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well, I hate that nobody has time to listen to me or even give a damn about me, I hate that I feel hated and rejected by everyone, my friends don't really know me or even like me, I follow them like a stupid sheep everywhere. I also hate that my family don't understand me at all nor trust me or love me. I hate looking at other people walking with their parents laughing, or their bf/gf being romantic, or friends acting crazy, while I have no one to do that with. I try my best to make people happy and cheer them up, but they never seem to cheer up at all, instead they think I'm a freak...I don't really know why. I just keep hoping that someday someone really kind and nice would come and actually care about me.. Yeah when I type this I feel pathetic and depressing, but I had to say it. Jul 11 1:42 AM UTC
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I hate you for lying to me. I found out that your brave army life you have to lie about to make was a lie and everything. Why make yourself sound like something your not. Look how many men are dying or getting wounded everyday. Look at all the families going thruogh pain of not knowing. Do you think these war is a joke? Lives are being lost and dreams killed. What the hell is wrong with you?????? My father fought in Nam and lost many friends. He has nightmares still to this day about what he saw and had to do. Youre sick and sad! Did you get your flags from the store and you pins too or did you steal them from a man that went to war?
Makes me wonder is our life we have together a lie too. Do you really love my kids? They see you as their father and look up to you. They see you as you can do no wrong in way. Do you really want us to be a family? Do you really want to marry me? Is that a lie to? Ive never lied to you. I told you my past i didnt have to but I did. My life hasnt been the greatest but I told you the truth. WHY???? The reason is I thought I found the one true man that would be the one. Now I dont know what to say or do. I dont even know how to tell that I know about youe fake army life.
I love you and so do my kids. Why lie you seemed to be a wonderful man but now I dont know what to do? You mad us happy and proud to be with you now I cant look at you without thinking is whats coming out your mouth a lie. Jun 29 7:15 PM UTC
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Every time i do something for my family i never ask for any money because i appreciate what they do for me. but since i got my ticket all they think i do is drugs. I'm 18 and i fucking hate my family. i do one nice they thing and they think its for drugs. I spend hours doing crap for them and I don't even ask for money. But now whenever i ask for money which is only twice a week they think i just do all that crap to get more money for me to do drugs. It infuriates me more than anything and i only smoke bud 3 times a week with money that I've saved or earned. I dont see the pint in doing nice things all the time if they only concentrate on the bad. Nov 17 11:19 PM UTC
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I'm in college now, and this should be all over for me; I should be able to move on and enjoy my life, but my parents keep ruining it. Neither my mother or my father have ever been actual parents to me. My mother had past drug prescription problems, and my father was an alcoholic manipulative dick.

I fucking hate both of them. They divorced when I was around five but insisted on dragging me in the middle, and I've had to put up with so much shit that it's been fucking legendary. Over the years, all the things I could never do because they selfishly mismanaged money has really affected me. I could never go on outings with my friends, I rarely ever got the things I actually needed, and most of all beyond money, I never got any actual support from either.

My father remarried when I was around seven and let the bitch that was my stepmother yell and cuss and generally emotionally abuse me until she told me to get the fuck out of her. The irony? Out of all of her kids, I was the only ONE, her non-biological child, to give a fuck about her welfare after her MS set in.

Meanwhile, my own mother is too busy being with her friends, drinking, smoking marijuana, and gambling to give a fuck about me. We'd go without food and a car for fucking ages because she'd spend her money on unimportant shit. I know she went through a lot of problems with my dad in her marriage- he whored around rampantly and really, pretty much turned me against her, but really it didn't take much. I hate how both of my parents always try to twist and turn and manipulate how I feel; they always send me on fucking guilt trips but have never given me the love and support I've needed.

Now I'm nineteen. My senior year royally imploded because my father contracted an STD of some sort and insisted on buying a mail-order bride because no one in our city was willing to sleep with him any longer. He goes ballistic over this whore insisting I put her above my own mother, and on the flip side my mom and I start to actually get involved in each other's lives again. My childhood has really been one long convoluted story of being stretched and pulled...So, I'm somewhere between forgiving my mother, and my dad goes off the fucking deep end, sometime last month he attacked me, like attempted to strangle me, for me addressing how he treats me. I blacked his eye and ran for the door, but things haven't been much better with my mother either now.

