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I hate being in a relationship I rely one but REALLY want to get out of sometimes. Jan 25 12:43 AM UTC
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I hate the fact that said you wanted to ask me to prom. I hate how excited I was. I hate the fact that you changed your mind last minute and asked a girl that was prettier and skinnier than me so you guys could look good together that night and so your friends could marvel at how hot she is. I hate that you got my hopes up. I hate how much I liked you and how I still can't get over this. I hate you so much... Mar 17 6:20 AM UTC
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I HATE that even though I literally haven't talked to you for years, I can't get you out of my mind enough to have fun on a date with my boyfriend. I hate feeling like I'm betraying you by being with someone else and trying to get over you.

I want to forget you the same way you seem to have forgotten me... Jul 17 5:55 AM UTC
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I hate it when guys watch TV while you are making out.This not only happens to me, but also to a lot of my girlfriends. Are we not interesting enough for you? Why do you always keep one eye on the television, you selfish loser? it drives me up the wall! pay attention to me! or at least have the common decency and respect that everyone should have gained by now. To all the losers that do this...all of your girlfriends will break up with you, and although it seems like a teeny tiny reason to do so; it will happen you loser. Jun 20 5:56 PM UTC
me too (104)

I hate shy guys... Speak up! Ask her out already! Jerk... Thats all i have to say... Apr 7 2:02 AM UTC
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I hate that when I drink with my friends sometimes they talk too much and embarrass me because they're "honest drunks" and they like to spill the beans. You don't see me saying "So, when are you gonna tell your parents you're gay?" or "I can't believe you had an abortion...TWICE! *laugh*" or worse, "OMG Sarah, you still haven't told Steve you're cheating on him?" (while the boyfriend is sitting right there) When I'm drunk I don't out my friends, cause I know better. I don't see how people can't keep their fucking mouths shut. Nov 3 12:56 PM UTC
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I hate how i am invisible to you. i hate how you have absolutely no idea how i feel about you. i hate how your smile and your voice sends me to sleep at night. i hate how i will never be good enough for you. Oct 22 3:50 PM UTC
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I hate that guys justify watching porn by saying it's better than cheating. Yeah, its also better than manslaughter but that doesn't make me feel any better. And damn, I didn't realize you were so on the brink of doing some other girl that you had to come home and jerk off. Aug 23 7:55 PM UTC
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I hate when I sit on a guy's lap and then he has a boner. It's so awkward... you then have to leave, pretending you 'need to get something' or 'use the bathroom'. Really guys, does it really need to be there poking my ass? It's not like we are making out or anything. And I'm not a super sex bomb either :p Aug 6 1:22 AM UTC
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I hate that I have your email address right here,right now and I want to connect with you really bad but I can't.I'm so nervous.I don't even know if you still remember me.I hate that I really want to but I don't know what to say and I'm afraid of what you'll say."Hi I'm the cute girl you made out with almost nine months ago.Not stalking you or anything.Just wanted to know how you've been."It just makes me sound retarded.I thought that just remembering would be okay but it isn't.My chest hurts and I feel like I'm gonna lose everything.Quit standing on my chest you asshole. May 15 2:37 AM UTC
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