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I hate parents name their kids with their names. Knock it off, it's not fair for the kids. Let them have their own. They're not your clones. morons... Sep 30 10:12 AM UTC
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I hate the fact they only make the sneakers with the blinking lights in children's sizes. Those are so annoying I want some. Why can't the manufacturers make some in adult sizes. Jun 17 8:19 PM UTC
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I hate the stupid kids who pretend to have insomnia. Like they think it's cool or something. Hey, staying up to three am on facebook isn't insomnia you jackasses! Feb 11 10:41 AM UTC
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To be honest, when I read what kids write here about their "fucking" parents I'm glad to not have them at all. Nov 21 11:47 AM UTC
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I hate the 'I hate being black' or the 'I wish I was white' posts. What the fuck is wrong with you? Yes, I know people judge us a certain way because we're not white, but to hate yourself because of it? Grow the fuck up. I hate people who also come on here and go 'I hate being the only smart black person I know' Ummm, maybe only stuck up one, but not the only smart one. I also hate people who date people of other races just to be accepted by that race. Love yourself and who you are first, okay? People who think like all the ways I've just hated suck and you know what, I wish you were white too so I wouldn't have your prideless ass making everyone look like sell-outs. I mean, I'm not a fucking genius, nor do I like bullshit rap or have 6 kids by 4 different guys (that is possible, figure it out you so called smartass) but I don't act like I'm above anyone else because of it. People need to be proud of who they are and stop making themselves look like assholes. Fuck you and your half breed kid you made because you hated yourself, I DON'T CARE ABOUT IT! It won't be any smarter than me or any other kid just because it's mixed. Suck on that.

I love people who love who they are and make it easier for us all to be different and live amongst each other peacefully and make it so that we can learn from each other instead of trying to be just like everyone else and then destroying everyone's culture because they don't know who they are. Jun 15 12:13 PM UTC
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I hate when people throw stuff for us on stage. If I don't pick them up and say something everyone's disappointed and sometimes it's just not a good time cause I have to tune my guitar, I just can't do it all at the same time. I hate that it might hurt those kids' feelings or something, I'm sorry. I hate all this pressure. Then again I can understand, I've been there before. Jan 16 8:17 AM UTC
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I hate that it seems to be the pattern of life that my daughter hates me just because she thinks it is what every 16 year old should do. A whole lifetime of loving, caring, and sacrificing for her stopped meaning anything to her the minute she turned 13. She has been my sunshine and I have given her everything, and now she can't even stand for me to be in the same room. It is very discouraging, as I have stayed married to her mom even though we cannot stand each other - just so my daughter could have as normal a life as possible. Nov 27 5:25 AM UTC
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I hate that myspace only has a "proud parent" option for people who have kids. Some people aren't proud of the face that they knocked some bitch up in high school...they should have an "I've made some mistakes" option as well.
Unwanted kids are nothing to be proud of. Sep 11 2:56 PM UTC
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I hate people who don't recycle. They are being lazy. I hate lazy people. We need to recycle for the good of our country and mostly for our kids and grandkids.If this world is going to continue, we need to get off our asses and do some good for America and the world. Every little bit helps. So get off your fat asses and get going. Aug 9 2:47 AM UTC
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I hate when people put small children on the phone, it irritates me. They can't talk, I don't find it cute and I don't want to sit there and hold the phone with some babbling idiot for 10 minutes while they're like "Say hi, say hi joshy say hello (hello," in the background.

My friends and family do that to me all the time, knowing full well that I HATE KIDS. And when I reiterate that that act all hurt or offended and go "Awe why?" Because, I just do. Thank God I don't want any. Jun 6 8:23 PM UTC
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