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I hate when people worship their dead. It always sucks when somebody dies (well, almost always...well, sometimes....). But you got these people who even 20 years after the person passes they still talk about their death like it just happened yesterday. They put this person up on a pedestal like they were some kind of hero when they were just mortal average beings like everybody else. May 13 6:36 PM UTC
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fuck this shit...i just wrote out a long ass rant and some how i have to restart. im madd ass fuck .. im madd a s fuck because the object of my complete contemp is fucking speaking which means breating which means my stress levels are rising as we speak.. shut the fuck up you cunt bitch.. i wish you would so i could snap your fucking neck. i have no mercy for you fucking useless dispicbale coward monkeys. i want to end you with all my hate and disgust. please some one kill me so i dont go postal and splatter the brains of some peice of shit flessh bag. women, children, man servent, maidesrvent, ox, dog and cate. die. die. die. die. die. die. i must stop the infection from spreading. these fucking dispicable monkeys will copulate and have children and will pass down the worthlessness of thier non existance. these worthless sacks of flesh have no reason to live. loving lies and illusions and treating them as if they were real. blinded worthless trash. die. die. die. Jan 4 3:50 AM UTC
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I hate that my good friend just lost his daughter to a car crash. I hate that the child she was carrying could not have been saved. I hate the fact that her husband was in the car as well and lost his life. I hate black ice. I hate the fact that life shits on good people yet scumbags seem to live forever and bread like cockroaches making more little bastards while good honest men like my friend has his life and heart destroyed. Jan 22 8:02 PM UTC
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I hate how terrified I am of death. The idea of having no existance, no conciousness. I'm angry how I will inevitably, one day, be taken out of the amazing life I've been given.

I can rarely enjoy activities nowadays because the notion that one day, it'll all be gone takes over every single time.

I guess the human brain isn't capable of thinking about these kinds of things, like what happens once we've died.

The thought of reincarnation certainly drives me insane. I don't want to be re-born once I die, what if I'm reborn as an unfortunate person?
Someone born with a lifelong disease, someone born into a third world country, or worse.

I'd rather turn to dust and cease to exist, thank you very much. Apr 21 5:20 PM UTC
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I hate that my brother in law abused drugs and died. Dude why did you haveto take 15 xanax an methadone. Now when I want to do blow my wife hates it. I dont get stupide like you did. Your an asshole. Fuck you May 15 10:18 AM UTC
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I hate that the anniversary of my dad's death is on national pot day. It makes the day that destroyed part of me when I was three a joke. Did I mention he died from lung cancer, caused by smoking? Apr 19 10:48 PM UTC
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I hate how i miss my boyfriend. He died in Japan a few days ago while on a business trip and the earthquake hit. He was drowned by the Tsunami. I miss him so much <3 :'( I will never stop loving you Robbie. <3 Mar 16 1:42 AM UTC
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I hate that a thirteen year old boy in my grade named dylan died exactly one month ago, the day after valentine's day. i hate that just one stupid mistake (he was skateboarding with no helmet, fell, and hit is head) stole his short life away without giving him a second chance. I hate that his family is going through hell right now because they lost their son and brother. I hate how I'll never hear his voice again. I hate looking at his empty desk and vacant locker. I hate that I hate that people at my school trying to use this to their advantage by fake crying and pretending that their were soooo close just to get attention. I hate how those same people attack everybody else for greiving and accuse them of not even caring about dylan at all. But most of all, and to sum everything up, i hate that he's gone. Mar 15 9:19 PM UTC
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I hate how poor African workers are slaving in diamond mines every day to barely get by, dying by the wagonloads, just so ignorant, materialistic women in the West can have freaking sparkly jewelry.

"Here's your diamond ring, honey. It costed $7500 and 11 African lives."

And I hate the women who won't marry guys just because they can't afford a ring. Mar 29 7:36 AM UTC
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I HATE MY BIG SISTER, she's such a B****! Mind me, but I gotta curse at some points. She's so ANNOYING, and so serious, she doesn't take any joke at all, only the stupid, clean small, NOT funny ones for example today she told me "Hey, my friend told me that a guy was wearing a mini hat yesterday" And she laughed out loud. What the heck! It's not funny, and when I just put my feet on her desk. She gets extremely angry that she spat on me. and said, "It's rude, it's disrespectful" and all that shit. WHO F**** CARES WOMAN! She's like my second mother, and my mom is like my friend she's cool and kind. Not like that a**hole. She only wants to be rich, and mean. That's what (she) told me and she wants all the money in the world. OH F*** I just want her to die...I know you would say ((She's your sister forgive her, and you will regret her dying.)) You know what, I wish "I" would kill her with my own frikin' HANDS!!!!!!!!!! AARGHHHHHHHHHH. Plus she acts like my little sister and always makes trouble, grow up bitch. Oh I forgot, and she complains ALOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT MOTHERF****** SHUT UP, and JUST FINISH YOUR WORK!!!! Feb 23 4:28 PM UTC
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