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I hate stupid sluts who complain about men breaking their hearts. Guys are not cruel to women they love so stop falling in love with douchebags you dumb broads. Go date a nice geek who will worship the ground you walk on like the chump he is. Also, I hate dorks who complain girls don't like them because they're nice. They don't like you because you lock yourself up in your room all day on the internet, don't bathe regularly and don't have the balls to talk to them you loser. Go talk to them! I hate how pathetic you are! Grow a pair! Aug 22 11:53 PM UTC
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I hate when you're over at a girls house and you have to piss. You think to yourself, "Ok, no big deal, at least its #1 and not #2." Then after you muster up enough courage to find the bathroom, you start the urine flow, and the damn house gets super fucking quiet, and you grow super fucking paranoid that everyone can hear you, so you aim towards the edge of the bowl. And that proves to be just as disastrous, cause everything in the bathroom is now being coated with piss overspray. So you have to wipe it all down with a piece of wet toilet paper. Then dry it. All under like a half second so she doesn't think you're taking a shit.

Girls aren't even worth it. Cause after 3 years, they turn into huge bitches.

Im not gonna tell you that Im moving to France without you til Im already there! HAHAHAHAHA stupid bitch. Dec 24 7:38 AM UTC
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I hate it when guys watch TV while you are making out.This not only happens to me, but also to a lot of my girlfriends. Are we not interesting enough for you? Why do you always keep one eye on the television, you selfish loser? it drives me up the wall! pay attention to me! or at least have the common decency and respect that everyone should have gained by now. To all the losers that do this...all of your girlfriends will break up with you, and although it seems like a teeny tiny reason to do so; it will happen you loser. Jun 20 5:56 PM UTC
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I hate this so-called "Game Theory" which has been peedled by sociopaths and lapped up by females throughout the dating scene. You know, the theory that categorizes men as Alphas (natural born sociopath, or the top 10% of men who get sex without even trying) and Betas (the rest of the men). Whilst it's true that 90% of women will seek out the top 10% of men for sex, Game Theory pretty much reduces men to nothing more than walking penises (Alphas) or walking wallets/cuckolds (Betas), whose sole existence is to be used and thrown aside like a disposable dish rag when the women are bored. The mind, which is instrumental in creating the technology, inventions, and improvements that the sociopaths take for granted means absolutely nothing here. It's amazing how we humans actually made it beyond the Stone Age with "Game Theory." Did the sociopaths decide, "Let's give those Beta geeks a chance to reproduce because we can't think beyond our dicks anyway, and we could use new spears or domesticated animals, or brick houses."

what I also hate about Game Theory is that is is basically dysgenic, Whilst it gives women the power to choose which genes pass between their legs, history has, sadly, proven beyond a shadow of doubt that women suck at making choices. The men who are most likely to advance human civilization are placed at the bottom of the totem pole, actively shunned (unless the Beta has money, which means women will only be stringing him along for his possessions, but still fuck the Alpha thoroughly on the side), and at worst, most men will never live to pass on their genes. Perhaps Game theory can accurately explain why Greece, Egypt, and Rome all collapsed just a few generations after women were given power, why the Middle Easteners eventually punished their women harshly via Islam, and why Europe followed suit by going Medieval. Mar 24 10:39 AM UTC
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I hate realizing that your getting, "the hint". When the person you are talking to or casually dating decides to just start ignoring you instead of just telling you that they don't really like or want to talk to you anymore. Oct 12 6:04 AM UTC
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I hate all this dating bullshit on the internet. What's wrong if I'm a gentlemen with the ladies AND still get the girl without following your shit advice of being cocky and funny and etc... Stop with the the whole attraction lecture, stop with the funny- in-a-cocky-way shit and just write articles that actually promotes people to act naturally. Fuck all these fake "dating professional" Aug 7 8:54 PM UTC
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I hate this guy who I just met yesterday. My friend introduced me to him; he was one of her neighbors. We didnít talk much but my friend gave him my number because he wouldnít stop bothering her. I thought he was a nice guy but he turned out to be a total jerk. We exchanged a few texts, and out of nowhere, he suddenly asked me if I had been intimate with my ex-boyfriend. After reading his text, I was like, "WTF? I just met you! You have no right to ask me something like that! That's just plain rude." D:<

Saying something like that wonít impress ANY girl. D:<


God, save us from these brainless and impolite people.


Iím new to this site and I freakiní love it. :D May 19 5:15 AM UTC
Masterhater says: Thanks, and welcome. Now that we are over pleasantries...did you get it on with your ex?
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I hate when I see a gorgeous guy with an unattractive girl holding hands. Why is he with her?! He can do better. Jul 27 9:28 PM UTC
Masterhater says: I do the same thing with people and their pets. I see some ahole with a really cool dog and think, "that dog really could do better." Probably just stays there for the food.
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I hate how no one wanted to even date me, so then I had to resort to getting DD breast implants....now everyone just wants to have sex with me. I hate that! I can never win! Apr 14 9:50 PM UTC
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i hate how hard it is being a gay man and finding another person to date. Straight guys can approach any girl they like but we gay guys have to fear makin a guy uncomfortable at the least and fear for our lives at the most if we were to tell them how we felt. Life sucks and I'm gonna be alone forever... Fuck, I didn't even have a choice to be living right now, I was just brought into life and I don't know why it's such a goddamn priviledge to be alive. Feb 20 3:26 PM UTC
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