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OMG! So I hate when I am in awkward situations. Yesterday I was in the elevator with one other person. A smoking hot male. I hate that because standing in an elevator with someone else is quite awkward. So like, I had some major gas going on that day.... So I tried to sneak one out with out embarrassing myself because i hate the stomach pains gas gives me. So instead of letting out a "silent killer" it came out explosive and he looked at me in horror! I automatically blamed it on him. I asked "was that you?!" he looked at me... And pressed the button to the next floor when he had about five more floors to go. He told me that he would pray for me!!! I don't know masterhater what would you have done in my situation?! May 31 7:31 PM UTC
Masterhater says: Not much you can do there. Own up to it. Maybe ask and see if he can guess what you had for dinner last night?
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I hate people who refer to anyone as boss, guy, chief, bud, buddy, pal, ace, gov'na, big guy, etc. If someone calls you one of these terms its very difficult to respond to, and it really feels like they are talking down to you. the best thing to do is respond by calling them a similar term. the look on their face is quite funny. hate hate hate hate hate Oct 2 8:32 PM UTC
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I hate that stupid drawing on the hatebook frontpage. The guy looks constipated, not angry. Feb 2 7:58 PM UTC
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i hate the way that im not allowed to like him. just because hes been out with my other friends doesnt mean im not allowed to like him either. and i hate the way how everyone goes on about how he likes me when they all know he fucking doesnt. and i hate the way i still like him even though i know he doesnt want to be anything more than just best friends. i should be satisfied with what ive got - were already closer than most people. but still i want to be more. i hate that so fucking much Nov 18 11:05 AM UTC
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