I live in a dorm- thank god, but she constantly fucks up money, and then runs over to me to bail her out. What little fucking money I do have, I need! So, I give her money- sometimes my every last cent, and she swears it's going to her rent or getting our car fixed, but then I call her up...and where the fuck is she? Out gambling...

Then she'll call me all depressed the next few days later, and say how I don't do anything for her, how bad a daughter I am, and how irresponsible I am when I'm living on ramen noodles and fruit cups because I just gave you my last dollar which you gambled away. And this is rich, whenever she gets money... Guess where it goes? She'll give it my older sister, who has a job and is equally irresponsible rather than paying me back. She'll fucking give money away to people at the casino to play and insists I play too, and gets mad if I just want to you know pocket the money for a rainy day instead... My sister is a bitch I can't stand too. She's easily pushing 300 lbs and has two kids with this greasy fuck who's always on and off again employed. She's always criticising me and being such a diva and acting like I get special treatment when the money I struggle to keep, my mother literally hands to her so she go out eat like a fucking pig with her fat family.

I can't fucking stomach either of my parents.
My Dad is a physically and emotionally abusive ass-hole who while I struggled to get the money to go to college, getting scholarships and grants, sends thousands of dollars overseas to whores. My mother refuses to get a job and insists on sponging on what little I have, and she's just as emotionally abusive. I'm a nearly straight A student...I've been that way since fucking high-school, and I'm the only one in my entire god-damn family with a modicum of responsibility, and it makes me fucking sick how my parents are such huge absolute zeroes in my life. May 4 12:01 AM UTC
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I hate that I want to kill myself. I hate that I can't, because my father did years ago, and my entire family freaked out because I was kind of an angry little kid and they all thought I'd grow up to be suicidal. (They never considered that actually TELLING an 8-year-old "You have mental issues and will be just like your father" might have contributed to any anger issues I started out with). I hate that suicide would just give them a reason to say "I told you so." Yeah, they'd be sad that I was dead, but they'd be happy too, in a weird way. I hate that my only reason for staying alive is so they can't feel superior to me for predicting how I would turn out. Nov 22 9:22 AM UTC
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I hate how you do a mom joke about someone and that someone says their mom's dead. Oct 13 1:34 PM UTC
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I hate that when my brother eats goldfish all day long, that when I go to say hi or something, he has cheese breath! It's disgusting!!! Aug 11 5:24 PM UTC
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i hate my damn sister thats almost freaking 24 years old and still thinks shes 15 years old. that wears tiny mini skirts and tops barely covering her AA breasts then walks around doing nothing. she has no job, no friends and NO LIFE. she doesnt go to school or do anything useful and shes so jealous just bc im younger and prettier and that i actually HAVE titties to show even though i dont. i just wish i cud replace her with a brother instead. that would change my life immensely....i love brothers hate sisters......ughhhhh well actually it wud be nice if she were a normal cool big sis that i could hang with but she not. just a poofy stupid catty girl girl bitch!!

what do you think masterhater should i have aliens probe her brain? Jun 3 9:09 PM UTC
Masterhater says: Is that really an option? I think if you have some aliens at your beck and call maybe you should fly around and check out a few other solar systems. Maybe buzz a few rednecks and leave a few crop-circles on your way. Probably a better use of your power.
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I HATE my sister and I HATE my cousin. We used to be so close...UNTIL you two had sex with each other and I heard you two late at night. I never knew you'd of all people my dear cousin would do that to MY LITTLE SISTER. You were so much like a big brother to us...now I feel awkward, angry, and hurt whenever I am around both of you. I HATE you both because I loved you so much. I HATE keeping your secret buried inside me. I HATE pretending to laugh and smile around you two, it gets so exaughsting. I HATE the fact I do not know what to do. I wish to God someday I will get away from that house...so I no longer have to see you two. I plan on moving out soon...I hope you two would then be out of my life. Mar 1 11:55 AM UTC
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i hate it when people ask me "so when are you and your husband gonna have kids?" it annoys me to no end and it's none of your damn business! get a life already! were still too young and i'm still in college so no babies.quit asking.when i'm pregnant i will tell you myself. Feb 23 6:22 AM UTC
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