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I hate hoe gay people stole the rainbow. I love rainbows, but now everyone thinks I'm a lesbian. I also hate how people think I'm emo because I have scratches, no I have an aggressive cat. I CAN'T HELP IT. Aug 8 2:33 AM UTC
me too (80)

I hate the fact that Battle lines are drawn between these certain archetypes such as emo, scene, hardcore, metal, punk, goth. why can't we all chill out, pound some brews and get over ourselves? May 27 5:22 AM UTC
me too (248)

I hate the fact that everything and everyone has to belong to a stereotype, so much so that you cant listen to a song or wear a brand without being accused of being something May 15 1:21 PM UTC
me too (262)

i hate the way that people can have a go about people being emo, being gay, being goth, being skater or anyone being theirselfs but if you say anything about anyone being a different colour, its racist. Jun 30 11:19 PM UTC
me too (431)

Wow I love this website and I love the fact that everybody hates emo here, because I do hate emo a lot. Sometimes I see girls that are EMOish and sometimes I think they are cute because they are not like completely emo, it's mostly like for the style. But then ahhh fuck I hate it because I talk to her and then she speaks about what she hates, and that her life is so painful that poor little princess. How am I suppose to react when she tells me she almost got through her veins with the cutters?

I hate that EMO shit and I hate even more the fact that it's becoming cool, because the first philosphy of EMO is "Everyone hates me and i'm 16 years old fag and my life is painful". Now that you are having EMO friends you're not EMO at all, you're just a bunch of fake-emo-pussies with fake feelings and fake stories to tell each other.

I mean, theres a lot of people I hate... I hate homeless, I hate natives, I hate douchebags, but all of theses people AT LEAST respect themselves. EMO fags don't even respect themselves, they hate themselves so why shouldn't I hate them?

And if you're a emo guy and you want everybody to stop bullying you at school, STOP WEARING FUCKIN GIRLS CLOTHES!! May 12 2:27 AM UTC
me too (281)

I hate guys who made up this "emo" shit to cover their acts like a girl. I hate their fake depression and despair, I hate their all-time-fail suicide attempts, if you are gonna cut your wrists do it vertically, not horizontally, this way you'll die for sure. I hate their one-eye-hidden hair style, if I see one I make his visible eye black, this way they look more desperate, I hate everything about them, they are just a bunch of coward gays, they are so coward, they can't even call what they are(gay) and they hide behind this "emo" shit. And I hate Tokio Hotel's leadsinger, he/she/ is the most disgusting human being I've ever seen. I hate everyone who disagree with this post. Jan 11 12:21 PM UTC
me too (392)

I hate Emo, I hate the THIN line between EMO and GOTH. I hate how its COOL to be emo. I hate their haircuts. Ask me Y...then I hate U. I hate when you ask them why their depressed and they say, Nobody Understands the way I feel. As if I wasnt 16 with no friends at one point in life.
I hate the "cutters", and fake Suicide victoms. I hate the threat of Suicide. If your gonna do it.... then DO IT. I hate all the bitches who stand on the edge of a building scraming "I'll Jump!" WELL THEN JUMP. Do us a favor. I hate the bitches who slit their wrists. I hate when some 15 year old Emo bitch,wearing his sisters pants, Slits his wrists in his own house 20 minits before his parents get home... Knowing perfectly that he'll be found and saved. Y? Because he wants attention and cant figure out how to be funny and cool like the class clown or the Popular Jock. Just die allready. Give me My GOTH back. I hate when I see "Depressed goth's" there no longer Goth.... They have become EMO and theirfor lame. Goth was about Darkness and the Beauty of Darkness. Not crying in the corner of my room dressed in black like a bitch because noone likes me.... because I'm lame to begin with.

I Hate PPL who try to kill themselves by eating a whole bottle of asprin. If you wanna die soooooo bad then just Shoot yourslef. or go at a cop with a chainsaw. He'll shoot you for you. Dec 21 5:13 PM UTC
me too (258)

I hate that I just don’t get what ‘emo’ is? Is it short for ‘emotional’? I thought all teenagers were emotional? Is it short for ‘Eskimo’ because Eskimo’s dress funny too, climate appropriate of sorts and yeah, apparently the youth of today can’t spell? Is it an abbreviation for ‘European Music Organisation’ then why are they so global? European music is ok I guess? Could it stand for ‘Ericson Mobile Organiser’ because they are always on the phone? I hate that I just don’t get it! They look like the Beatles with PMS? I hate kids that think they are being original but are just being normal irrational, emotional teenagers that dress funny. I hate how whatever the heck ‘emo’ is, it makes me feel old and miserable. Nov 6 9:44 AM UTC
me too (322)

I hate how people can so easily tell others to "Go kill themselves" based on how they look, or if they are in a different stereotype than them. Suicide is no laughing matter, and i hate how low our society has came. Thats just one of the millions that proves it. Aug 19 6:16 PM UTC
me too (849)

I hate that i call guys that look "emo" and "scene" fags.. when i really just do it because i wish i got girls like that. I wish i looked like that. And i wish i could do what i want, but im too afraid of being teased. I hate that i have joined in on calling them those names. Im sorry. Aug 19 6:15 PM UTC
me too (382)

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