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small talk...

being forced to talk shit to someone when you both really don't care what each other is doing, has done, or will be doing, in order to pass yourself off as a 'normal' person being genuinely interested

i'd rather the person just said -

"look, shall we stop this now and save ourselves further awkwardness by pretending to be interested in each others life stories? I don't care, you don't care, we're only talking to each other because we've been forced into a situation neither of us really want."

i do like genuine conversations..
and small talk mostly leads into that
but, it's bullshit in between i hate Jan 5 1:09 AM UTC
me too (132)

I hate it when you get into an elevator with random people and no one says anything because it's like social misconduct or something. I hate it when nobody is talking in an elevator but two people get in and have an entire conversation like no one else is in there. I think I hate elevators.

Everyone should just take the stairs. Elevators don't burn calories. Feb 7 10:01 PM UTC
me too (115)

I hate those "walkie-talkie" cell phones. That stupid beep always sends me on the verge of hurling. It's already enough that I have to deal with people on cell phones talking incredibly loudly, but now I have hear the other person shouting back too?! Just put the stupid phone to your ear and talk! Or better yet, why don't you show some common courtesy and have your conversations in private like you are supposed to. Dec 5 11:01 AM UTC
me too (95)

I hate when you bump into an acquaintence and you have a conversation, but then it drags on awkwardly long. It's like both of you know the conversation has gotten to the embarrassingly long point where it needs to be ended, but neither of you knows how to end it. Sep 27 7:31 PM UTC
me too (328)

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