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I hate that every time I visit this website, this line runs though my head: And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.

How ironic. Jun 2 1:54 PM UTC
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Masterhater, I hate to have to say this as a loyal hatebook fan, but if you don't put a stop to the repetative "I hate Atheists" posts coming from the SAME DAMN PERSON over and over and over and over, I think I'm gonna have to stop coming to this site. Seriously, arrggghh it must stop. It's making this site annoying. Mar 18 4:36 AM UTC
Masterhater says: But doesn't it make you chuckle to think of a bunch of church ladies on hatebook trying to recruit some new blood for Sunday services? It is prime for the picking.
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Someone on here made a post saying that hatebook has become depressing when in actuality, it's always(in a way) was already depressing since it's been full of hate from the start. I really don't mean to pick at you, if you're reading this, but this website is called HATEbook for a reason. So of course you are not only going to see a hate post about paving slabs, hole punches or daisies. Just because you may not be able to relate to a "depressing" hate post does not mean it's tedious or whatever. Well, for you it may be, but a hate post as the one you describe, may be boring to the next person as well. Who cares?! Don't read it then. Again, I don't mean to be rude or to attack you and any other, I'm just simply stating.

Also, its really funny because I can bet you all that half the people who 'me too'd' that post also posted about fat/ugly/emo/having no friends/partner/hating their friends/partner either before or after things happened to them. I just wanted to state all this, even though that post is most likely over a year or more old.

I also wonder if the masterhater ever made an anynomous random hate post out of fun.

I hate bad things and that it even exist. Ugh! Dec 19 4:02 AM UTC
me too (23)

I hate that I haven't been on this website for over two years until now, espeacially when so much that I hate happened within those two years. Lol I hate that I have never gotten a response from the Masterhater. Respond to me. Please and thank you! :-) Nov 15 3:23 AM UTC
Masterhater says: Hi? Welcome back. See ya again in 2014.
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I hate not knowing whether people I actually know go on this site or not... Sep 22 12:00 PM UTC
Masterhater says: No kidding, right? Wait...do I....know...you?
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I hate super long hatebook posts. Good lord, see a freakin therapist if your problems are that extensive.. Aug 19 8:52 PM UTC
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I hate that I got a lot of hate in me but I love that hatebook let's me get it out. Jul 18 1:57 PM UTC
me too (40)

I hate that Masterhater is so mysterious and that I spend far too much time profiling his comments (for the record, analysis indicates that Masterhater is a 20-35 y/o man living in Australia, without children. Most likely an INTP or ISTJ personality) when I should be studying. His comments are funny, insightful, and helpful, yet so distant! I hate that he doesn't have a blog so then I could just read that instead of breaking out my thinking cap and the DSM-IV everytime I check Hatebook. I hate how this makes me sound like that demented therapist I had when I was fourteen.

On a related note, I hate how people aren't that supportive in real life.

On an unrelated note, I really hate Fedora 15. That was just a fail. Jun 2 12:22 AM UTC
Masterhater says: Why the DSM-IV? I like to think of myself as having a nice mental order rather than disorder.
me too (22)

I hate that I didn't find this site sooner. I found it when I was in the shittiest of moods and I just googled hate, but I found this and started laughing my ass off. Plus it's a good place to vent about things that bother me instead of telling my dumbfuck girlfriend like I used to. This is so much more satisfying. Whoever made this site, thank you, sincerely. Aug 22 8:56 AM UTC
Masterhater says: You're welcome sincerely! Now go tell your dumbfuck girlfriend a happy story. :)
me too (58)

I hate how when somebody has an " I Hate" that's so funny or so true you can't add a small comment like masterhater can. One person wrote about her random itchy vagina while walking down the street and I was in tears laughing and I wanted to tell her howmuch she made me laugh even though I'm a guy was just so god damn fucking hilarious.

To avoid making pages get cluttered with these comments make it a sub-section within their blog that has to be clicked on for people who care...

please consider... and I vouch to tell everybody about this site Apr 7 4:10 AM UTC
Masterhater says: Funny enough, that's on my list of things to do. Once i get a handle on the whole feeding myself on a regular basis thing, I'm all over it.
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