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I hate that I'm that mom... I hate the look on my face right now. I've been driving around tonight to get out of the house so I don't say "the wrong thing". So I drive... with this grimace... this sneer... this evil teeth bearing crazy ass look on my face wanting to scream and bellow this hate inside me. I want to rip my head off and throw it under the 18 wheeler next to me.
I hate that my daughter snorted hydro... who the fuck does that? Apparently stupidass beautiful privileged 16 year old girls who have no fucking idea how dangerous this is!!!! What the fuck!! Luckily it was her first time “experimenting” with another dumbass girl. Oh, yeah… supposedly she’s been smoking pot, too… no biggy, right? All this time she’s been lying to me, grades slipping, attitude changes, friend problems, droping out of swimteam…. Yeah – pot’s no big deal, smoke it 24/7 for all I care – I’m sure it will take you far!
I hate this other dumbass girls father when contacted out of concern could only say… “I can’t believe that she would smoke in her car! I clean that car and have never smelled pot!” Stupid piece of work parenting at play… they seem more worried about her Benz that they GAVE A 16 YEAR OLD to drive than the precious cargo within. Fuckers.
I hate that when I confronted my daughter she didn’t look or act like herself… she’s been lying to me for so long that I don’t recognize her anymore. She’s a great girl, a wonderful girl and she’s ruining my life!!! She’s killing the dream – she could be or do ANYTHING!! I hate that she feels self entitled to fuck up and not try… what a waste.
I hate being a mom right now… it’s a horrible thing, it’s too much for me, what was I thinking?? I also have a 10 month old son, a wonderful red headed bear who loves his sissy so much. He loves everyone… It kills me to think I’ll be doing this again in 15 years. Fuck my life!! Why did I procreate??
I hate that my husband who is young and sweet and caring wants to help me get this rage out of my head but cant. He’s such a good man and has been a good father figure to my girl but is truly getting the shit end of the stick. Shit!
I hate that I was a lackadaisical free spirited idiot that drifted around for the best years of my life searching for happiness, never working in one place on one thing hard enough to learn what success could be. I did drugs, had abusive men in my life and almost lost my life a few times. I hate that I didn’t become an iota of what I thought I would.
I hate that I haven’t traveled and seen this great big beautiful world… I want to be a nomad. I want to shave my head and wonder from continent to continent and visit with other cultures and learn from these beautiful beings who are nothing like me. I want to surf, climb mountains, and forage through rain forests… I want to go to Patagonia. Alone.
I HATE WAR... I can't even go there right now or I will burst into flames.
The only happiness is finding Hatebook tonight and all of you, my fellow haters… may this ranting help us all and may we find peace. Feb 20 5:34 AM UTC
me too (135)

I hate that my brother in law abused drugs and died. Dude why did you haveto take 15 xanax an methadone. Now when I want to do blow my wife hates it. I dont get stupide like you did. Your an asshole. Fuck you May 15 10:18 AM UTC
me too (12)

I hate sports games because the athletes are all a bunch of drug and hormone abusers. To think that I grew up being made fun of for having no interest in sports, and now that I have seen what goes on behind the scenes of the game, I feel justified. How can these athletes go around telling people that they can be like them through diet and exercise, when they got their big muscles and endurance from swallowing pills or injecting strange liquids? What a fucking sham modern sports has become. Nov 18 5:17 PM UTC
me too (57)

i hate that im interested in the forbidden. im a young teenager and im very interested in drugs and alcohol. i know there is so much stuff about not doing it, how horrible it is, but for some reason i want to try it. my life is boring, at least it would be a change, for better or worse. i know tons of kids at school who do it but i cant ask them. and at the same time i want to. Jun 10 3:28 AM UTC
me too (66)

I hate that I found a cut up straw with coke in my pocket. I hate that I know it's my mom's and she was wearing this jacket earlier. I hate that my mom tells me never to do drugs when she is always smoking pot in the bathroom. I hate that she ignores that my sister is practically dropping out of school. I hate that she ignores that my brother is selling pot and drinking in his locked bedroom. I hate that when something goes wrong with them she acts like I'm her confidant and tells me she doesn't know what she did wrong. I hate that when I told her she needed to stop my sister before she gets into trouble with the school, she ignored me and then the school SARTed her for not attending her classes. I hate the way I feel like I have to be responsible because my parents don't act like parents. Mar 6 8:55 PM UTC
me too (97)

i hate my life. i hate me and i hate every sorry goddamn person in it. grrrrr....
i hate that people judge me for the colour of my skin. i hate that people pretend to be your friend when they are all just assholes. i hate that my boyfriend fancies my best mate. i hte that everyone thinks i am a slut. i hate that i feel used, i hate that i feel like a damaged fruit, a disposal peel, a DIY girl. i hate that everyone expects me to be soo perfect when they themselves are not. i hate how people expect me to act. i hate that now my boyfriend and i have split, i feel empty. i hat that no one in school likes me. i hate my friends who deserted me, the family who disowned me, and myself for trying to find solace in the wring things like sex, drugs, alchohol, and self-harm. i hate these scars. i hate that im not strong enough to say no. i hate that i put out for the one boy i reely did like, and now he wont even look at me becasue he has no reason to.
i am a worthless whore, a slag, a bitch, a waste of space, pointless existance, a ugly, lonely, wasted, unloved, bloodstained, hopeless human being.

how do i deal with all this unsatisfied anger and inward turning hate??
how do i live with myslef know that i hate soo much??
how can i live with the embarassment of bearing my name??
how is this life??? May 19 5:17 PM UTC
me too (550)

I hate how stupid many college kids are. This one kid was going to trash an 80s party once, and the moron says "F those hippies."

me too (63)

i hate people that are stoned all the time. yeah some people can be stoned and functional. but i have known so many wonderful, awesome people that started smoking pot regularly and became the most boring people in the world. why don't they realize they are better than that? smoking every once in awhile to have fun is fine, but when people do it almost everyday they just become the most uninteresting, unmotivated, lame shells of human beings. when you're around them, 90% of the time they aren't even paying attention to you, but you don't realize it because you're not high, you just think they're being weird. realizing that people don't remember the things they say to or do with you really makes you feel devalued.

i hate that normal guys are so boring, but the interesting ones all have emotional problems or some kind of vice that prevents things from going well with them.

i hate when people make comments about me being angry. if you're not angry about something, you're not paying attention. Mar 20 1:31 AM UTC
me too (141)

I hate drugs and what they do to families. I hate that people are always defending their right to use drugs as a personal freedom. I hate that you can't make someone go to rehab. I hate trying so hard to help and failing so miserably. Jan 7 5:16 AM UTC
me too (149)

I hate that drugs killed my boyfriend's emotions and left him dead inside. I hate that drugs ruined our relationship and I hate that we broke up. I hate that he was a shitty person who would rather do drugs than be with me. I hate that I could not help him stop doing drugs. I hate that we could not have sex because of his drug addiction. I hate that drugs made him forget things like my birthday and our anniversary. I hate that after we broke up he did not even care or miss me. I hate that I miss him. I hate the way all of this garbage made me feel. I hate that I stayed with him for over a year. I hate that I still think about him every day. Apr 1 8:58 PM UTC
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