair.
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I hate that I got into a good university with a full ride, graduated with honors, nice degree...and I'm working at a shit hole for $9.00 an hour.

My friend is in the same exact boat and he has $15,000 in loan debts to top it off. His degree is just as useless as mine.

High school kids, listen up: THEY LIE. The college degree is not what it was 10-20 years ago. Unless it's a specific degree and you know 100% what you want to do with it (like nursing or business) it's not going to get you all that far. You want a 4 year psych. degree? Useless... you have to go on to grad. school to make it into anything. History and English degree...useless unless you want to teach English or History. Don't let them tell you that "Any degree looks good, it doesn't matter what it's in". BULLSHIT. It matters, it matters, it matters!!!

If you have a good job making at least 10 bucks an hour, do yourself a favor and stay at that job, build your resume, and don't drive yourself into endless debt getting a piece of paper. Please heed the warning, it's not worth being in debt.

I hate that people think I'm full of crap about this. Trust me, I'm not the only college graduate dealing with this. Mar 14 5:36 PM UTC
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I hate how everyone thinks that they are important and matter
And that their problem is the worst in the world when in fact they are just trapped in their infantile and limited state of consciousness just like every other human in the world no matter how rich poor stupid or smart they are including myself. Mar 9 6:07 AM UTC
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Sometimes I'm just tired of being nice. I'm being nice wherever I go. Even I play nice in blog sites, to people I don't even know. It's instant. Sometimes just I want to become anon haters and ask insensitive things. But I can't bring myself to do that. I think how it's not nice to do, and maybe there are ways they would know that I were the one who sent these hate messages. Yeah, maybe I'm a coward. Whatever. I hate many people, even people whom I've never seen. But I will never let myself become anon haters. I think I'm better than that.
I want opinion. Can I have Masterhater to reply to me please? May 28 1:56 PM UTC
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I hate apparently because i am young I am supposedly at the height of attractiveness now but nobody is ever interested in me.If I'm supposed to be in my prime now and no one fancies me then what chance have i got when I'm older!! I'm scared , i dont want to be all alone. Jan 2 8:37 PM UTC
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i hate facebook & myspace because you can delete people as your friends. i wish life was like that. i would delete all of those sorts of folk. Nov 28 10:53 PM UTC
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I hate the fact that my entire life has been about me giving and others taking. When I hear the phrase, "To give is better than to receive," my blood boils with rage, because the person who coined this phrase is clearly a taker. I give to the government in the form of taxes, and give to the Church in the form of tithes, and give to relatives out of tradition, and give to the casino in the hope of getting my money back, and give to my spouse or lover in the hope of getting the favor returned, and give to the scammer, who promised me that if I par. And out of all this giving, and giving, and giving, I get nothing back. Nothing that is useful enough to call it an act of receiving. I am destitute, depressed, and when I dare ask when I will have my giving reciprocated, I am either given false promises, or told to "get over it," "stop thinking selfishly," or "move on". It's like the takers expect me to not ask for anything in return, and to be perfectly happy with this parasitic way of things. I demand justice! Oct 13 9:36 AM UTC
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i hate my life, i wish i could go back in time and fix my life to a better path. Oct 9 8:55 AM UTC
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I hate that there is no "delete" button for my memory.

I don't want to think about traits that I despise in certain people that will only make me hate them more. I don't want to recall all the embarrassing things I've done in the past that I still cannot live down today. I don't want to remember this pedophile creep that kissed me when I was young and stupid.

I wish that all these memories will just fade away. Aug 24 7:08 AM UTC
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