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I hate hate hate when people eat thier food and scrape thier silverware on thier teeth with every bite. WTF? It literally makes my skin crawl. And my husband of 11years does it. Every bite. Every time. I want to stab him with his fork. Dec 19 4:31 AM UTC
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i hate popcorn. yea...you popcorn, you think your so good with your disguise of buttery and salty and or cheesey mask. but no. you are an evil and sick snack. that wiggles your way into the back of my teeth, and... i just hate you Apr 21 10:39 AM UTC
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I hate how some states in the US banned trans fats. Food just doesn't taste the same without. Why is it, we, as a nation, have all suffer through this ban just because of people who can't control their eating habits? It isn't fair. Yeah, I know trans fats are unhealthy, but so are burgers & french fries. Why not ban french fries & burgers since that what alot of Americans are eating? Give me a break. Bring back the damn trans fats Nov 2 4:44 PM UTC
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I hate how no one uses cutlery properly! When I was little my parents taught me how to hold them (base of the utensil in the palm of the hand, index finger extended along the back, other fingers gripping the underside of the handle) and I never anyone would be so stupid as to use them any differently. I mean its way more efficient to use them right rather than stabbing at your food with a knife and fork held in your uneducated slobby fists. When I eat dinner with a friend for the first time It makes me sick to watch them pathetically try to cut and scoop food into their mouths in various incorrect, ineffecient (though creative) ways. Yet again I am dissapointed that here is another person I'll never be able to truly respect. I lose even more respect for their lazy useless parents. In fact its the one criterion for a girlfriend I'd never back down on. It just fills me with so much hate! Jul 26 11:46 PM UTC
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I hate gourmet food because rich idiots use it as an excuse to justify being born with silver spoons up their asses. When you look at the way gourmet food is made, there *really* is no difference whether an onion was;

(a) nurtured in the cool breezes of the Swiss Alps, plucked from the ground at the first full moon of autumn to guarantee the firmest textures, dried under the shade of ancient old growth spruce trees until the sweetness is just right, and graded by professional vegetable sorters, or
(b) grown in the back yard of your house, and plucked whenever you need something to cook dinner with.

And the pathetic thing about rich folks is that they would *actually* pay 20 times as much for a fucking onion imported from Switzerland than just showing their faces at the local grocery shop, just because the onion is "gourmet".

Since these rich snobs would fall for anything, even buying useless crap, to prove that they are above us, I propose that if we want to get our money back from them, all we have to do is sell "gourmet" food. It's quite simple to explain. Cheese batch smells like a sewer because you cured it with the wrong bacterial strain? Just sell it as gourmet food! Got a new tomato variety that won't be bought by supermarkets because it bruises too easily? Just sell it as gourmet food! Want to open up a restaurant in another part of the world? Just sell what you make as gourmet food (it sure worked for McDonald's and KFC when they went to Africa and Asia). Just sell your reject food as "gourmet" and I guarantee you that you too will be rich enough to snob over gourmet food yourself! Apr 16 2:32 PM UTC
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I hate when I'm cooking or baking and I forget to add an ingredient, usually a key one. One time I was making these peanut butter chocolate square things and I forgot the peanut butter. How stupid is that? Nov 28 3:33 PM UTC
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I hate that this nasty bitch next to me at work eats her stinky lunch at her desk. It could be nine in the morning and she'll have some kind of lunchmeat stench going on over there. It's disgusting. Sep 3 2:48 PM UTC
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I hate my friend for being one of THOSE people, you know the kind, when you go out for food and ask "What do you want to eat?" she'll go, "Anything, really you decide." And then I'll say, "What about Chinese food?"
And she'll go, "Um... it's too greasy for me."
"I don't really like Mexican."
"I had hamburgers last night."
And then I see her looking at some restaurant like she's giving me a hint and when I ask her if she wants to eat there and she'll go, "Yeah! Sure!" Like she's been waiting for me to pick the right one. Fuck it, bitch, just TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT TO EAT and don't make me go through all that bullshit. I'm not your fucking boyfriend and I don't have time for your coy shit especially concerning something as simple as food. May 5 2:34 PM UTC
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I hate how I can't enjoy food now. All I think about are how many calories it has, and whether or not it'll make me fat. When I was little, I ate food because I liked the taste. I didn't know anything about calories or fat. Now, I may not be as crazy as people, but I still think about it. The thought of it makes me uncomfortable, but I still have to think about it because of being forced on a diet. This sucks. May 2 2:37 AM UTC
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I hate bouyant cereal. I'm talking about cereal that rises out of the bowl when you poor milk in. I mean you put the cereal in the bowl and you're like that will work perfectly add some milk and then you have a disaster. Seriously, they just need to make cereal that is heavy enough to withstand a little milk. Apr 17 4:07 PM UTC
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