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I don't mean to be shallow but I'm a really hot girl and I got it all going for me...but I really really fucking hate how ugly ass retarded, spotty faced, nerdy, skinny, loosers think they actually have a chance with me OMFG are you for real? Really? Really?! Jeeze. Your not even near my level, let alone on. I would never say this stuff to their faces of course because I'm a nice girl and I'm friendly but quite frankly I am getting sick to death of guys thinking I fancy them because I am being nice. FUCK OFF! I think your a friend and then POW you try make a move on me or come out with some shit like oh I really like you blah blah blah you like my favorite anime character...anime, wtf is that? Thank you hatebook I really needed to vent that. Sep 10 10:09 PM UTC
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I hate not knowing whether people I actually know go on this site or not... Sep 22 12:00 PM UTC
Masterhater says: No kidding, right? Wait...do I....know...you?
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I hate that I'm that mom... I hate the look on my face right now. I've been driving around tonight to get out of the house so I don't say "the wrong thing". So I drive... with this grimace... this sneer... this evil teeth bearing crazy ass look on my face wanting to scream and bellow this hate inside me. I want to rip my head off and throw it under the 18 wheeler next to me.
I hate that my daughter snorted hydro... who the fuck does that? Apparently stupidass beautiful privileged 16 year old girls who have no fucking idea how dangerous this is!!!! What the fuck!! Luckily it was her first time “experimenting” with another dumbass girl. Oh, yeah… supposedly she’s been smoking pot, too… no biggy, right? All this time she’s been lying to me, grades slipping, attitude changes, friend problems, droping out of swimteam…. Yeah – pot’s no big deal, smoke it 24/7 for all I care – I’m sure it will take you far!
I hate this other dumbass girls father when contacted out of concern could only say… “I can’t believe that she would smoke in her car! I clean that car and have never smelled pot!” Stupid piece of work parenting at play… they seem more worried about her Benz that they GAVE A 16 YEAR OLD to drive than the precious cargo within. Fuckers.
I hate that when I confronted my daughter she didn’t look or act like herself… she’s been lying to me for so long that I don’t recognize her anymore. She’s a great girl, a wonderful girl and she’s ruining my life!!! She’s killing the dream – she could be or do ANYTHING!! I hate that she feels self entitled to fuck up and not try… what a waste.
I hate being a mom right now… it’s a horrible thing, it’s too much for me, what was I thinking?? I also have a 10 month old son, a wonderful red headed bear who loves his sissy so much. He loves everyone… It kills me to think I’ll be doing this again in 15 years. Fuck my life!! Why did I procreate??
I hate that my husband who is young and sweet and caring wants to help me get this rage out of my head but cant. He’s such a good man and has been a good father figure to my girl but is truly getting the shit end of the stick. Shit!
I hate that I was a lackadaisical free spirited idiot that drifted around for the best years of my life searching for happiness, never working in one place on one thing hard enough to learn what success could be. I did drugs, had abusive men in my life and almost lost my life a few times. I hate that I didn’t become an iota of what I thought I would.
I hate that I haven’t traveled and seen this great big beautiful world… I want to be a nomad. I want to shave my head and wonder from continent to continent and visit with other cultures and learn from these beautiful beings who are nothing like me. I want to surf, climb mountains, and forage through rain forests… I want to go to Patagonia. Alone.
I HATE WAR... I can't even go there right now or I will burst into flames.
The only happiness is finding Hatebook tonight and all of you, my fellow haters… may this ranting help us all and may we find peace. Feb 20 5:34 AM UTC
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I hate when my friends say "I hate my life!" just because something dramatic happened. I'm not trying to judge, and I'm not saying I'm more important, but I AM saying that they need to get a fucking grip. There are people out there starving on the streets, or dying in hospital beds, and they're sitting there sipping their iced lemonade in their nice clothes saying THEIR life sucks?? Nothing makes me want to punch my friends more... Jan 5 9:23 AM UTC
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I hate cancer. I hate that cancer took away my dad. I hate when my friends complain about how much they hate their parents because they should fell lucky to have a dad. I hate how jealous I feel when I see my friends with their dads. I hate how tonight at my school there is a father daughter dance. I hate that I have to go because I am on student council. I hate that everyone will be dancing with their fathers to my dads favorite song and I will sit there, all alone. Dec 29 8:20 PM UTC
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well, I hate that nobody has time to listen to me or even give a damn about me, I hate that I feel hated and rejected by everyone, my friends don't really know me or even like me, I follow them like a stupid sheep everywhere. I also hate that my family don't understand me at all nor trust me or love me. I hate looking at other people walking with their parents laughing, or their bf/gf being romantic, or friends acting crazy, while I have no one to do that with. I try my best to make people happy and cheer them up, but they never seem to cheer up at all, instead they think I'm a freak...I don't really know why. I just keep hoping that someday someone really kind and nice would come and actually care about me.. Yeah when I type this I feel pathetic and depressing, but I had to say it. Jul 11 1:42 AM UTC
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I hate how I am never happy. I hate how I REALLY like this friend but she makes me miserable. I hate how I hate everything. I just don't want to live anymore..... Dec 18 12:58 PM UTC
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I hate how its aparently MY responsibility to tell on my friends who are drinking. I can't stop them, and if I told theyd just hate me. Let the parents catch their own darling angels, not me. Nov 24 3:07 AM UTC
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I hate it when the warning signs are there and I know better than to ignore them and I do something I shouldn't anyway.

Recently a person I had been friends with for over 20 years came to our house and begged us to lend him money. He told us it was to pay a builder who was coming to rip the renovations he had done to the friend's daughter's bedroom out if the builder wasn't paid. My friend assured us that the bank loan to pay the builder was approved, just held up for a few weeks and the builder needed to be paid now.

The two obvious warning signs we missed were that he had already borrowed small amount from us a month earlier and not paid us back. The other one as that he was desperate, he needed that money right NOW!

I let him have the money and told him that he was to settle all debts with us by the end of the month without fail. I turned out that he actually wanted the money to try and prop up his business. The business has since collapsed and he cannot pay us back. The came to our house knowing we were saving to buy a property and he was prepared to say whatever he needed to con us out of as much of our cash as he could.

I've known him since the 80's and met him through church. He was hardly some guy I met in a bar last week so I glossed over the two warning signs, even though in hindsight, it was obvious all was not well with him. Aug 21 12:24 AM UTC
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I hate that every time i move to another country, which is very often, i promise all my friends that we are still going to be in touch, that we will keep on talking, that we will skype every day, that we will go visit each other, but at the end, they forget you, and you forget them. And though they trully were your best friends, and you loved them and all that, you wont talk to them again, because its simply unavoidable.
I hate that i am 3 weeks into a new contry, and the people in the place i lived before have already stopped talking to me.
I hate that as you grow older its harder to get friends at school because its all fake.
I hate that though you are long gone from a country and your old friends post on facebook.
"oh i mis you." but you know its all fake, that they really dont
and i hate that when they post that you have to respond. "i miss you too"
it sucks
i hate it
i hate moving Aug 3 2:10 AM UTC
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