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I hate the people on this site who complain about the stupidest of things.

Do I care if you hate the fact the sky is blue instead of red? No.

Do I give a damn if you hate you're neighbor because he walks around in nothing but a bath robe? NO.

Do you honestly think I care if you hate so and so because they believe in something you don't. NOOO!

Why have people turned to social networking to state their dumb opinions? I mean, don't get me wrong, sites like this let people know they're aren't alone in what they hate, but I think people come here and spam the dumbest things they can think of to see if it is passed through. Jan 26 2:22 PM UTC
Masterhater says: Can you imagine if I went on a rampage and just put, "First world problem!" on every post that seemed trivial? My doucheometer would be pegged for sure.
me too (29)

I hate that society is geared towards and panders to the Lowest Common Denominator! all things in our modern society have been established to accomodate the slowest, weakest, dumbest, and least competant members of society. everything from driving laws, to public education, from voting, to airport security... the list is endless!! perhaps we can make a fastlane of sorts and allow people who have properly demonstrated that they have purpose, intent, and focus on whatever it is they do can avoid being restricted by those who cant seem to get anything accomplished with any degree of efficiency!! Mar 10 1:54 PM UTC
me too (86)

I hate people who have no commonsense. Yes, I understand that some people have more booksmart's than commonsense and vice versa but come on already!! Does it take a genius to realize not to leave a baby in a hot car while your in Wal*Mart looking at tube socks, and sweat pants? Do you have to have an above average IQ to realize that the speed limit is 35mph and not 20mph? Must you earn a college education to realize that all cars are built with turn signals, if they weren't they'd be illegal (person I unfortunetly know). Use your commonsense!! It's something everyone is born with, Freud called it your superego, that kept your ego in check. Don't take phone calls in the theatre, don't stop in the dead middle of the store aisle to "browse", don't ask me if I'm new when you've never seen me before. Commonsense, it's not that hard. Nov 4 3:51 AM UTC
me too (184)

I hate that people talk about me. im actually a good person who loves life. But people dont see that. They see an opportunity to bismirch my character, and for that, I hate them. Sep 19 10:45 PM UTC
Masterhater says: Yes Mr. President. I feel your pain.
me too (122)

I hate that English (American English, I mean to say) is dumb. Yeah it's very popular, but come on. I hate that the other languages get words that have genders and they have the formal and informal "you." We did at one time (thou) but for stupid reasons killed it off and kept the you (which is the formal one). I hate that the only time you will hear objects with genders is when people are talking about ships or countries (feminine nouns). I hate that what's left of the male and feminine words are slowly merging into one (poet/poetess, waiter/waitress, actor/actress, steward/stewardess). It wasn't about gender discrimination you fools, almost every other language was doing the same thing. We're killing the (American) English language! Aug 25 1:59 PM UTC
me too (37)

I hate it when high-end fashion designers charge a lot of cash for plain designs. I was in the flagship Neiman Marcus (Moar like Needless Markup, lol amirite) and they had a plain white t-shirt from Gucci for 500 damn dollars. WTF!?!?!? Now, If I had a shitload of moolah, I wouldn't mind spending 500 dollars on a shirt if had a nice design, but COME ON!. It looks like a friggin wal-mart shirt for crying out loud! If I pay 500 dollars on a shirt, it better have the sweetest design, get me boatloads of pussy, and flash "GUCCI" in neon lights. I understand it isnt made in a sweatshop in the middle of China or Sri Lanka, but seriously, thats Fucking redonculous. Aug 11 4:56 AM UTC
me too (110)

i hate how the dumb, ignorant assholes are the ones popping out all the kids while the smart liberals live freely and never settle down. in 50 years the average IQ will be like 70 and America will tuen into jesusland. arggg! Aug 3 3:39 PM UTC
me too (274)

I hate stupid cartoon characters! There's just so many out there and I just wish I could make them all bleed!

Simpson Characters

I hate Database. He is an exact copy of Martin Prince, and happens to bother me more for some reason. Why do they need two Martin-like characters?

I hate Rod and Todd Flanders. They have the most annoying high-pitched, squeaky voices and are exceptionally stupid. They also are too much like Ralph Wiggum and aren't nearly as funny.

I hate Barney Gumble. I'll admit he used to be funny years ago, but now hes just plain stupid and annoying GRRRR! He never really does anything unique anymore and instead belches and gets drunk! It seriously is getting annoying!!!!

I hate Marge Simpson, she's rarely funny and her jokes are just plain stupid! The thing I hate about her the most is that she has main parts in so many episodes now!

I hated Maude Flanders thank goodness she's dead finally! She had nothing unique about her at all.

King of the Hill characters

I hate Bobby Hill! He is such a pussy and a loser; I can't even believe he had a girlfriend. He acts like a girl and appears to be quite content about it. Hank and Peggy should of had him aborted.

I hate Peggy Hill so much! Her one-liners such as ho yea! are so irritating and she thinks shes all that. I wish she would just blow up.

I HATE John Redcorn with a passion. He is a stupid bastard who tries to steal Dale's hot wife. How dare he mess with the Dale the awesome anarchist! Dale should shoot that bastard and piss on his grave. Besides he is a whiny native who's always complaining about how hard he has it and about his land that was taken away.

Family Guy

I HATE Meg Griffin. Well this one is quite obvious now isn't it?

Other Cartoons

American Dad- I hate all the characters on this show. They are all just a cheesy spoof of Family Guy and are rarely funny at all.

I HATE Dee-Dee from Dexter's Lab. She is perhaps the most annoying creation ever! From her constant high-pitched singing to her "Oh My God everything is sooooo wonderfullll" attitude. Poor Dexter, has to live with that bitch and is constantly dealing with her breaking into his laboratory and being a nuisance.

I hate Velma from Scooby Doo. I don't know what it is that bugs me so much, but she is so frigging ugly and nerdy!

I HATE Spongebob Squareass and Patrick! There voices are so god damn annoying it makes we wish I was deaf (Especially Spongebob's laugh!)! Why doesn't Squidward just kill those two bastards already!

I hate just about all the girls from Johnny Bravo. They are so stupid! For some darn reason they just won't date him. What a bunch of fools!

Last but not least, I HATE TWEETY BIRD!!!!! I wish I could give that damned bird a slow, painful, and bloody death! That bird is so god damn ugly and irritating. His catch phrases seriously piss me off and I hate his gigantic head. I seriously hope its a cancerous tumor. Jun 2 9:39 PM UTC
me too (17)

I hate how dirty giving head is... I hate that I love giving head... I hate that that is all a guy wants sometimes... I hate the word Dome... I hate that ive given head to 5 different guys and only 2 of them were my boyfriends at some point... I hate being drunk on a cruise and having a random hookup... I hate my best friends boyfriend that I think im falling for... I hate the random marine that was only here for a couple of months... I hate the boyfriend who was the girl in the relationship... I hate the boyfriend who I still am in love with but cant seem to get over becasue we still hook up all the time... I hate me for giving these guys all they wanted... HEAD... I hate how some girls think its so gross... Get over it... It taste good... HAHA... I hate how I have a date to hook up with the same guy tomorrow... Fuck Mar 15 9:59 PM UTC
me too (66)

i hate that my roommate is so stupid. every joke is wasted on her because shes so dumb. she is a waste of a person. i hate that she is so clueless to everything. dumb. Nov 28 9:08 PM UTC
me too (64)

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