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I hate this kissing thing here in Greece. Everytime I meet somebody new I just have to kiss them, not once but twice. Once I see anybody I have to kiss them. Why do I have to kiss you? cant I just shake your hand or hug you? its so awkward Jul 25 9:43 AM UTC
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I hate when I run into people and they say, "Hi, how are you?" I never know if they're just saying it to say it, or if I'm actually supposed to say, "I'm well, and you?" Especially because people like to shoot it out when walking - "Hihowareyou?" - and then walk off before I can say anything. That just confuses me. Sep 26 4:38 AM UTC
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I hate when someone asks you how hou are and you give the perfectly acceptable standard social answer of "fine" or "good", they say "JUST fine/good?" What the hell, Asshole? What do you want from me? I gave you the fucking password, didn't I? Don't be suprised when I tell you to fuck off - because you broke the social contract first. Sep 11 7:09 PM UTC
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I hate it when people ask, "how are you?" I mean, why bother when the only acceptable answer is "good" or "fine". If I ever truthfully answered the question by telling them how much my life sucks I'd look insane. So please, don't ask unless you reeeaaallly, trully care, which you probably don't, because i'd be happy to dump all my problems on you. Jan 22 6:52 PM UTC
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I hate when I knock on someone's door (I live in a dorm) and instead of saying "Come in" the person answers "Yeah?". Ok, first of all, you usually sound rude and pseudo-tough when you answer that way. But the main thing is that it's usually ambiguous as to what you mean. If you say "Yeah?" instead of "Come in", I'm going to assume you don't want me to come into your room, and so I'm going to tell you why I needed to stop by your room from outside the door. What I really hate is when, at this point, the person gets annoyed because they wanted me to come in. If you want me to come in, SAY that, instead of trying to sound so cool by your previous answer. Oct 9 4:11 PM UTC
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