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I hate my ISPs!!1 It sucks. They spy on you and filter your traffic, they intentionally promise you more bandwidth than you actually get, they manipulate you into signing up for all kinds of packages and then they install their rubbish equipment inside your network and force you to use it. When everything fails and you contact support, you find yourself stuck on the phone line with a computer-illiterate person that has no clue and they start blaming it on the phone company, or whatever. F*!@# Jun 1 2:42 PM UTC
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This is a minor thing, but I hate obnoxious fans. The internet's full of them, but they're so fucking stupid, it makes me ashamed for liking what I like. STOP MAKING THE FANDOM LOOK BAD. Dec 22 12:16 AM UTC
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i hate internet censorship. it is now debated by congress. of course, it's to take away our rights of free speech and give more power to the rich pig celebrities, record labels, and software companies.
I hate how we citizens must give up our freedom for the rich pigs in hollywood to live even richer.
i hate how congress members are such hypocrites. Nov 28 11:59 PM UTC
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I can never freekin see what it says! I always have to renew it like 10 times before I can see something that I can actually recognise. Feb 20 1:11 AM UTC
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I hate the internet trolls. They are like bullies, they have issues or bad lives, but they are too scared to take there anger out on people in real life. So they resort to the internet. It's so very easy to just type something hateful to a person online compared to actually saying it to there faces. They are the reason why I hate the world and that I want everyone dead. Fuck trolls. Nov 19 2:34 AM UTC
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I hate it whenever I wake up in the morning and log onto the internet, just to see that nothing has changed since I logged on the night before. None of my favorite news sites have updated any of their news stories, I have no new e-mails (none worth reading, at least), nothing interesting going on on Facebook, etc... Then I have to find a way to keep myself entertained until something new or interesting happens. Jul 23 12:58 PM UTC
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I hate the flood of complaints that follows changes to an internet site. I hate how suddenly a site and its forums are overwhelmed by complaints about the change. Take it easy, will you? So it will take you a little time to use its good old functionality. What's wrong? The sites are not cool when you can't move an inch without reading a complaint. Boohoo!

GET A LIFE! Apr 15 9:06 AM UTC
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I hate that all the stupid shit I've done on the internet will never go away. It's stuck until the website closes or there is a massive internet collapse causing all of the data to disappear. I'm okay with having stuff on Hatebook but all those other websites...ah and I used my full name too! Feb 2 12:14 AM UTC
Masterhater says: I know right? Some websites are so rude, no respect for privacy. PShh
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I love using google maps' street view to 'walk' through different cities and countries but at the same time i hate what it does to me.
It makes me despise where i am, how i'm completely unable to travel to the places i explore on a stupid satellite map with pixels i've to wait to load for a picture of an empty street with a random passerby and little artsy cafes, and i hate how sad it makes me feel because i can't be that random passerby or in that little artsy cafe or shopping along that 'indie' street and instead i'm stuck in this dismal lecture hall/4by4 room with my laptop showing a place i'll pretty much never be able to see in real life, and so i can only settle waiting for that image to load pixel by pixel on that 15 inch screen, of an area i only wish i could be at.

And then all this exploring makes me hate those who can afford to go all over the world, the very people who map googlemaps.etc and how half of them act like fags and take their wealth/travel opportunities for granted, leaving people like us stuck in our pathetic cubicles going through the motions day after day, and not being able to do anything about it, which makes me hate myself even more, cause i know i can gun it and just leave my life and start a new one, but the consequences of doing so nag at the back of my head and make me TERRIFIED of its future and i hate that and i don't know why something as lame/aimless as googlemaps makes me feel so much at once and gives me more reason to hate myself even further.

The world's still not accessible to everyone!! Jan 6 1:57 PM UTC
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I hate that just then as I was typing "myself", I typed "myspace" instead. It was a horrible moment; I realised that myspace has possession my soul. May 31 7:10 AM UTC
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