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I hate that people who should be banned from ever operating a vehicle somehow pass their driver's tests. It was years before I got my license, and I'm not that great of a driver, I'll admit. But this guy? Runs red lights, doesn't give a flying fuck about pedestrians, runs into stop signs, slams on breaks every time he needs to stop. He got his license years before me, and he went to the same place as me for his test! what the hell??? Apr 25 11:01 PM UTC
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I hate high-functioning retards who can't put a little space between my rear bumper and their front, thereby assuming they're gonna get to work 2 minutes earlier. I've got news for all those inbreds. I always leave 5 minutes early so I can drive safely. Novel thought, eh? See ya on the road, Assholes! Feb 18 7:07 PM UTC
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I hate the bitch that ran over my dog in front of me and didn't even stop. I don't love a lot of things in my life and you took one of the few out of it very quickly. Fuck you. Oct 17 4:32 AM UTC
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i hate when lights change to red for me and green for..no one. So Im sat there engine running, costing me money, to give way to invisible traffic!

I hate Crossings that stay red for ages after people have finished crossing and then theres crossings that barely give u any time to cross..

I hate people who dont understand how to use a fucking roundabout...

I hate people who have to chime in when the situation has nothing to do with them, just shut the fuck up and get on with ur day. if ur that bored.. get a different hobby apart from being a nosy bastard.

i hate noisy neighbours, dirty chavs who have gardens but rather hang out in the street..and councils and housing agencies that do fuck all about them.

I hate people who write for a living but cant spell for shit, and their shit editors who ok their stuff.

I hate everything. somedays. Aug 31 11:19 AM UTC
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I hate that my mother can't drive my dad's car properly. She drives like someone who doesn't know how the gears of a car work. Now i have to put up with a jumpy, stop-start ride home. Shit Sep 21 7:04 PM UTC
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I hate when your driving in the car and someone speeds up to pass you right before a stoplight where you have to turn right, only to make you wait at the light for five minutes when you could have turned right and not been in front of them anyways. Sep 28 10:03 PM UTC
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I hate the transition from childhood to adulthood.

Why does everything appear so difficult now? Driving, taxes, education, and keeping a job (if you're lucky enough to get one, as you can tell, I haven't) are just a few examples.

I hate how everyone seems to meet the expectations just fine except for me. I'm one of the few people who has reached 19 and has never had a job. I feel so pathetic that it's off the scale. Also, once you get a job, it doesn't mean you can stick with it forever - you must choose a career path. I can't even land a job, how the hell am I going to land a career?

I'm in college, but honestly, I don't even take pride in that anymore. It's not really a "level-up" (some people you see there shouldn't even BE there). It's just a money-sucking machine - money = pretty much 100% guaranteed access. I worked my ass off in High School for nothing, and I realized that way too fucking late.

I can't drive, and I'm scared to start.

Taxes? I don't even understand how the financial system works. All those forms...I get sick just looking at them, let alone learn what each one is for.

I hate this. Everyone seems to be coping better than me. I'm learning about disorders in Psychology and I seem to show mild characteristics in all of the ones that have been mentioned so far. Man...maybe I just wasn't meant for life. Mar 27 5:08 AM UTC
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i hate when so-called "auto enthusiasts" think they're so cool if they drive a stick shift car. who the hell cares about your stick vw or honda or whatever. why is it so fun? Do you pretend you're racing and make engine and squealing tire noises with your mouth? by the way, i can drive stick just fine. i just dont give a damn. before the fifties, almost all cars were stick shift. did those people brag about it? Jan 29 4:51 AM UTC
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i hate when you werent supposed to DD then you get to where your going and your DD gets all fucked up and you end up not drinking and driving everyone home. Jan 26 7:09 AM UTC
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I hate that I almost killed a 90 year old man on the road today. Not from road rage, but because his light was red but since he probably can't see because HE'S 90, he drove right into oncoming traffic. I was going 55mph and if I hadn't reacted so quickly and swerved out of the way I would have smashed into his fucking Lincoln killing both of us.
But what really bothers me is that i caught a glimpse of his face, he didn't even look fazed/surprised/shocked/scared by it! That fucker is going to kill someone that's a guarantee.
I hate that there STILL is not a law preventing old people from driving!! WTF?! Jan 8 10:36 AM UTC
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