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I hate how some states in the US banned trans fats. Food just doesn't taste the same without. Why is it, we, as a nation, have all suffer through this ban just because of people who can't control their eating habits? It isn't fair. Yeah, I know trans fats are unhealthy, but so are burgers & french fries. Why not ban french fries & burgers since that what alot of Americans are eating? Give me a break. Bring back the damn trans fats Nov 2 4:44 PM UTC
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i fucking hate fat people that always complain about their fucking weight and are bitter to everyone else thats thin. if you hate being so fucking fat then go on a fucking diet you stupid bitch.its not our problem that you are so damn fat you fat shit.what the fuck is wrong with you.aargghh you stupid fat whore Mar 21 8:25 PM UTC
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i hate that i worked so hard to go from 200 lbs to 130 and i have these ugly fuckin stretch marks so always remind me and everyone around me that i use to be the fat girl Mar 10 1:59 AM UTC
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I hate that all the skinny Asian women I work with think it's OK to make fun of the fat, American white girl just because they are skinny. Let's get one thing straight: I never want to look like you. You have no boobs, no ass, and you are short to top it all off. And you are skinny, but you have an ugly face. I may be fat, but I have a pretty face. I will take a pretty face and a fat body over a skinny body and nasty face any day. They need to understand that I am not ashamed of my body, and that every time they look at me and I am grinning, it's because I'm thinking to myself how ugly and flat-chested they are. Jan 14 1:56 AM UTC
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I fucking hate how when i lose 1 kgs after like starving for a week and then gain like back 4 fucking kilos. At this stage I'm going to turn into a fat cow Dec 26 6:30 AM UTC
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i hate that I'm a fat sack of shit. i hate how big i am. i hate that I'm 5'10" & a girl. i hate that I'm taller than most boys && feel like a giant than most girls. i hate that i look like a tall goofy loser w/ glasses & short hair. i hate that I'm a black girl shaped like a fat white girl. If i had a shape like some hips & small waist i wouldn't be considered fat. I would just be thick. but because my stomach, love-handles, & thighs look like they are all attached, i just look like a round fat ass ball. i hate the fact that because i have big boobs it makes me look even bigger. i hate that fact i have no ass. hate that the back f my jeans sag. i hate that my butt hurts when i sit for too long because i have no cushion back there. i hate the fact that my stomach hangs over the front & sides of my pants. i hate that i wore sweats all this summer because all my jeans don't fit && show off my NON-shape fat body. i hate that my thighs sag & are filled with cellulite. i hate that I'm light skinned && the fat looks worse on me. i hate that the only things little on me are my legs && that just draws more attention to my top half. i hate the fact that i cant have sex anymore because of my body. i hate that i embarrass myself. i hate that i know I'm not sexually attractive for boys. i hate that i only had sex w/ one dude && that my body didn't appeal to him. i hate that he had sex w/ my friend & enjoyed it more...

i hate that fact that my friend has a coca-cola shape but doesn't even flaunt it. i hate that she hates her body. i hate that she is trying to loose 15 pounds at 160lbs. i hate the fact that she is 5'4" && looks like she is 140lbs. i hate that she has a fit body; not sloppy & jiggly, toned. If she doesn't like it so much then give it to me. i KNOW for a fact that she wouldn't wanna look like me. i hate that every time i look at her i feel a ping of jealousy because she is taking her perfect body for granted. i hate that she has no stomach, no love-handles, & the typical black girl hips, booty, thighs, & legs. i hate that she has thick long hair but does nothing w/ it. i hate that her whole family has good hair. i hate that she thinks she's ugly because she has acne but truthfully, i think she's sooo past pretty. i hate that i want her body, her complexion, her beauty, her sexual confidence, strength, popularity & her maturity so bad that it hurts. i hate that i have absolutely NO will-power determination or strength to change my disgusting body.

i hate that my friend has the same self-esteem && depression problems as me but has no reason for it. we are almost like twins but she's the better one. i hate that my depression has a lot to do w/ my body. i hate because I'm depressed i MUST eat or i will kill myself. i hate the fact that along w/ this depression shit i also have panic attacks & anxiety disorder symptoms. i hate that I'm scared to go to the doctor & tell them about my problems because they might look at me differently. i hate that i want a family but my friend has family surrounding her 24/7. i hate that she has such a loving sister & i don't have anyone. i hate that I'm at her house 24/7 && I feel like a freeloader eating up her food && sleeping on the couch like a bum because i despise my mother. i hate the fact I feel like I'm always in the way at her house. i hate the fact that i attached myself to her because I have no one else. i hate that w/o me she would still be able to live her life. i hate that w/o her i wouldn't even leave my house. i hate the fact that i look up to her like a big sister or role model & she doesn't even know. i hate the fact that she is everything i want to be && ENVY her. i hate the fact that i feel like I'm holding her back from living her life. i hate the fact that she went through her first love breaking her heart but found an even better love && I'm still mourning over my first love from almost 3 yrs ago. i hate the fact that she's my only friend...

Even though i hate all of these things i am still so ecstatic for her && proud of how far she has come from all the pain in her life. I hate that she gets mad when i push her so hard to live her life to the fullest && to try to fight the depression && not give in. I do this to show her that i do care & i can be a good friend; love, something i don't have. I love to show people what i don't have. Happiness, love, support, anything. it makes me feel good about myself. i just want her to be happy because for some strange reason if she was to be happy then maybe i could help myself... Aug 17 7:30 PM UTC
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i hate that no one designs cute clothes for fat people. i went shopping for a bathing suit yesterday and my options were between and ugly neon striped one and a plain tan one with ugly brown flowers. thats it im serious! i hate shopping when ur fat because its not about what looks cute but its about what fits. and they think that if ur fat you automtically think u have big boobs. i can never find clothes because im short, fat and flat chested! I HATE my life!!! Jun 26 4:49 AM UTC
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i hate how people have to ruin everything these days. take the potato chip. good, glorius potato chip. then some bastard gets the idea to bake it? for god's sake, they're not supposed to be baked! don't give me crap about how it tastes the same, i expect my chips to be light and crispy and coated with oil, not tasting like stale toast! just because some people can't control themselves and eat in moderation does not mean you get to replace the good old fashioned potato chip with a baked one. and banning trans fat...it's not like i eat it everyday. i eat fast food about once a month and now i can't enjoy wonderfully greased up fries? that's not the way to help people settle their will power issues. gah, stop ruining things and let me eat my greasy, cholesterol-coated foods! Dec 16 1:39 AM UTC
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I hate that I'm every cliche of a bad internet date.
I'm fat, bad teeth, live with my parents, unemployed, can't drive, super shy, high school dropout, diagnosed with bipolar.
The only ones that don't fit me are on drugs, unclean, and married. Dec 15 10:20 AM UTC
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I hate that I have bipolar disorder. I hate being on all of these meds that make me a fat ass and a zombie half the time. I hate the fact that I am judged by people on my weight when most of them don't know about the medication. If I tell them they will treat me differently because of the bipolar so I leave it alone and just let them think I am a lazy worthless piece of shit. I hate that I am married to a man who will not even begin to try to understand me. I do not feel that he loves me. I stay because of finances and because I believe he would try to take our son from me. My son is my world, I take all of those meds for him. If I didn't have him I wouldn't worry about it. I'd be skinny and moody and if people didn't like it I wouldn't care. But he is my everything, and I do care so being fat and zombified at times is worth it for him to be safe and happy. Jun 7 3:12 AM UTC
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