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I hate that a girl that i really where in love with, like we talked and stuff and we laughed and so on, and suddenly she stopped talking to me and started seeing my best friend. he has been my friend since we were four for fucks sake. I hate how he just barged in and she just stopped talking to me. I hate that everytime i go over to his house he is already talking with the girl on skype or whatever. I hate the fact that everytime i try to call or anything all she does is: sorry i'm talking to ole right now. I fucking hate it! it's tearing me up. One day i just went downstairs and my dad's axe was just lying there and i thought about killing my friend, but that would be wrong. So please, help me Masterhater i need some advice here! Feb 10 12:05 PM UTC
Masterhater says: I'm not sure anyone ever takes my advice...but here it goes. I say you take that axe and go chop a bunch of wood. It's very helpful, a good workout, and far far less jail time. All of which is good for you. Side note: pining over a girl that chose someone else is fruitless. Now off to the wood pile.
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There's this girl in one of my classes at school. She is funny and BEAUTIFUL. I think I'm falling in love... But two days ago I figured out that she likes my friend. At least, I'm pretty sure. She always sits beside him on the bus ride home (the three of us ride the same bus), and always smiles at and talks to him on the ride. And he doesn't even have to say anything.
Now that I think of it, between her and I, it's always ME who texts her first, she never says hi to ME in the hall, and it's ME who always starts a conversation. I'm nice to her without being a doormat, I smile at her, I make her laugh, and I don't make perverted comments about her butt and boobs (both of which are AMAZING). I'm just too damn shy to break the touch barrier or ask her out. I'm afraid she'll laugh in my face and reject me, or terminate the friendship. Holy fuck, this is just killing me. She's the only person I think about while at school, and I'm fairly sure my friend doesn't like her back as much as I do. All he's done is comment on how she has a "nice rack" (not to her of course). She probably texts him all the time without him ever texting her first. She probably thinks I'm gay... I'm not gay, I'm not bisexual, I'm completely straight, I'm just too shy to ask her out. No other girls even care about me. I am seriously head-over-heels in love with her, and it hurts like hell knowing she probably only likes me as a friend. I hate knowing that she'll most likely reject me, as so many girls have done to me in the past... She's the second girl I've been in love with, but the first friendzoned me because I was too shy to ask her out. I hate that I'm so shy... I'm terrified that she and my friend will start dating, because if they did, I wouldn't know what to do. I hate that I'm losing sleep because of her beautiful face being constantly on my mind...(I'm not a stalker) I'm thinking of asking her out soon and getting it all over with. I hate that I always set my expectations high, and get depressed when they don't happen. I'm definately not the cutest guy in my school, I'm just alright. I have good hygiene, I'm not a dork, I'm not a player, but she still probably doesn't like me. God damn it, why can't I work up the courage to ask her out? She might like me and is waiting for me to ask her out, but I don't know. All I know is, I have to do something soon, or else I might just give up and try to find another girl, which I really don't want to do, but might have to do. I want a girlfriend so bad... I hope she says yes. My heart would soar to heaven if she said yes. I would be the best boyfriend ever.
Well, I have to ask her out before it's too late. Because once she's gone, it will be very hard to get her back. God, if you're seeing all these words I write, please give me the courage to ask her. Wish me luck, Hatebook. Sep 11 3:56 AM UTC
Masterhater says: You got this! ...and by 'this' I mean the courage to ask and/or move on as necessary.
me too (38)

