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As a tattoo artist let me say this.. I hate dumb little fake blond bitches who come in for foot tattoos! Nasty bitch I don't want to touch your feet! I hate that almost all girls who come to see me want to try to have sex with me! Get real! I hate that none of these brainless whores can pick one original idea! I hate that my family suffers because of these brainless whores! I don't want to sleep with some random bitch! Get over yourselves! Dec 20 9:17 PM UTC
me too (30)

Eventhough its been months now,i still cannot get over what i've done.I hate it so much.
I have this obsessed passion of music that many,many people have not even heard of,which some are the best of sound.In this modern time,bad music are considered good,and the looks of the artist matter so much more than what they are advertising,which should rightfully be,talent.
My ipod is decked with songs that mainstream consumers have not touched of.These artistes would rather die than go mainstream and let all those pop culture idiots exploit their gifts.
My bloody bitch of a cousin,big time eater of shit music and mainstream crap and well,K pop(can you say 'disgusting') asked for my ipod to transfer some songs.I HATE that I cant say 'No,slut.Go suck some K-boy's dick!'.So,i had to gave her my precious,she said 'some songs' and now,WTF,shes taken all of em'.Are you joking?Someone like you don't deserve the shiz I'm into.Someone like you should go download your rubbish tunes.And,I was so damn furious when she gave me feedback on my stuff,saying 'Hey,this bands song are nice!'...Fuck you asshole.Your mind and ears aren't developed for this kinda pleasure.
I hate you so much for doing that to me.Left a friggin huge scar that ll never heal.People like you should stick to shit like gum under tables.Fuck you whore.I hate you.I hate the fact some girl like you could just took everything I was living for and make it your own liking but feel nothing on what the song mean,the lyrics,what the artist was going through.Whatever slut,you'll never know how great it is.Fuck yourself and go suck some dick.I'm not over it shitbowl.Hate it. Mar 23 7:01 AM UTC
me too (40)

i hate my life. i hate me and i hate every sorry goddamn person in it. grrrrr....
i hate that people judge me for the colour of my skin. i hate that people pretend to be your friend when they are all just assholes. i hate that my boyfriend fancies my best mate. i hte that everyone thinks i am a slut. i hate that i feel used, i hate that i feel like a damaged fruit, a disposal peel, a DIY girl. i hate that everyone expects me to be soo perfect when they themselves are not. i hate how people expect me to act. i hate that now my boyfriend and i have split, i feel empty. i hat that no one in school likes me. i hate my friends who deserted me, the family who disowned me, and myself for trying to find solace in the wring things like sex, drugs, alchohol, and self-harm. i hate these scars. i hate that im not strong enough to say no. i hate that i put out for the one boy i reely did like, and now he wont even look at me becasue he has no reason to.
i am a worthless whore, a slag, a bitch, a waste of space, pointless existance, a ugly, lonely, wasted, unloved, bloodstained, hopeless human being.

how do i deal with all this unsatisfied anger and inward turning hate??
how do i live with myslef know that i hate soo much??
how can i live with the embarassment of bearing my name??
how is this life??? May 19 5:17 PM UTC
me too (550)

I HATE MY ROOMMATE!! She is so fucking religious to the point where it is blaringly obnoxious beyond compare and I would be just fine with it, just peachy fucking keen, if only she wasn't so damn judgmental and high mighty about it!! I want to accept her, I want to accept and love all people, but since she knows that I am a Pagan and that my parents were not married when I was conceived, she finds herself in a position where she can touch all of my things and put them in whatever state she pleases (even though I always make sure that they are never in the way), tell me when and how much television or electricity I can use (I love the environment, but HELLO, I need light to write), and tell my friends how they should act and speak upon meeting. Not to mention she cooks the most disgusting, nasty smelling ass of food, usually in a damn crock pot, which seeps of horribleness and makes the entire dorm room stink to high heaven (no pun intended) for days on end. She uses all of my cleaning supplies and orders me to get more, arranges the furniture without my permission to where I cannot even work at my desk because it faces a huge sliding glass window (we are on the 25th floor and the sun shines directly on the fucking apartment, and since she refuses to let the shades stay closed and even goes as far as to open them while I'm at my desk, I can't ever fucking concentrate), and even unplugs my laptop when it is charging while I'm not home, so that when I do get back, I can't work because my mac is dead. She is always glaring at me (cause, you know, my very presence is a sin in the sign of the Seventh Day Adventist Lord) and I can't bring any of my friends over because they are afraid of her, and in all reality, THEY SHOULD BE!!!! It's not just me, I know this now, because everyone who meets her agrees with me and doesn't know how the fuck I live with this shit! All of the appliances are mine, and I don't mind if she uses them at all, and she does so whenever she pleases, but I am not allowed to touch any of her things (including the effing toaster). If I do, I get a stern talking to or an afternoon of lovely glare fests. I'm not a fucking infant. This bitch comes from mid-west suburbia, a religious, sheltered Shangri-La, and has zero to no life experience, while I come from a trailer park in central Florida and had to drop out of school and get my GED to go to work full time and pay bills for my family. I had to work myself out of America's fucking waiting room on pure talent and elbow grease, while she just had to ask daddy for a plane ticket and a debit card!! I DON'T NEED TO BE TALKED DOWN TO! This is an Art School damn it. What is she even doing here? If I had known that as soon as I escaped from southern religious hell, I'd to be dropped right back in into it, I would have brought defensive weaponry. Oh, and one last thing, she has six hour or so long religious meetings on my couch, without asking if I need the living room at any time during the day, and each time I walk into the room, I swear everything they say is directed toward "saving" me. I would say something, but I hate confrontation to a painful degree. This is easier. Aug 28 1:11 AM UTC
me too (176)

I hate when people say "I don't mean to be a bitch but.." Obviously you mean to be a bitch. You wouldn't say that if you didn't think you were about to say something bitchy. Jan 8 12:56 PM UTC
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I'm 44 years old and seriously hate my mother. You'd think being the age I am I'd have more respect, but all my life she's been nothing but a pessimistic, critical bitch. She visits every summer and it's a NIGHTMARE! She just travels from house to house (my brother's) and expects all of us to roll out a red carpet and supply a friggen room so she can move all her shit in. And we all do it and she's still a bitch! God I wish she'd go home!!! Jun 20 10:44 AM UTC
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I HATE my period. I especially hate when you wake up feeling good and you get out of bed go to the bathroom and there is mounds of blood on the toilet paper and poof! you're a pissed off, emotional bitch. And then everyone knows. Ugh!
A normal conversation:
Her: Whats wrong?
Me: *scowl* Nothing..
Her: Oh. Are you on your *false whisper* period???
Guys across the hall: *whisper* *giggle*
Me: God! *sob*

I just wish I could be a guy at times like these! Apr 3 1:36 PM UTC
me too (79)

I hate my mum, fucking bitch always trying to fucking control my every part of my life, go fuck off bitch, I HATE YOU. I hate it when you fucking give some lecuture to me about what i should and shouldnt do and then say that HUGE FUCKING LIE,by saying "well its up to you", what BULLSHIT, you and I both know that you dont fuckin mean it.
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'I hate people who have like 8 frickin kids and then they complain that theyre poor and shit! Its your effing fault! Its called NOT HAVING SEX!'

I hate poeple who are ignorant and inconsiderate to different walks of life. I'm sorry for stealing your quote. but fuck you. May 14 4:36 PM UTC
me too (156)

I hate how people are always trying to take advantage of me because they all think i'm so nice and I hate how they're too ignorant to realize that I too can be a raging bitch and that i'm too smart to fall for their bullshit. Nov 26 5:32 PM UTC
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