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I hate skinny jeans. Yeah. I said it. I hate them! They look so fucking stupid and uncomfortable, I mean theyre from the 80s and thats a decade that should be forgotten! I hate how every store sells them, and you have no choice but to buy them because its all there is! no boot cut or flare. all skinny. why? oh because its trendy! its stylish! and its totally in! most of all, you will regret it next year! seriously, they dont even look good on models, and the worst part is they make them in a size 15. I have to search high and low for my bootcut and flare jeans, only one store gives me that choice. quite sad. it feels like nazi germany, having no choice to wear skinny jeans because everyone else does... This is a trend i can only hope disapears very soon. I hate every second of you, skinny jeans! Nov 10 6:06 AM UTC
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I hate the fact they only make the sneakers with the blinking lights in children's sizes. Those are so annoying I want some. Why can't the manufacturers make some in adult sizes. Jun 17 8:19 PM UTC
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I hate when you just changed into a clean pair of socks then you end up stepping on something wet and have to change your damn socks again! Dec 15 1:10 AM UTC
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i hate button-down shirts or blouses or sweaters or basically anything with buttons!i mean wtf it takes too long to button the damn things and when you're finally finished buttoning and you look in the mirror you realise you've done it wrong and now you have to unbutton it and start over again!it just pisses me off!does it happen to everybody or is it just me? :S May 6 6:23 PM UTC
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I hate working in a clothing store because people feel the need to pick articles of clothing from the baby section and dump them in the mens section and then I have to put it back. It's like Hello!!!! Are you seriously that lazy that you cant walk across a store and put something back where you got it? I hate how people demolish entire tables of clothing and I have to fold it and fix it before I can go home. I hate when people will watch me fold a shirt, walk up and unfold said shirt, drop it on the table, and walk off. I hate the people that shop at the store I work at. They're all inconsiderate, consumer driven drones who buy ugly clothes becuase they think it makes them look cool and hip. Nov 11 7:19 PM UTC
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I hate the way girls in college dress. You are entering the adult world, and you feel like it's okay to go braless? Really? Really? I don't care how perky they are... no one wants to see your nipples. Ever. This goes especially for girls who genuinely need the support of an undergarment.

Speaking of things no one wants to see... your butt. Yes, I am aware that it is probably hot outside and you do a lot of walking... but does three inches of material make you that much more uncomfortable? I have nothing against legs, don't get me wrong, I just really don't want to see any cheek or crack. Another no-no is belly buttons...Think about it. It is a fleshy hole in your stomach. Is that really so attractive?


So please... wear clothes that cover and support. Sep 30 6:21 AM UTC
Masterhater says: I may be going out on a limb on this one, but I would guess some people may want to see some perky college girl nipples. It's probably very very few people, but someone may like that sort of thing. I'm just saying.
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i dont agree with the person who said they hate how men dont have enough clothes compared to women. ok well its kind of true but anyways my point is, im a woman and i despise womens clothing - i cant stand the shorty shorts, the glitter, the pink stereotype, i hate skirts and dresses, i hate the shirts in the teen girls section with the short sleaves that reveal my arm flab and something completely retarded printed on it like "princess" or "drama queen" or whatever stupuid shit, whereas men have cool prints on their shirts and have decent arm coverage on the sleaves!!. i also hate the fact that you cant find any decent looking baggy pants or shorts for women. its all too short and tight. also, i cant wear mens clothing without people assuming/calling me a lesbian. this has happened to me SO many times. also i cant stand that im 18 and my parents wont let me wear mens pants (when i was a kid they would!!) cause i have no money and they control my every decision in life. mens clothes are SO much cooler and sexier looking. i HATE HATE HATE womens clothing!!!!! QUALITY OVER QUANTITY!!!! Jul 17 2:43 AM UTC
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I hate when pantyhose are tight throughout the hips and thighs but great big through the waist. They end up slowly rolling halfway down your ass while you walk around.

I've noticed that a lot of womens clothes are cut with this no ass, scrawny leg, giant beer gut proportioning. I find it weird because I almonst never see anyone built like Witchie-Poo. Who the hell are they making these clothes for? Apr 2 4:55 PM UTC
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I hate socks. They're never in pairs, and my mom gets mad at me when I wear two different socks. Where the hell do all my socks go!? Is there like a secret "abandoned sock" island where all your lost socks migrate to after being lost in the dryer!? WTF!?

I hate how no one seems to know where any of the undergarments are in the house, and my dad will end up putting MY undies in HIS drawer, and I'll end up with my brother's boxers, and Mom somehow has all Dad's... EVERYTHING. I mean seriously! Do I LOOK like my brother's size? HELLO?? I'm a girl, I don't wear boxers, Mom and/or Dad!

I hate how my friends in the dressing room before the show always compare their underwear. Like one pair is really gonna be better than the other one. What are they even looking for, one that's got more lace or one that covers less skin?

I hate how as girls grow, their clothing shrinks. It's like reverse sexology or something.

Chuck it, man... just chuck it... Mar 30 6:18 PM UTC
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I hate inconsiderate shoppers. When you shop is it really necessary for you to find the perfect stack of shirts out of reaching distance, pull entire stake down off the shelf, find the size you need, pull it out of the stack WITHOUT care, and finally sling it back on the shelf. I mean really??

I hate as soon as an employee finishes perfecting a wall of jeans, a rude customer wants to find jeans for themselves. This is fine if the customer acknowledges the employee's hard work, but most of the time that is not the case. Instead the rude customer destroys 3 hours of hard work in a matter of 5 minutes without any consideration. Dec 20 10:37 AM UTC
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