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I hate that when I take a dump, sometimes the water splashes back from the drop of my waste, and comes into contact with my butt. It's so nasty, it's toilet water! I hate how uncomfortably disturbing this post is. Apr 3 12:37 PM UTC
me too (349)

i hate having to hold farts in class. and when its quiet i hate how they don't make butt-silencers like on a gun. Nov 2 7:52 PM UTC
Masterhater says: It's moments like these that make us all so damn proud.
me too (316)

I hate that my dad is clinically depressed. I hate that he's clingy and sad and needs me to be the right daughter. I hate that I hate him sometimes. I also hate my ginormous butt, but that's a different post. Sep 24 12:22 PM UTC
me too (18)

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