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I hate the whole idea of "hate speech" with a passion. And I especially hate the morons who enforce it! I hate how Liberals consider everyone who disagrees with them as "haters", I mean what the hell?! You can't even have a simple discussion with these people without them calling you a "hater." Fuck that shit! I'm tired of Liberals trying to silence those who disagree with them, & calling it "hate speech". Liberals are fucking intolerant assholes Sep 27 8:03 AM UTC
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I hate Liberals Left Wing crazies who think that if we are just sugar and spice sweet to the terrorists, they won't attack us/our country/our lifestyles. Newsflash, Libs: THE TERRORISTS HATE YOU, TOO! Jul 21 7:55 PM UTC
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i hate liberals. okay not all of them. just the ones that WON'T stop complaining. just STOP complaining, you're not helping your party, and like i could give a fuck. you hate bush, but can you explain why? i don't like him either, but deal with it already. i mean i'm not republican, but for the sake of my ears stop your complaining. Mar 6 12:44 AM UTC
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I hate how liberals are so against the war. They say Iraq had no WMD's.....but yet they say the USA supplied Saddam with WMD's. They say Iraq didn't invade America. Well, neither did Germany. Liberals always forget that Clinton enacted the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998. Liberals are good at only one thing: Being hypocrites! Jan 22 12:33 PM UTC
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I hate Communists, leftists, liberals, illegal aliens, really really rich people, gas prices, new cars, 90's cars, 80's cars, rap, dial up, mushrooms, homework, school, wal mart, sam walton, mcdonalds, running, russia, china, france, england, vietnam, india, mexico, south america, all of africa, people who are willing to work for low wages, big business, hookers, hippies, the 60's, out sourcing, low quality materials, low quality work, housing prices, traffic, sonic booms, hilary clinton, feminists, lesbians, homosexuals, the media, the death penalty(they should rot in prison), collages, the government telling empolyers that they have to hire mexicans and blacks, political correctness, microsoft, macintosh, vegitarians, and lawyers. all of these people/things/issues/beliefs make my life hell in one way or another. Dec 10 11:06 PM UTC
Masterhater says: Make sure you didn't forget anything.
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I hate how Liberals and Conservatives blame eachother for EVERYTHING. It's so stupid. Grow up. Seriously. Oct 26 2:13 PM UTC
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