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I hate couples who sit on the same side of the table when they are eating alone at a table in a restaurant. You're not on a double date. No one is sitting across from you. You clearly value touching each other in public far more than you value eye contact, and because of your uncontrollable desire to be cuddly, touchy assholes, you have to utterly flaunt social convention. You look stupid and impolite. Jul 1 9:23 PM UTC
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I.Hate.Broccoli. FAR OUT! it's like THE worst food, that isn't made of crap and unhealty. My parents make me eat it, and the bloody stalk of it as well! GOD it makes me want to throw up, I eat it in a few FULL mouth fulls so I just have to crunch and munch the disgusting beast, I feel all the little shoots in my teeth getting stuck and the flavour is on my tounge, GROOOSSS! After I swallow I immediatley wash my mouth out with my drink. There is no worse food then bloody..BROCCOLI. May 17 4:35 AM UTC
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I hate "cougars" or old women who think they're sexy because they got some horny teenage boy to fuck them. Now this cougar obsession has hit popular culture big time. Women as old as my grandmother dress like skanks and walk around, IN PUBLIC, flirting like ovulating teenyboppers. I can't even watch a TV show anymore without seeing a sex scene featuring a cougar with a young man. No wonder young girls today are acting like whores. Their mothers obviously taught them the tricks of the trade. Maybe a FEW cougars are good-looking, but that's basically women who won beauty pageants or gave men instant erections in their youth. The rest should stop showing their privates on TV, raise their daughters properly, and do things that benefit society like bake apple pies, and tell exciting stories of "back in the days." Apr 19 6:31 PM UTC
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If there is an animal I hate deeply, that's the common fly, because it is the most disgusting creature that God ever defecated. After being nurtured by sewage, garbage, and rotting flesh, these filthy creatures then invade our personal spaces and try to infect us with horrible diseases like dysentery, cholera, E. coli, and typhoid.

I began to hate the common fly in my youth when I was busy minding my own business whilst eating a sandwich. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a fly came buzzing towards me. I waved my hand to shoo it away, but it barrel-rolled to the side and landed square on my sandwich. I watched in horror as vomited up a greenish glob, rubbed its body with it, and proceeded to dance on my sandwich. My lunch, which I spent my last few coins of pocket money on, was now contaminated with filth and disease, and I had to throw it away, for eating it would surely make me ill or die. From then on, I vowed to kill any fly that dares go near my food. Evil bastards they are! Apr 17 3:40 PM UTC
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i hate it when people pee in the pool. oh my god. why cant you just get out and use the bathroom like a civilized human being. Apr 9 5:17 PM UTC
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I hate it when people sniffle and suck the snot back up their nose, pick their nose, and wipe their nose with their hand. Tissue paper was invented to help people cheaply and efficiently expel and dispose of their snot. A variety of cold medications, flu medications, anti-histamines, and nasal sprays were invented to cheaply and easily suppress the body's urge to make runny snot in public. Heck, if tissues are hard to find, what stops a person from reaching out for a handkerchief, toilet paper, or even newspaper to clear the snot out? Yet people choose to force the snot back up their nose until the body is inevitably forced to sneeze it out, which results in an even revolting mess, as the snot flies everywhere in a wide fountain of droplets at 100 miles an hour (161 kilometers an hour). And it sucks that these sick fools have to flaunt their runny noses IN PUBLIC, especially where food is being served. There is nothing I hate more than watching and hearing some stupid, mannerless fucker take a long, loud drag of snot up his or her nose, then sneeze loudly (without covering the mouth), then drag even more snot up the nose, and play with it between their fingers, all whilst I'm trying to eat. Makes me feel like vomiting on the spot, and beating the crap out of that disgusting bastard for not bothering to take the decency to go to the bathroom and clean their nose. Mar 23 7:27 AM UTC
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I hate whenever I drink too much water, and I can feel and HEAR it swishing around in my stomach. It's such a weird and disgusting feeling! Jun 21 8:22 AM UTC
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i hate my damn sister thats almost freaking 24 years old and still thinks shes 15 years old. that wears tiny mini skirts and tops barely covering her AA breasts then walks around doing nothing. she has no job, no friends and NO LIFE. she doesnt go to school or do anything useful and shes so jealous just bc im younger and prettier and that i actually HAVE titties to show even though i dont. i just wish i cud replace her with a brother instead. that would change my life immensely....i love brothers hate sisters......ughhhhh well actually it wud be nice if she were a normal cool big sis that i could hang with but she not. just a poofy stupid catty girl girl bitch!!

what do you think masterhater should i have aliens probe her brain? Jun 3 9:09 PM UTC
Masterhater says: Is that really an option? I think if you have some aliens at your beck and call maybe you should fly around and check out a few other solar systems. Maybe buzz a few rednecks and leave a few crop-circles on your way. Probably a better use of your power.
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I h8 ppl hu typ lyk dis
Or When They Capitalise Every Damn Word
orrrr whennnn theyyy dooooo thissssss
mOsT Of AlL, i HaTe ThIs

As a conclusion, please type like a normal human being and not some retarded juvenile who skipped 5th grade. Feb 9 12:53 PM UTC
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I hate shitting in the dorms. You go in there and are ready to unload like 5 lbs of shit and then some asshole decides to walk in. They sit there waiting to see who shits first and it ends up ruining what could have been a comfortable shit. Next thing you know you have to hold it all in and then you give up and lose and have to leave because it's just so damn awkward. I hate that! It's like "JUST TAKE A SHIT! EVERYONE DOES SO! SO DON'T RUIN MINE!" I hate someone ruining a good shit. Jan 22 1:17 AM UTC
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