I hate that I'm that mom... I hate the look on my face right now. I've been driving around tonight to get out of the house so I don't say "the wrong thing". So I drive... with this grimace... this sneer... this evil teeth bearing crazy ass look on my face wanting to scream and bellow this hate inside me. I want to rip my head off and throw it under the 18 wheeler next to me.
I hate that my daughter snorted hydro... who the fuck does that? Apparently stupidass beautiful privileged 16 year old girls who have no fucking idea how dangerous this is!!!! What the fuck!! Luckily it was her first time “experimenting” with another dumbass girl. Oh, yeah… supposedly she’s been smoking pot, too… no biggy, right? All this time she’s been lying to me, grades slipping, attitude changes, friend problems, droping out of swimteam…. Yeah – pot’s no big deal, smoke it 24/7 for all I care – I’m sure it will take you far!
I hate this other dumbass girls father when contacted out of concern could only say… “I can’t believe that she would smoke in her car! I clean that car and have never smelled pot!” Stupid piece of work parenting at play… they seem more worried about her Benz that they GAVE A 16 YEAR OLD to drive than the precious cargo within. Fuckers.
I hate that when I confronted my daughter she didn’t look or act like herself… she’s been lying to me for so long that I don’t recognize her anymore. She’s a great girl, a wonderful girl and she’s ruining my life!!! She’s killing the dream – she could be or do ANYTHING!! I hate that she feels self entitled to fuck up and not try… what a waste.
I hate being a mom right now… it’s a horrible thing, it’s too much for me, what was I thinking?? I also have a 10 month old son, a wonderful red headed bear who loves his sissy so much. He loves everyone… It kills me to think I’ll be doing this again in 15 years. Fuck my life!! Why did I procreate??
I hate that my husband who is young and sweet and caring wants to help me get this rage out of my head but cant. He’s such a good man and has been a good father figure to my girl but is truly getting the shit end of the stick. Shit!
I hate that I was a lackadaisical free spirited idiot that drifted around for the best years of my life searching for happiness, never working in one place on one thing hard enough to learn what success could be. I did drugs, had abusive men in my life and almost lost my life a few times. I hate that I didn’t become an iota of what I thought I would.
I hate that I haven’t traveled and seen this great big beautiful world… I want to be a nomad. I want to shave my head and wonder from continent to continent and visit with other cultures and learn from these beautiful beings who are nothing like me. I want to surf, climb mountains, and forage through rain forests… I want to go to Patagonia. Alone.
I HATE WAR... I can't even go there right now or I will burst into flames.
The only happiness is finding Hatebook tonight and all of you, my fellow haters… may this ranting help us all and may we find peace. Feb 20 5:34 AM UTC
me too (135)

I hate being in a relationship I rely one but REALLY want to get out of sometimes. Jan 25 12:43 AM UTC
me too (58)

I hate how one of my boobs goes to one side more than the other. WTF I'm young, my boobs are perky, firm, and full. They would be perfect if that one would quit being a fucktard!! Jan 1 12:23 PM UTC
Masterhater says: @YoungPerkyAlmostPerfectGirlProblems Awww, that really sucks, hopefully that one will shape up soon.
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i hate that i allways have sexual dreams about other girls or touching mysself. I,ve had lesbian experiances years and years ago, but i didnt like it so I know I'm not into girls sexually! And i have sex with blokes regularly enough, so its not llike I'm desperate and gagging for it. I hate that whenever i do have theese dreams i wonder what if I am actually aracted to girls!! But I'd know if i was, right...? Nov 23 12:29 AM UTC
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I hate stupid sluts who complain about men breaking their hearts. Guys are not cruel to women they love so stop falling in love with douchebags you dumb broads. Go date a nice geek who will worship the ground you walk on like the chump he is. Also, I hate dorks who complain girls don't like them because they're nice. They don't like you because you lock yourself up in your room all day on the internet, don't bathe regularly and don't have the balls to talk to them you loser. Go talk to them! I hate how pathetic you are! Grow a pair! Aug 22 11:53 PM UTC
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I hate my ex-boyfriend because he lied to me. He lied to me from the very beginning. He told me I was THE ONEfor him and if this didn't work out he was too old be start dating anymore. He said he had never been so sure in his life. I hate him because I wanted to believe he loved me. and I hate that I still have to see him everyday since we go to the same school. I hate the ugly bitch who looks like shrek who you started dating after a week of us breaking up. I hate that she instigated every detail. I hate that I found out you cheated on me with her too. I hate all the rumors you said about me. I hate how immature you were. You wouldn't even be in school or know the people you do if it wasn't for me. I hated your nagging and your controlling self. I'm telling everybody your secret about you having herpes because its true and I HATE YOU. However I love knowing that karma will find its way to you and that I'm so much better off now that I don't have to deal with you. Jun 2 9:52 PM UTC
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I hate those over-self absorbed girls who take the "moment" and try to live in it, that just your excuse for flirting up a storm with my boyfriend and accidentally on purpose landing on his dick.
I hate that stupid bitch that tries so hard to seem deep by reading philosophy and applying every single line of buckoskwi to her own damn life.
I hate her hipster, avant-garde, pretentious, i dont have to answer to anyone because i recognize only me until someone actually hurts me. then and only than can this bitch be sad. Oh wait pain can occur to those who instill pain in others? holy shit?! my hipster kid mindset can only comprehend "look cute, act like you don't care". god this whole new vegan,extremist feminist, slutty, im gonna party and disregard how fucked up im being fad. is pissing me off.
I hate hipster bitches. May 17 10:11 PM UTC
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