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I hate that i cant explain to my freinds and family what i do all day because it's illegal , I hate that when people ask what i do all day i have to say watch tv or played video games cause i was secretly running around selling weed, i hate that if i get caught i will goto jail, i hate that i'm so good at it and i cant even tell my family or anyone because i will goto jail, i hate that on paper i have no work experience even i've been doing a job for 10 years that requires more sales knowledge and street smarts then any job at a retail outlit... it takes just as smart a brain to make a crooked million as it does an honest one, i hate that people think i'm a scum bag for selling something that grows naturally on earth and assume i'm in a gang or am violent, i hate that even though i make good money i cant get a mortgage or car loan without lying or going to elaborate measures... i hate that i get massive paranoia about getting busted, i hate that i'm getting nervious about posting this because i think some how some way they can trace my ip.address... i hate that i love the job so much and that i get so bored at regular jobs....i hate that i will probably do this for the rest of my life Jan 24 10:11 AM UTC
Masterhater says: What kind of paranoia weed are you smoking? Go run a few tons of cocaine from Colombia or something THEN we can talk about tracking your IP and getting all DEA on ya.
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I hate that I was put in jail I hate that i was arrested and sentenced to 6 years I hate that I was pulled over that day... I hate that I had a kilo on me... I hate that I saw my mom cry I hate that she never came to visit I hate that i fucked up my life i hate that i can no longer make my dreams a reality i hate the cop who arrested me Mar 2 7:23 AM UTC
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i hate when people found out i have been to jail before. there is an obvious and immediate change in their attitudes towards me. then they start treating me as if i am still a criminal or somehow dangerous. because people couldn't POSSIBLY change. if once a criminal, always a criminal, why not just force everybody who commits ANY crime to either spend their lives in prison or be executed?? these same assholes have surely committed a crime at some point in their lives, too. i mean, who hasn't broken the speed limit or downloaded a song or SOMETHING?? you're not better than me just because you didn't get caught, bitches. May 22 9:12 PM UTC
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i hate jail i was there all weekend yep they gave me lucky charms though. eatin lucky charms handcuffed to a bench. I hate traffic tikets cus thats why i was in jail. Sep 16 1:13 AM UTC
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